Carmen McKnight, MA


I think I’ve summarized chronic Lyme Disease and co-infections life. My name is Carmen McKnight, and this is my journey back to health. Below I’ve journaled my doctor appointments, diagnoses, and treatments. Hold on to your focus; it’s a novel, really.



10/25/2014- Giving blood for further testing.

Looking back, I realize one thing: I’ve had Lyme disease symptoms for years. Living, as the doctors put it, “in a functional state,” my ignorance kept me blind.

-From around age twelve to fourteen, I had an unusual experience that left me physically fragile and mentally agitated. -For three or four days, I lived in a feverish sort of coma, drifting in and out of consciousness, which scared my poor mother. – I was never taken to the hospital, so I can’t tell you what caused it or what it was. As I previously mentioned, I was left very jumpy, moody, and fatigued. Up to that point, I ran track in school, practicing to take it professionally, and lived a normal life. But after the “dark days,” things simply changed. I’ve fought with this frailness ever since. I kept pushing on in my Eastern European way, pushing through life’s pains and struggles, assuming they would dissolve with time. In a way, this thinking awarded me with a healthy amount of resilience.

Romanian– (Uitindu-ma in trecut, imi dau seama ca am avut simptome de la muscatura de capuse ani de zile. Au inceput dupa ce am cazut la pat intr-un stagiu de inconstienta cu o temperatura extrem de ridicata, trei zile si trei nopti pe perioada anilor 10-14. Inainte fugeam -ca atleta- la concursurile de viteza si rezistenta, facind parte din primii 4 pe scoala, binenteles dupa Lala care era foarte buna. Dupa, lucrurile sau schimbat si am inceput o lupta de subriditate si sensibilitate care inca o lupt, desi o urasc. Datorita mentalitatii Europenei de Est, am impins durerea la o parte si mi-am trait viata intr-o calitate cit de frumoasa posilib, dezvoltindu-mi o rezilitate.)

This blog documents my life before and after-mostly after- being diagnosed with Lyme disease in 2014

Romanian– (Acest blog documenteaza viata mea dupa ce am fost diagnosticata cu Lyme disease in 2014 produsa de la muscatura de capuse.)

The active battle against Lyme disease began on January 15th, 2014, unknown to me at the time, but as I mentioned could’ve started when I was a kid. I was working as a massage therapist in a clinic facility. On the morning of Jan. 12th, 2014, “all hell broke loose,” as the expression goes. I felt as if an invisible finger pushed a button in the thoracic area between my breast bones (more accurately known as the Solar plexus), and I began a battle I never signed up for or imagined would happen to me.

Romanian- (Lupta activa a bolii a inceput in Ianuarie 15, 2014. Lucram intr-o clinica medicala ca terapista de masaj si in dimineata zilei de 15 Ianuarie parca iadul a explodat si am simtit un deget invizibil inpingind un buton invizibil intre oasele sinilor/ partea de stomach, si am inceput o lupta grea de neimaginat.) 

The first few days, I assumed it was a very nasty flu -since most symptoms presented with flu-like symptoms- but as it progressed from bad to worrisome, I knew something was very off and quite odd. The elevated stress of late (my little 11-year-old brother’s death, pregnancy #3, school, graduation, state exam, a trip to Europe during that summer, and beginning work) were contributing factors to a weakened immune system. The enemy within had a fantastic acidic and toxic environment and attacked just at the right time.

Romanian-(La inceput am crezut- bazata pe simptome- ca am prins o raceala sau o gripa puternica. Dar dupa citeva zile, vazind ca simptomele se inrautatesc mi-am dat seama ca ceva nu e in regula. Ceva straniu se intimpla.) 

From a super active individual (unable to sit still- which later I realized was a symptom of malfunctioning neurotransmitters- a genetic mutilation where the body is not producing the right amount of dopamine, serotonin, etc.) and a person who ate an organic diet cooked by me at home, I dropped like a fly. Overnight. It began with a five-day bed existence (extremely unusual for me) and a dramatic drop in weight (128 pounds to 119 (54.25 kg) in five days) while bed resting. I was mostly snacking throughout the day, experiencing the following: pale face, a very white, ghost-like look, fever, cold extremities (hands and feet) and later they became numb or tingly (lips as well), clammy extremities, rapid heart palpitation (intensified during the night), NAUSEA (around the clock), extreme fatigue (could not make myself a sandwich without stopping and resting every other minute only to go back in bed and rest for the remaining of the day), too exhausted to talk, stomach discomfort, heavy chest/ pressure feeling, swollen left side submandibular lymph nodes, pain in the left side of body trunk (spleen area), shallow breathing, sharp pain in the stomach. Additional symptoms came within weeks and months, such as Irregular periods, heavy periods, rash, joint pain (9 out of 10 on the pain chart), sharp intermitted bone pain, heat intolerance, faint spells, metal/bitter taste in the mouth, numb/tingling fingers, toes and lips, cold face, continual weight loss, glossy eyes, headaches, confusion, memory loss, memory fog, dizziness, muscle spasms and tremors, facial numbness, right-hand numbness, left side neurological slowdown in cognitive responses, body twitching, speech impairment, eyelash area swelling and redness, loss of eyelash, loss of hair, loss of facial color, itchy rashes over the body, pain in the right kidney, ovary pain, burning in the bladder/vagina area, sharp heart stabs, short term memory loss- some days worse than others, fear, depression, anxiety, a complete emotional roller-coaster (although I kept it to myself a lot). 

Romanian-(De la o persoana activa si plina de energie am cazut, peste noapte, ca o musca. Am stat in pat non-stop cinci zile cazand in greautate de la 58kg la 53.9kg, facind nimic. Aveam urmatoarele simptome: Fata palida, temperatura ridicata, miinile si picioarele reci, batai de inima rapide (care se intensificau in timpul noptii), GRETURI non-stop, oboseala extrema ( nu puteam sa-mi fac un sendvici fara sa nu ma opresc din minut in minut si sa ma odihnesc, dupa care ma duceam inapoi in pat unde stateam lungita restul zilei), prea obosita sa vorbesc, durere in stomac, greautate pe piept, sistemul limfatic in parte stinga sub ureche umflat, durere in partea stinga a abdomenului, respirare slabita. Majoritatea simptomelor au continuat ani de zile. Noi simptome au aparut intre timp: ciclu iregular si greau, iritatie de piele, dureri in toate incheieturile si oasele corpului, intoleranta la caldura, lesin, scadere in greutate neintentionat,  ochi sticlosi, dureri de cap, confuzie, pierdere de memorie, ameteli, tremuraturi in muschii corpului, amorteala a partii drepte de fata si mina, partea stinga a corpului- neurologic functiona mult mai incet.)

Not all the expenses are added here. I go as I find them or when I have time to file them.

Update: Main complaints for the past five years (2014-2020) are fatigue and nausea. These two seem to be faithful companions. 

1/20/2014First ER visit- MultiCare Federal Way Urgent Care253-874-2000 (hesitated since I don’t have insurance). Misdiagnosed with bronchitis (despite my insistence that I’ve never once coughed) and put on Zithromax (an antibiotic). Dr. Gilbert J Aguilar.  1413 S 348th St. Bldg L Ste #104 Federal Way. BP 151/93; Pulse 90; Temp. 98.6 (Forehead/Temporal Artery), Resp. 20; Height 5″4′; Weight 119 lb (down from approx. 126 lb five days previous); BMI 20.52kg/m2; SpO2 100%. Emotional status: frustrated over having to miss work, worried about possibly losing my new job, a job I loved. Confused over the diagnosis. I had no cough, so the diagnosis of bronchitis didn’t make much sense. $100 

Romanian-(Prima vizita la urgenta, nu aveam asigurare medica, si mi-au zis ca am bronsita desi am insistat in a le aminti ca nu tusesc. Tratament- antibiotic. Emotional eram frustrata sa pierd atatea zile de lucru (5) sau sa-mi pierd locul de munca.)

1/25/2014Second ER visit-MultiCare, Federal Way. Dr. Martin R Marquez, BP 140/88; Pulse 86; Temp. 100.4 F; Rep. 18 SpO2 100%. Symptoms subsided slightly only to come back with a vengeance on the fifth day while finishing the first antibiotic prescription. X-rays were taken, proving I never had bronchitis, but everything else appeared normal. Negative for influenza, no bacterial source found upon exam, and he believes I have a viral syndrome- he did highlight those words in pink on the paperwork I received afterward. I need to do a follow-up appointment with a family doctor. Treatment: Take Ibuprofen 600mg every 6 hours as needed for pain or fever. No answers. Still working, but I’m having a very hard time at work due to a dramatic decrease in energy and all the other symptoms. Emotional status: What in the world is going on? What kind of nasty flu is this? Why am I so very weak? Just have to put mind over matter and push through. And that’s what I did, despite the lack of results. A little worried but very hopeful for a full recovery. $434.80

Romanian-(A doua vizita la urgenta, simptomele au reaparut dupa cinci zile. Diagnostic- negativ pentru pneumonie, negativ pentru influenza, si nu aveam bronsita. Razele la plamini au aparut normale, nu sa gasit sursa bacteriala la test, dar crede ca e sursa virala. M-au trimis acasa cu febra si cu raspunsul “nu stim ce ai. Inca mai lucram desi energia mi-era redusa dramatic.”

2/12/2014 UWMedicine- doctor Ahlan Mohamed Jama, Complaint of abdominal pain and extreme fatigue. Lab work ordered: CBC (Hemogram); Hemoglobin, Basic metabolic Plan, H.Pylori AB, IGG BY EIA (Particular ulcer bacteria predominant in Eastern European population). The doctor, a young woman with lots of energy, seemed capable, but she looked up on the computer at a list of common diseases while asking questions using an elimination process. I knew most diagnoses in Western medicine generally come after a process of elimination has ruled out what is not wrong with a patient. I was alright with that. Omeprazole capsules, 20 MG, oral, prescribed for heartburn (acid reflex possibility). Blood Pressure 116/81, Pulse 82, Temp. 99.2, Weight 118 lb, BMI 20.24 kg/m2, SpO2 100%. Stomach ulcer suspected or heartburn. Results came back negative; everything turned out normal (Hemoglobin 11.7 value, range 11.5-15.5 g/dL). Emotional status: This- whatever this is- is not getting better. I’m worried. The lack of answers concerns me. $352.2 

Romanian-(Programare la doctor de interne, analize de singe si pentru bacteria H. Pylori presenta in ulcer la persoanele care sau nascut si trait in Europa de Est. Rezultate- totul normal.)

2/28/2014 -UWMedicine- Dr. Ahlan Mohamed Jama. Fatigue is the primary complaint, malaise even. Symptoms are worsening. So fatigued I barely stand on my feet. Took everything within me to drive the 10-minute route here. Even sitting in the waiting room is exhausting. New Lab work ordered: CBC (Hemogram), Thyroid Stimulating Hormone, Comprehensive Metabolic Panel, C. Difficile, Toxigenic by PCR, CT Scan of Abdomen, Culture: Bact-Stl C&S Ent Bat, Fecal leukocyte exam, Stool ova, and parasite exam, U/A Auto Dipstick only. The doctor seems a little puzzled as to what’s going on. I share her concern. Notes: Fatigue (primary encounter diagnosis). Plan (actual doctor’s notes): Vitals are stable, but unclear as to the cause of her multiple symptoms, which could be GI-related, infectious, or rheumatology. Per the patient, her Upper GI issues have improved with the OTC omeprazole, and she can continue to take it as needed. We will F/U (follow-up) in 1 week or sooner; if her symptoms worsen, she will call or seek medical help. Blood pressure: 120/76, Pulse 91, Temp. 98.6, Weight 114Ib. BMI 19.56kg/m2, SpO2 100%. The urine test was contaminated. Must re-do. $1105.27 Emotional status: I’m concerned for my well-being. I feel like I’m dying slowly, and not sure why? My face has a ghostly white color, and my extremities are cold. I’m severely fatigued and have no answers yet as to why? I have severe nausea, and the left side of my body hurts continuously.

Results: Infection found in my urine. Treatment: Omeprazole antibiotic. I began feeling a little better slowly and could pick up more energy.

Romanian-(Doctor de interne- din nou analize de singe de data asta mai detaliate,  de glanda tiroidala si anlize de urina. Rezultat- infectie in urina. Tratament- antibiotic. Am ineput sa prind un pic de putere. Pentru ca nu ma insanatoseam; trimitere la tomografie computerizata (CT scan- nu sint sigura ca asa se traduce in romaneste) de abdomen, test de scaun, rezultat- normal.)

3/03/2014UWMedicineStool and urine test.

Romanian-(Test de urina)

3/3/2014South Center Imaging, Tukwila. CT Scan of Abdominal and Pelvic with Contrast (referred by Dr. Jama, Ahlan Mohamed on 2/12/2014. (Intravenous agent- Optiray 320ml 125 ml). Findings: Lungs bases-normal. Abdomen-Liver, geographic hypodensity adjacent to the falciform ligament likely represents focal fat. Gallbladder- normal, no evidence of calcified gallstones or gallbladder wall thickening. Bile Ducts- there is dilation of the proximal left and right intrahepatic biliary ducts. The proximal extrahepatic biliary duct is dilated, measuring up to 1 cm in diameter. This tapers distally to 0.4 cm at the intra-pancreatic CBD. No evidence of choledocholithiasis or mass. Spleen-There is a benign-appearing septated cystic lesion in the superior anterior spleen which measures 1.7×1.0 cm. This may represent a lymphangioma (A lymphangioma is a swelling or mass that occurs mainly in the head, neck, and mouth. A lymphatic malformation (lymphangioma) is thought to occur due to abnormal lymphatic system development; however, the exact underlying cause is unknown in most cases. Cystic hygroma (cystic lymphangioma) may occur as part of genetic syndromes such as Noonan, Turner, and Down syndrome.- Google) Pancreas-No focal lesion within the pancreas. No dilation of the main pancreatic duct. Adrenalnormal. Kidney-small subcentimeter hypodensity in the interpolar region of the left kidney is too small to definitively characterize but statistically likely represents a cyst. Bowelthe patient has a redundant sigmoid colon with moderately increased stool burden. The appendix is normal. No evidence of intestinal inflammation or obstruction. Lymph nodes-multiple nonenlarged retroperitoneal or intraperitoneal lump nodes. Ascites-none. Vasculature-normal. Pelvis: Bladder normal. Uterus/Ovaries-the uterus is normal. The left ovary contains a 2.4×2.0 cm cyst, likely physiologic and normal findings in a menstruating female. The right ovary is normal and measures 1.9×1.7 cm. Bones-normal. Emotional status; it seemed they may have found something, and maybe I’ll finally get answers. So far, no answers, no diagnosis. No one knows what’s going on. $350

3/06/2014UWMedicineUrine test results:Color- dark yellow; Clarity-hazy;Glucose-negative; Bilirubin (indirect)-negative; Ketones-1+ (flag); Specific Gravity- 1.020; Occult Blood-2+ (flag); Ph-5.5; Protein- Trace; Urobilinogen-Normal; Nitrite-Negative; Leukocytes 1+ (flag). Diagnoses; Abnormal urinalysis. $54.43

3/09/2014UWMedicine-Walk in to retake urine test. 

3/9/2014-UWMedicineUrine results: Abnormal Urine Findings (791.9) Emotional status: Very frustrated with Western medicine. Some test results are off, and besides the antibiotic prescription, I haven’t received anything that gives me a clarified answer. I’m barely holding the light workload, and my boss Teresa is ensuring I get it, for which I’m so grateful.

3/11/2014Dr. Witalis, ND. Frustrated with this lack of answers, I tried a Naturopathic doctor in Seattle, a medically brilliant doctor who lacks social skills. I didn’t mind that. I wasn’t there for her social skills. I was there to get healed. I was there for answers. She told me I had swine flu symptoms, meningitis symptoms, a fatigued heart, a fatigued kidney and liver, a collapsed immune system, and anemia. So far, she was the first one to have some answers. I was diagnosed with anemia about 15 years earlier, including Vit. D and B deficiency, so her last suggestion was spot on. Anemia runs in my family on my mother’s side. So does kidney failure, but that’s for another blog entry. All symptoms were still lingering. I’ve embarked on a roller-coaster ride of good days and bad days- predominately bad days- but the extreme fatigue frightens me. I’m barely functioning and need help being driven to doctor appointments; I’m too fatigued to drive myself, and from a cognitive point of view, I’m quite off- my eyes shift to a corner, and from that point on, I can’t focus. I’ve become dependent when it comes to driving to and from my doctor appointments. The naturopath doctor immediately put me on a big dose of Prenatal vitamins with Copper, EpiCor (helps with excessive blood loss), and All-Zyme. It’s helping. Ordered a neurotransmitters test, a hormonal test, and a cortisol test. ($395). Missed my baby sister’s wedding back in Romania:( Emotional status; frightened and fighting depression. I’m forced into a state of dependency, which I hate, and I have no idea how to react to it. Elizabeth, my new neighbor, and friend, is so very kind in helping me with all my doctor appointments. I’m like a shadow and feel like I’m barely hanging around. Oh God, what is this?

Romanian- (Doctor pe baza naturala. Ea mi-a zis ca inima e foarte slabita, probabil am meningita care sa provocat de la gripa porcine, rinichii si ficatul toxic, sistemul imun foarte slabit, anemie. Iara-si teste, si pastile pe baza naturala. Simptomele inca persista, am zile bune si zile rele, dar ma simt slabita non-stop. Am nevoie sa ma conduca cineva la programari de doctori, prea slabita sa conduc eu. Ma pus pe vitamine Prenatale, doza maxima imediat cu Cupru. Ma ajuta. Nu am putut merge la nunta sorei mai mici in Romania)

3/19/2014ARNP Jennifer M Brown, UWMC ESC Gastroenterology specialist. I’m trying to get to the bottom of this intense stomach pain and severe, around-the-clock, nausea. Lab work; Amylase, Hepatic Function Panel, Lipase. She suggests a colonoscopy and upper GI Endoscopy; diagnostic Epigastric pain, Periumbilical pain, Weight loss, unintentional(116 lb). Still very nausea, weak, cold extremities, cold lips, no color in the face, fast heartbeats during the night time. A little more energy and weight gain from the vitamins. Vitals: BP. 131/79, Pulse: 78, Weight: 116 ib, Height 5′ 3.75′, BMI 20.07 kg/m2, SpO2 100%. $615.34

Romanian-(Specialist gastrointestinal, teste de singe la ficat, trimitere la colonoscopie si endonoscopie. Non-stop greaturi, slabita, alba la fata, piciore, miini si buze reci, pala la fata, bataii rapide de inima predominant in timpul noptii, slabire in greautate, dar un pic de energie ridicata de la vitamine.)

3/24/2014-UWMedicineUrine test results. Color- yellow, Clarity- clear, Glucose-negative, Bilirubin-negative, Ketones-negative, Specific Gravity- 1.005, Occult Blood- 2+ (abnormal), ph-6.0, Protein-negative, Urobilinogen- normal, Nitrite- negative, Leukocytes-negative. Associated Diagnoses: UTI (urinary tract infection). $8.00 Antibiotics.

3/28/2014Massage/craniosacral- Steve K. Shelton therapy to help with the neurological side of things as well as with the severe upper back/neck muscle tension. $85 

More craniosacral and massage therapy, but I don’t have the precise dates (about five sessions total)

(4/1/2014 Cranio, 4/8/2014 Cranio, 4/22/2014 Cranio, Sarah Peters) A lot of past emotional trauma coming up. $195

4/9/2014-NeuroScience lab test- at home- (neurotransmitters, cortisol, hormone). $445

4/30/2014- Dr. Witalis N.D. Test results and supplements. $348

IMG_1343IMG_1345IMG_1344Neurotransmitters test, adrenal gland test, and hormonal test results are back and out of whack. Serotonin 55.4 (L) 125-175 normal range; Glycine 4426.0 (H) 182-2225 normal range; Glutamate 78.6 (H) 13-30 normal range; Histamine 39.0 (H) 15-19 normal range; Dopamine 191.0 (H) 125-175 normal range.  Glutamate regulates the electrical/nerve activity in the body. She’s worried I’m having absent seizures or I’m at risk for that. (Glutamate is a powerful excitatory neurotransmitter that is released by nerve cells in the brain. It is responsible for sending signals between nerve cells, and under normal conditions, it plays an important role in learning and memory.)

Excess brain glutamate is believed to cause numerous symptoms, including:
  • hyperalgesia (pain amplification, a key feature of FMS)
  • anxiety.
  • restlessness.
  • ADHD-like symptoms, such as the inability to focus.

The high histamine means I have no tolerance for anything synthetic. The cortisol levels start low in the morning, drop dramatically around 6-8pm, and go up after 10pm. If cortisol levels are high during the night, it damages the brain because the patient can’t sleep and heal. DHEA is low, 99.4. That means it does not regulate the body temperature the way it should; this also, in the normal range, helps to repair the body, bones, temperature stabilizer, gives energy, and keeps muscles lean, among other things. Hormone test; Estradiol is low, less than 1.1. Treatment; 6 different supplements ( 7-Keto-DHEA 50, 5-HTP 100, Taurine DFN, Rhodiola Rosea, L-Theanine.)

Romanian- Rezultatele de la Doctorul Naturalist; Imbalanta hormonala, la glandele adrenaline in systemul nervos. Tratament; 6 suplimente naturale.

Got insurance! Life Wise. By now, my energy is a little better; I seem to do better at work, but I can tell something is seriously wrong, and we’ve already spent lots of cash out-of-pocket with hardly any answers.

Romanian- Am asigurare medicala, la lucru am prins puteri un pic dar imi dau seama ca ceva nu este in regula cu sanatatea mea dar nimeni nu-mi da un raspuns clar. Deja am platit $5000 din buzunar.

5/07/2014Franciscan Women’s Health Associates of St. Francis. Office visit. $132.06 So frazzled by the lack of concise answers, I just made an appointment here in hopes for… not sure yet. Emotional status: beyond frustrated. Not much was done in this appointment besides a medical history and check-up. Waste of time and money.

5/15/2014Virginia Mason Clinic and Hospital in Federal Way, Dr. Viisoreanu Delia. Chief complaint: palpitations, chest pain, nausea. Assessment and plan: KG, CBC, BMR, TSH, free T4, iron panel. Holter monitor x 48 hours ordered; consider cardiology consultation. Vitals: Height- 5’4″, Wt-115 lb, BMI- 19.78, BP- 124/64, PPR- 82, Temp. 37.2 C(99.0 F), O2 Sat. 100%. New Lab work. EKG shows normal sinus rhythm. Heart (listening to the heart and lungs with a stethoscope: Normal S1 and S2. Regular rate and rhythm. No audible murmur, gallop, or rub. No carotid bruits. No lower extremity edema bilaterally. Lungs: CTA bilaterally. Emotional status: I feel stronger and more energetic due to the antibiotics for the UTI. I can pick up the workload and have been springy and hopeful. Whatever this was, I feel that’s getting behind me, and I’m happy to move on with my life and work. My patient’s load is increasing again to 5 messages per day:) Hope:)

Romanian- (Ne-am luat asigurare medicale. Doctor nou intern, la alt spital. Teste noi de singe si inima. Rezultat- normal)

5/29/2014 -VM. Echo stress test- Interp. Elizabeth Y Chan MD. The patient exercised on a treadmill according to the Bruce protocol for 10 minutes and 0 seconds. Results-normal. Emotional status; relieved yet puzzled. Happy to see myself getting better; still struggling somewhat but very hopeful. Maybe this was just a weird reaction to me starting work.  

6/2/2014 -VM. Colonoscopy and Endoscopy, Dr. Geoffrey C. Jiranek, MD, Federal Way. Upper GI endoscopy; Findings- the esophagus was normal, the stomach was normal, and the examined duodenum was normal. Colonoscopy; the exam was otherwise normal on direct and retroflection views. Hand notes; poor reaction to moderate sedation. Consider Addison’s. Emotional reaction; relieved.

Romanian- (Colonoscopie si endonoscopie- rezultat- normal)

6/5/2014 -VM, 48 hours heart monitor Holter study. Conclusions; sinus rhythm, average heart rate 75 beats per minute, maximum heart rate 126 beats per minute, minimum heart rate 48 beats per minute, rare premature atrial complexes, rare premature ventricular complexes, one couplet, one episode of second-degree av block type 1, followed by two beats 2:1 av block at 5pm, no symptoms. Results: slightly elevated heartbeats a few times during the night but I should not worry. Come back if symptoms persist. My health began increasing, and all I was doing is taking the supplements from the Naturopath doctor. I’m feeling pretty happy to put the whole ordeal behind me. 

Romanian-(Monitor de inima- 48 de ore- Rezutat- batai de inima un pic ridicate in timpul noptii, dar sa nu-mi fac griji, daca simptomele persista sa vin inapoi pentru alt test. Ma simt mai bine, iau doar suplimentele naturale de la doctorul naturalist, si pentru prima data prind sperante de insanatosire.

6/14/2014 N.D Witalis$107 (picking up supplements)

6/16/2014 -I passed out at work Saint Francis Hospital ER- MD Michelle Holm. $3626.28 Unresponsive to the ME team, in and out of consciousness, unable to talk, focus, hold my head, anything, back of neck very tight, could not lift my head when conscious, could not follow the finger with my eyes. The medications I’m o 5-HTP oral, Multivitamins, Taurine oral. Vitals: BP. 106/58, Pulse 80, Temp. 37 C (98.6 F), Respirations 14, Height 5’4″, Weight 52.164 kg (115 lb), Body Mass Index 19.73 kg/m2, Oxygen Saturation 98%, never smoked. Medication administered: sodium chloride 0.9% IV, ondansetron (Zofran) 4mg/2ml, injection intravenous, Lorazepam (antivan) tablet 0.5mg, oral. Procedures: CBC and differential, CT head without contrast, Comprehensive metabolic panel, Differential, ECG 12 lead, GFR female, Hemogram, POCT pregnancy- urine, Rapid drug screen- urine, Troponin I, urinalysis with culture. Diagnoses- Lightheadedness. All tests ( EKG, head CT, blood work) come back normal, except urine test (blood in urine 2+ and RBC are 3-5, Ph 5.0). I began with low Oxygen when I got there, but nothing significant otherwise. However, since they released me as I was walking towards the exit of the hospital I noticed something was wrong with the way I walked, I could not keep a straight line, I kept stumbling into the walls on each side, my legs felt funny, my neck and head began to twitch slightly and I began to feel a little confused. I thought it was due to the stress of what I just went through. A week later I was still the same, could no longer walk in a straight line, twitching of neck and head, lots of pain in the back of my neck, fatigue, began to be confused, began to not talk, had a hard time holding on to a straight line of thoughts, forgot a lot of words, miss-placed words in sentences, I thought I was going crazy. Meanwhile, Chet’s company is having problems and he needs to cut hours, then work for stocks share only, the past checks are late, very late, we’re living off what we’ve put aside and that’s draining down fast as the hospital bills are piling up. 

Romanian- (Am lesinat la serviciu, au chemat ambulanta, nu mai raspundeam la sugestiile lor, nu mai eram constienta, mau dus la spital unde au facut alte teste. Test de singe, raze la cap, EKG (inima). Rezultat- normal infara de oxigen care a fost scazut o perioda de timp. Dupa ce mi-au dat drumu, pe coridorul spitalului spre iesire am observat ca nu mai mergeam drept, ci tot timpul ctre peretii de ling mine, caput si gitul au inceput sa-mi tremure intr-o parte, si eram un pic confuza. Dar am crezut ca era de la stresul experientei. O saptamina mai tirziu si inca nu-mi revenisem, nu mai puteam sa merg in linie dreapta, incepuse-mi sa fiu confuza, sa nu-mi mai aduc aminte cuvinte de zi cu zi, nu mai vorbeam, mi-era greau sa inteleg conversatii, vorbeam pe sarite, am inceput sa cred ca-mi pierd mintile. In acelasi timp compania unde lucreaza Chet are probleme, nu-l mai plateste in timp, ia scazut orele, lucreaza numai pentru stocuri, traim numai de ce am putut pune deoparte pentru zile negre, ca astea, in acelasi timp datoriile medicale cresc ).

6/20/2014 VM Dr. Viisoreanu. A follow-up to the ER trip. At this point I can tell the doctor is looking at me as if I have Munchausen’s syndrome. It’s frustrating and easy to be intimidated but something is really off and no one can find what exactly is going on. Munchausen is a very expensive mental issue to have, but I don’t have that. I know myself, and this is not a cry for attention. I was far too happy at work to make up such a horrible syndrome. Plan: MRI/MRA with a complete neurovascular bundle, consult neurology for further evaluation, consult cardiology for palpitations. Vitals: Ht. 162.56 cm, Wt. 114 lb 8 oz (51.94 kg), previous weight 52.28 kg on 05/15/2014, BP. 122/70, PPR 78, O2Sat. 100%. Medical History; anemia and acid reflux/heartburn. Emotional status: devastate. I can no longer return to work.

6/24/2014 VM Blood drawn (Hepatitis B). Normal.

6/25/2014 -VM. Head/neck MRIMR Brain, MRA of the Circle-of-Willis, and MRA of the neck vessels. Findings: normal MR brain. MRA everything looks good but “the right vertebral artery is not seen and may be congenitally absent. The left vertebral artery is a large vessel. There is no left vertebral artery occlusion or stenosis seen. The left basilar artery is unremarkable.”

Romanian-( MRI (RMN) -Imagistica prin rezonanta magnetica la cap si git. Rezultate normale cu exceptia lipsei arterei vertebrale in partea dreapta)

7/3/2014Virginia Mason Seattle- MD Roberts John. Neurologist specialist consult. “Evaluation for the current event (syncope on 6/16/2014) included a brain MRI with MR angiography of the neck and head that was ordered by the referring provider. This was done on June 25th and the brain appears normal on MRI without any evidence of ischemia, demyelinating disease or mass. The MR angiogram of the neck and head is normal with the exception of what appears to be a complete absence of the right vertebral artery. The radiologist suspected that this is a congenital variant. I reviewed the image and would agree with the radiology report.” Vitals: BP 120/72, Pulse 84, Respiration 20, Carotid pulse 2+ and without bruits. “Mental status: Notable for a bright and articulate individual who is quite talkative. She is fully oriented to self, place, time and purpose.” Had to put this one in:) ” Cerebellar: Testing shows possible mild dysmetria -“Dysmetria is a lack of coordination that occurs when the cerebellum isn’t functioning correctly. …” -Google, in the left upper extremity but not the right extremity. She does not have dysmetria in the legs. Assessment: This woman has had episodes of syncope occurring every several months since she was a teenager. Most likely, this is benign due to vasovagal drops in blood pressure or other benign conditions. It is possible that she has a more significant problem occurring. She does appear to have only 1 vertebral artery which is most commonly a congenital variant, although could be residua of previous vertebral artery dissection or other condition that could result in chronic stenosis or occlusion. It is possible that with just 1 vertebral artery, she is more prone to syncope with neck movement, although this is not a condition that is easily remedied. A seizure disorder remains possible, although the descriptions of her episodes are not entirely consistent with that. Nonetheless, the electroencephalogram might be helpful to elucidate this. Plan: CT angiogram of neck and head to help to clarify her cerebral vascular anatomy including if she truly has an absence of the right vertebral artery. Electroencephalogram. Follow-up.

Romanian-(Consult cu specialist neurologist, a observat ca partea stinga raspunde mai incetul decit partea dreapta, a recomandat mai multe teste si electrolytes). 

7/7/2014 -VM- Federal Way. CT angiogram head and neck scan. Results- right vertebral artery is very small in caliber but does appear- possible from birth. 

Romanian-( Tomografie computerizata la cap, au gasit artera dar e forate mica (nedezvoltata).

7/10/2014 VM Cardiology Consultation, MD Baldwin Drew. Palpitations complain. Diagnoses: Syncope (vasovagal syncope). Rash: follow up with Dr. Viisoreanu if symptoms persist. Lab work including an ANA titer. Vitals: Ht. 5’4″, Wt. 117ib (53.07kg), BMI 20.08, BP. 110/60, PPR 80, O2Sat 100%. “You’re just one of those unfortunate cases.” He had zero bedside manners. Cold and in a hurry. Blood work normal, except RBC Distribution Width 11.7 (low), Urea Nitrogen 8 (low).


7/10/2014New symptoms. A large rash over the trunk of my body. By now I can no longer return to work, drive or think straight. I live in an increasing state of confusion and I’m slowly but surely losing my ability to think, to understand or respond. I can no longer multitask, I’m very sensitive to sound. I am losing myself and don’t know what’s really happening to me. Meanwhile one of my brothers was in the emergency again, this has been going on the past six months with at least three visits per month. No one can find out what’s wrong with him. My mom is in the emergency as well, blood pressure stuff.

Romanian-(Simtome noi; iritatie de piele de la git pina la buric, confuzia mentala se inrautateste, imi pierd abilitatea de a gindi clar, de a intelege bine pe cei din jur si de a raspunde. In acelasi timp, acasa in Romania, unul din fratii mei era in urgenta iarasi, in ultimele cel putin sase luni el a fost la urgenta cam de trei ori pe luna, nimeni nu stie ce are, a slabit puternic. Mama e in spital cu probleme de tensiune) 

7/14//2014 -Went to worka new position- front desk until things get figured out, much lighter workload and less intense (10am- 2pm). Teresa is great, she’s doing her best to keep me on staff as I struggle with…whatever this is.

7/16/2014VM Seattle. EEG neurologic test- 14-338. MD Elliott Michael A. Normal brain activity but intermittent shaking as a result of the test that lasts four hours (whole body muscular visible shaking).

7/16/2014 VM Seattle. MD Roberts John, a follow-up to the EEG test. Diagnostics: I don’t know what’s wrong with you but the brain looks good. 

Romanian-(EEG- test la cap la care se uita dupa convulsii sau epilepsie, criza de 4 ore, Diagnostic; nu stiu ce ai, creierul este okay.)

7/18/2014Massage/ craniosacral- Sarah  Peters- $65

7/26/2014Massage/ craniosacral

7/28/2014Tern Christian Counseling, Gregory R. Gates, MA, CDP. My first Psychologic evaluation appointment ever, only to realize this was a waste of my time. There is something wrong with my body! Emotional update: I know I’ve got trauma from the past and many people keep pointing the possibility that this is a mental break-down manifested in the body. I’m beginning to wonder if there’s any truth to that. Yet, somewhere deep within myself, I know something else is really wrong. (Psiholog) $175

7/31/2014 Tern Christian Counseling. I had to do this session on the phone from home. Too weak to go in. In bed all the time it seems.

8/3/2014 –A second day at the new front desk position. Had to come home early, because I was not feeling well and Teresa could tell. This was to become my last day of work at Federal Way Muscular Therapy. A very sad day for me.

8/8/2014Massage/ craniosacral. -Sarah- $65


Happy Anniversary! 6/14/2016- branch fell on our house, way to celebrate the anniversary.

8/15/2014Massage/ craniosacral. (The only  reason I stopped going was due to the fact that I no longer could drive.)

8/18/2014- My mother-in-law, Janet, in the hospital, cancer removal operation. Soon she’ll start chemo. We went and visited her:) Financially, Chet’s barely getting paid since the company is trying to hold its head above the water.


8/25/2014University Healing Center, Dr. Xue Zhi Wang, Chinese Acupuncture Seattle appt. Symptoms worsening, very fatigued, very frail, lost so much weight, I feel like I’m slowly dying and no doctor knows why, very white, cold extremities and lips, barely breathing, too weak to walk. I no longer drive myself, I get to the doctors only by other’s help. So I found out about this Chinese Acupuncture Doctor in Seattle from a friend. The first sign of hope, after seeing him. He also takes insurance. I love the Naturopath Doctor but she doesn’t take insurance and she’s expensive- good but expensive. The Acupuncture Doctor told me that my heart is extremely fatigued (I agree for I’m barely breathing), liver toxicity and low energy, same for kidneys, the immune system is shut down and I have anemia. I never told him what ND Witalis tolled me but his findings were along the same line as hers. I found that interesting. (This was the first hope I had in months). He put me on some herb mixtures for treatment, one of which was called “Heart energy care tonic” (ingredients: Radix Notoginseng, Radix Angelicae Sinesis, Radix Ginseng, Ganoderma Lucidum Seu Japonicum, Radix Astragali Seu Hedysari, Cortex Eucommiae, Herba Leonuri), also sleeping pill, all from natural supplements and I finally am able to sleep throughout the night. Like any detox, I felt absolutely horrible before I felt better. Elizabeth took me. $95 

Romanian-(Acupunctura. Doctorul chinez cu tratament pe baza de plante si radacini de plante, mi-s zis; inima slabita, rinighii si ficatul toxic, anemie, sistemul imun la pamint. Tratament pe baza de plante. Prima raza se speranta

8/28/2014Acupuncture appt.  First signs of improvement, digesting his herbal mix) 50% increase in energy and decrease of other symptoms:) Looking good. Hope. $70

Romanian-(Acupunctura- primele simptome de insanatosire:))))) 50% may bine.)

9/1/2014 Accupuncture $5 

Ran out of my herbal mixture prescribed to me by the acupuncturist but the doctor is in vacation so I have to wait for a refill. New symptoms: join pain with extreme shooting pain, felt like crying all the time, felt suddenly 90 years old, pain ALL THE TIME!

Romanian-(Simptome noi, dureri in TOATE incheieturile, cu sagetaturi in oase, am simtit penste noapte ca parca aveam 90 de ani si eram in dureri enorme TOT TIMPU!)

9/18/2014VM MD Viisoreanu Chief complaint: fatigue, multiple joint pain, syncope. Plan: cosyntropin stimulation test ordered to check for adrenal insufficiency as etiology for my fatigue and syncope, ESR, CRP, Lyme disease serology ordered, hand x-rays ordered to evaluate for arthritis, consult rheumatology to evaluate for inflammatory arthritis as etiology of her multiple joint pain. Vitals: Ht. 162.56 cm, Wt. 116ib (52.79 kg), Previous weight 53.07kg as of 07/10/2014, BP 108/70, PPR 76, Temp. 36.9 C (98.4 F). Results of x-ray are normal. I asked the doctor to look into autoimmune diseases and I asked specifically for a Lyme disease test (heard from a friend about this Lyme Disease issue). Emotional status- I’m depressed. I don’t know what’s wrong. I’m angry, moody, in pain all the time, living in bed, unable to be a proper mother to my children and a wife to my husband. I’m worried he’ll divorce me now that I’m no longer productive. I question my own self-worth and whether it’s better to end my life and stop putting my family through such an ordeal both emotionally and financially. I would say I’m pretty depressed, don’t you think? 

Romanian-(Programare la doctor- am intrebat-o sa inceapa sa se uite la boli autoimune si sa-mi faca test de Lyme boala bazata pe informatiile unei prietene.)

9/20/2014Acupuncture:) The doctor is back from vacation. I have been bleeding for 10 days now-menstrual bleeding- and that’s very unusual. $161.40 

9/27/2014- Acupuncture $178.60 +meds

10/2/2014VM Federal Way. 8:20 am Cortisol, Inflammation, and Lyme disease lab work

Romanian-(Test de singe- cortisol,  inflamatie si Lyme disease sau muscatura de capuse)

10/5/2014Got the news the Lyme disease test came back positive. Lyme Disease Ab, Total, EIA, and Western blot 3.75 -High. The doctor called me at home, Sunday evening. I had no idea what that meant since I knew nothing of this Lyme disease. I thought one week of antibiotic would cure me and bring my life back to normal. Emotional status: happy that finally there was a cause to all these symptoms, yet naive enough to think it would be over soon. Planning to return to work:)

Romanian-(Am primit stirea ca testul de Lyme disease a iesit pozitiv, si atunci am inceput sa ma interesez ce este Lyme disease de fapt, produs de la muscatura de capuse.)

10/7/2014Rite Aid FederalWay. I picked up the antibiotic treatment-Doxycycline. I began to feel better on the antibiotics, giving me hope. $4.28 

Romanian- (Tratament de antibiotic)

10/11/2014Acupuncture $85


10/12/2014Contour Seattle Restaurant celebrating feeling better with our friends.

Romanian-Sarbatorind faptul ca ma simt mai bine cu prieteni. 


10/13/2014ER TRIP Valley Medical Center Hospital. Diagnosis: movement disorder. Procedures: CBC w/ Auto Differential, CT head without IV contrast, Call Dr. Jogn Roberts, Virginia Mason neurology, call neurology. comprehensive metabolic Panel, ECG 12 Lead (Hospital only), HCG, Monitor, Obtain  Medical records, POCT Glucose, Protime-INR. Discharge. Symptoms: shallow breathing, pupils dilated, right facial numbness and right-hand numbness, unable to focus, smile, squeeze fingers, lift legs, body shaking. I thought I wasn’t going to make it this time. Since then temporary facial and body contortions, muscle trembling, speech impaired, (SEVERE fatigue, nausea, feverish episodes, cold hands and feet, confusion) the symptoms in the parenthesis I’ve had them since Jan. Emotional status: What the hell? I thought I was getting back to normal and now this? Why? Will it ever end? When will it end? What’s going on God? When is this illness going to end? How much is this going to cost? I want to die and get it over with. $551.12 

Romanian-( Urgenta! Respiratie slabita, pupilele dilatate, partea dreapta a fetei amortita si mina dreapta la fel, nu puteam sa-mi concentrez privirea, nu puteam sa zimbesc sau sa le string degetele la doctori sau sa-mi misc picioarele sau sa vorbesc, tremuraturi in corp. De atunci paralizie temporara a fetei, probleme cu vorbirea.)


90% of the time my life is spent in bed.


State of neurological paralysis-like symptoms, Chet’s feeding me an apple.


10/23/201412 pm. Dr. Susan L. Marra, Lyme disease specialist Naturopathic Doctor, Seattle. Consultation, lab work ordered 14 supplements and a cocktail of three antibiotics. I walked in, held up by Chet (my husband) with the paralysis of the upper body, barely walking and talking, too weak to finish her test, confusion, extremely fatigued. Very bad first impression with this doctor, but I had no other immediate option at this point and we were pretty desperate. Initial exam $395, supplements $1303.60, Lab Corp$ 20.73 and antibiotics $54.74 with a total of $1774.27. She kept on telling me that I’m very sick, with the understanding to prepare for the worst and she kept telling me that I’ll never get 100% better. Magnesium IV also prescribed. Also, the road to recovery will be very long, a predicted 5 years with intensive antibiotic treatment. Chet found another workplace and slowly we’ve been seeing some money coming in. Treatment plan: Antibiotics (Doxycycline 2x a day 200mg, Plaquenil 200 mg 2x a day and Tindamax 500 mg 2x a day with Paramicrodicin, a grape seed extract that helps break the Borrelia burgdorferi cysts, 2 caps 2x a day) and Nystatin 500 000 units/cap, 3 caps 2x a day (this is nasty stuff), also Orthobiots 2 caps 2x/day, Saccro B 2 caps 2x/day, Plantadophillus 2 caps 2x/day, Pearls 2 caps 2x/day (these last 4 are probiotics), also Vit. D 50 000 IU/week, Mag Taurate 800 mg 2x/day for the muscles, Acetyl Carnitine 2 caps- opens Babesia, Bartonella, and Borrelia, CoQ10 800 mg 2x/day for mitochondria supports, Pectasol 6 caps 2x/day for toxin binder, NAC 1 cap 2x/day for liver support, Glutathione 2 tsp 2x/day- removes neurotoxins, Chlorophyll 1 dropper 2x/day in 12oz of water for alkalinity and Cell food 8 drops in 12oz of water for alkalinity as well. Emotional status; I’m ready to die. God, who kept a constant vigilance over me (the four angels in the four corners of my room) is constantly encouraging me while a dark voice constantly cheers me on to kill myself. I’m so very tired and I can see the emotional and financial strain this is putting on my family. I see it in their eyes. It’s a constant unspoken monologue. I’m so very tired. God, just let me die. 

Romanian- (Lyme disease specialist, doctor naturalist, 3 antibiotice puternice plus 8 suplimente naturale) Chet ma sprijinit sa pot intra in clinica, nu mai pot merge, sint paralizata mai tot timpul, de multe ori nu mai pot vorbi, viata mea e numai in pat de citeva luni. Mi-a luat $2000 pentru suplimente naturale. Nu-mi place doctorita asta, si voi cauta alta. Chet a gasit altceva de lucru si usor incep banii sa intre in casa.) 

10/23/2014 LabCorp, Seattle, blood is drawn. 3 tubes. CD8-/CD57+Lymphs, Abs. CD8-CD57+Lymphs, and other tests.

10/23/2014University Healing Center, picking up more Chinese medicine. $50 I began an intense antibiotic treatment- Double the dose of Doxycycline

Romanian-(Am inceput tratament intens de antibiotice)

10/25/2014Quest Diagnostics, blood work, 20 tubs of blood drawn for more lab work … this is it so far:) Intense treatment program of supplements and antibiotics (6 times a day I ingest pills). 

Romanian-(20 de tuburi de singe si cam atita deocamdata).




11/5/2014 –Quest Diagnostics Federal Wayblood was drawn (insurance does not cover this test since it’s directly linked with Lyme).

Romanian-Luat singe. Assigurarea nu acopera plata.


Besides Chet and family both here and Europe, my main support core of friends:) Later on, Elizabeth becomes a pillar of help:) And that’s water in the glass:) Emotional status: continually an internal battle. 

Romanian-Temelia de support a for Chet in primul rind, familia si prietenii din Europa, cei din imagine aicea in America si Elizabeta care a fost un support extraordinar de puternic. 

12/1/2014 Christian Faith Center- counseling talk with pastor Terry Tarsiuk at 1:30 pm regarding an incident that happened on 11/7/2014. I was tolled a demon of sickness has possessed me, but pastor Terry does not think so.

12/1/20144 pm. Dr. Susan Marra, Seattle, $345 Lyme disease specialist appointment- Blood test results: LabCorp-Human Trans Growth Factor beta 1 was 7500 (high, normal is between 344-2382), IgeneX results –Babesia Duncani bacteria- positive at 40 (less than 20 is the normal range) also this test cost $420 and insurance does not cover it. Babesia Duncani is a bacteria similar to malaria and attacks the blood cells of its host then destroys the red blood cells from within leaving the host hungry for air. Quest Diagnosis results ($683.37)- low VEGF (vascular endothelial growth factor) in other words my body is sluggish in producing new blood cells and other findings, less than 31 (31-86 pg/ml normal range), HTGF C677T mutation positive, this is a critical enzyme required for a metabolic process that repairs DNA, switches genes on and off, and numerous other functions (does not convert folate and folic acid -each a form of vitamin B9- into the biologically active form called L-methylfolate or (5-MTHF), Mycoplasma Pneumoniae Antibody (IGG) 1.38 (high)  showing a previous infection, EBV Viral Capsid AG (VCA) is more than 5.00 (high) which it means Epstein Barr Virus, Streptozyme Screen was positive (Strep infection), Streptozyme Titer (mycoplasma pneumoniae) 1:100 (high), MMV6 Herpesvirus 6 IGG 1:80 (high),  Vitamin D, 25-OB was 24 (Low) normal range is 30-100ng/ml, Vitamine D, 1,25 (OH)2 was high at 96 (normal range is, HTGF B 1 (Human Transforming Growth Factor) was high at 7500 which means a lot of inflammation present. The treatment plan: start with one antibiotic- Doxy, a week later add the second, Plaquinil? then the third, Malarone 3 tablets 2x/day on top of all the supplements. Added also is Methyl Protection 1 cap 2x/day, 5-HTMF 1 cap 2x/day and Hepato support 2 caps 2x/day. I don’t trust this doctor. One of the new antibiotic she wants me to take costs $ 1600 per months and this is with insurance called Alinia. I told her that she’s killing me with all these antibiotics and my body can’t take it. At this point my life is only lived in bed and it’s been going on for months. I no longer do anything else, only lay in bed and hope this miserable pain will go away some day or I’ll die. God, you must help me. 

Romanian-Specialist- rezultate de singe, positiv pentru Babesia Duncani (o forma de malarie), deficit in Vit. D, Positiv pentru muscatura de capuse, inflamatie, etc nu stiu in romaneste:( Alti $800 dati azi pe suplimente naturale, plus vor $1600 pe luna pentru anitbioticul care ea vrea sa-l iau timp de doi ani. Trebuie sa gasesc neaparat alt doctor. In pat non-stop cu crize de paralizie, greau de vorbit si de gindit. 


New diet- salads.

Romanian- Dieta noua- salate.

NEW YEAR-2015-New Year resolution- HEALTH!!!!!

1/12/2015 Quest Diagnosys- blood draw- looking at the liver enzymes. $39.99

1/15/2015Dr. Susan Marra, Seattle, Lyme specialist appointment-$768. Blood results good for liver function (With a high doze of antibiotic intake we have to check le liver status regularly). By now I have regular seizures, paralysis in the face and arms. She wants me to start Alinia antibiotic at $1600 per month on to of all the other supplement expenses. I’m done with this doctor. She preaches fear and doom and I need someone to give me hope.

Romanian- Rezultatele normale pentru ficat si alte organe, din cauza tratamentului intes de antibiotice.

Enough energy to wait in the car as Chet does the grocery shopping.

Romanian- Destula energie sa astept in masina in timpul in care Chet face cumparaturi.

2/3/2015 –Craniosacral/ massage appt. with Sarah Peters. $65 Masaj
3/10/2015New naturopath doctor- Dr. D. in B. 4 pm. $233 for the initial appointment. (Lyme and autoimmune disease doc) Lab work ordered along with a saliva test. The cognitive test showed neurological issues and medical history was acquired. This doctor is nice and she does things very different, not sure what to believe but at this point, I’m willing to stand on my head if that gets me better. Treatment for adrenal gland support ordered progesterone cream, oxidized water, Natrum mariatricum (for calming the sympathetic system) (98.4 F, SPO2- 98.0, BP 116.0/64.0 mmHg- vitals).  Doctor specialist nou, nu mai vreau antibiotice. Test de saliva, historie medicala, test de memorie.

4/17/2015Blood work.

4/17/2015 Regulation Thermometry test $273. This is an infrared test, a tool used to get the functional picture of all the organ system in the body. Used in Europe for more than 20 years.


4/17/2015Full Body Scan: ES Complex test (Picture). This test evaluates the autonomic nervous system, organ functions and risk factors associated with heart disease, diabetes, and stroke. I’m not on any medication now except  supplements and vitamins. She’s given me only one supplement bottle. I really like her, she seems to know what she’s talking about. She wants to focus on strengthening the immune system.

Romanian- Test de singe, si alte doua teste care nu le stiu in romaneste, dar se uita la toate organele si functionarea lor, la sistemul nervos si circular, etc. Test European, assigurarea nu acopera, In fotografie unul din teste. (pe baza de sistemul cardiac).

5/18/2015DR. D 12pm appt. Looking at the test results. Vitals: Temp. 98.5 F, BP 104/66, Pulse 92.0 bpm, SPO2 99.0%.

Test results: ES Tech ANS/HRV results: decreased immune system, insulin resistance, decrease potassium/magnesium, elevated chloride, increase Ph, lower body lymph blockage, ANS dysfunction (high sympathetic, high adrenaline at 49.0), generalized neural network blockage, Large intestine inflammation.

Treatment: Arsenicum album 200k given in the office, Artemisinin Solo capsules, 2 2x/day and Neural therapy paraspinal/adrenals injections once a week for four weeks. Ordered a stool test for infections. $822.29. 

Romanian-Resultat: sistem imun slabit, resistenta la insulina, scazut in potasium/magneziu, ridicata clorina, ridicata PH, blocat sistemul limfatic de la mijloc in jos, sistemul nervos blocat in general, inflamatie in matele mari. 


5/27/2015Dr. D’s office but Dr. Fox performed the Neurotherapy injections along each side of my spine and adrenal glands. This is meant to calm my CNS and to rewire the whole thing, it’s like a computer jump start. I start feeling stronger, I’m gaining weight:) $152

Romania- Terapie pe baza neurologica, injectii dealungul sirei spinarii si in glandele adrenaline. Incep sa ma simt mai bine si sa ma ingras:) 

6/01/2015Diagnos-Tech, Inc. Stool test, $285

6/10/2015Neurotherapy injections, 10:30 am $179

6/18/2015Neurotherapy injections, 10:30am. $179

6/30/2015Neurotherapy injections, 10 am. $179

7/27/201511:30 am Dr. D follow-up appointment. Vitals: Temp. 98.0 F, BP 140/72, Pulse Rate 128.0 bpm, SPO2 99%.

Blood test results: increased mold presence in the body, mitochondrial disorder, Mycoplasma infection (Lyme co-infection).

Treatment: anti-mold diet ( avoid sugar, dried fruits, peanuts and adequate hydration of 10 cups of water each day), IV Glutathione and Phosphatidyclorine to bind mold out of the body, as well as support the nervous system. Myers IV with CoQ10 injection. Supplements: cilantro tincture 10 drops 2x/day away from meals and in water. Chlorella Pyrendoisa 3 tablets 3x/day away from food. A-Bart 15 drops in water one time a day and away from food, start with one drop and work your way up to 15 drops. Emotional status: I’m getting stronger, but I still have too many faint and painful days. But I see hope. $411.40

Romanian- Programare la doctor; mi-a gasit alta infectie prin ultimul test de sange, prezenta de mucegai in corp. Usor, usor prin puteri:)

7/27/2015Dr. D clinic. IV Myers treatment with a CoQ10 shot.

Romanian-Injectie de CoQ10, inceput de tratament intravenos impotriva mucegaiului, inflamatiei, imputernicit sistemul imun. 

8/4/2015Dr. D’s clinic. 11:30 am IV Meyers cocktail (with CoQ10 shot) and PC push with Dr. Fox. $279

Romanian-A doua terapie intravenoasa, injectie.

I still experience extreme fatigue daily, continual nausea, and a general feeling of malaise. 

8/13/2015Dr. D’s clinic. 12:30 pm, Meyers IV with CoQ10 shot and PC push/5 cc Glut. $324. A am experiencing a dyslexia sort of side-effect, itching all over from small red bumps, extreme fatigue and joint pain.

Romanian- A treia terapie intravenoasa, injectie.


Starting to feel better for small intervals at the time, paralysis-like symptoms decrease from daily to weekly.

Romanian- Incep sa prind puteri si sa am mai multa energie desi numai pe perioade scurte. Simptomele de paralizie incep sa scada – le aveam zilnice, dar incep sa le am acum de cateva ori pe saptamana numai. 


8/18/2015Dr. D’s clinic. 10:30 am Meyers IV treatment with CoQ10 shot and PC Push/5 cc Glut. $324 

Romanian- A 4-a terapie intravenoasa, injectie.

Detox signs from the treatment: Prolonged menstruation, spotting, lower abdomen pain of a 9 out of 10 scale, itchy bumps on the body, moodiness, headaches with the feeling of bloody nose, joint stiffness and pain at times, plugged sinus, bone pain, fatigue, lower abdomen ache and the ever-present pain in my left side that’s been there for a year and 8 months now, bitter taste in the mouth, watery eyes when tired. 

8/25/2015Dr. D’s clinic. 1:30 pm Meyers IV with CoQ10 shot and PC Push/5 cc Glut. (Extreme fatigue, stiff joints, pain in bones and joints so far-nasty detox effects.) 
Romanian-Terapie intravenoasa, injectie.
9/2/2015Dr. D’s clinic. 1:40pm Meyers IV treatment with CoQ10 shot and PC Push/5 cc Glut. $324 (I see improvement in my overall health from this treatment, but the first three days after each treatment I’m very fatigued, so I rest. Blood in my urine:)
Romanian– Perfuzie, injectie, sange in urina.  
9/10/2015Dr. D’s clinic. 10:30 am IV treatment, shot. (PC push, Meyers, Gluth. COQ10. Feeling better 🙂
Romanian- Perfuzie, injectie, ma simt mai bine:)
9/17/2015Dr. D’s clinic. 9:35 am Meyers IV treatment with CoQ10 shot and PC Push/5 cc Glut. Feeling pretty fatigued the past week, nausea, left side pain, quite fatigued in fact, but I may be doing too much around the house, with increasing energy comes more work around the house. $324 
Romanian- Perfuzie, injectie. De o saptamina ma simt tare obosita, si greturi. 
9/22/2015Dr. D’s clinic. 1:10 pm. Follow-up appointment. Vitals: Temp. 98.5 F, BP 108/69 Pulse rate of 104 bpm, SPO2 97%.
Stool test results: intestinal amoeba, bacteria, and inflammation in the colon.
Treatment: Colonics, Ondamed, IV DTM, IV BOT, female pap and physical. Supplements: Argentyn 23 2Tbs. 3x/day (colloidal silver), Biocidin LSF 5 pumps 3x/day, Chromium CWS 2 drops 3x/day-helps the pancreas in the digestive process, Beta Glucan 2 Tbs. 2x/day- probiotic and a fantastic tasting supplement. Continue with cilantro tincture and chlorophyll, also Aloe vera juice (Lakewood brand). I see improvement 🙂 There is hope:) $300.95 
Romanian- Programare la doctor, au gasit amiba in testul de scaun, bacterie si inflamatie in mate si colon. Continuam cu o parte din vechiul tratament dar am tratament nou si perfuzii noi de inceput. Incep sa prind puteri. 
10/7/2015Dr. D’s clinic. 10:30 am, Diabetic Trace Minerals IV and Bio- Oxidative Therapy/Ozone Combo IV (extraction of a portion of my blood than add oxygen take the whole combo through a machine that kills parasites and re-introduce it in the body- I really don’t like this one and I feel awful afterward). $367.20 The two main reasons I cut my hair are: 1. Severe scalp pain and 2. loss of hair made it look thin and unhealthy. I miss it though. 
Romanian- Am inceput al doilea set de perfuzii, de tata asta doua perfuzii (minerale so oxigen in singe), tratament oral diferit (pentru sistemul imun, pancreas, digestiv, si argint lichid ca antibiotic).
10/21/2015-Dr. D’s Clinic. 11:10 am Bio-Oxidative Therapy/Ozone Combo and Diabetic Trace Mineral IV. The whole process takes about 3 hours and makes me feel very crummy for a couple of days, then I start to feel better just in time for the next IV treatment. Purchased Argentyn 32 oz and Beta-Glucan Probiotic Formula. I’m really struggling with my short-term memory. $571.50 
Romanian- Perfuzie de minerale si Bio-Oxigen, ia cam trei ore tot procesul. Nu ma simt bine vreo doua zile dupa tratament, dar pe urma imi revin. Am ceva probleme cu memoria de scurta durata. 
10/21/2015- Dr. D, follow-up. $159.76
10/30/2015 –Virginia Mason Federal Way appointment. High pain in kidney, ovary and burning in the bladder. Blood and urine test. Blood test results came back normal but there was blood in the urine. Repeat urine test in two weeks. $290.71 x 12 moths for the premium only. 
Romanian- Din cauza durerilor intense de ovare si rinichi si a senzatiei de arsatura in vezica urinara am facut programare la clinica normala. Test de singe si urina. Rezultatele de la singe au venit inapoi normale, dar au gasit singe in urina. Repetam testul de urina in doua saptamini. 
11/5/2015- Dr. D’s clinic. 10:30 am Bio-Oxidative Therapy and Diabetic Trace Minerals IV treatment. Four hours of treatment. Nelly drove me today, Elizabeth’s father passed away unexpectedly while visiting them here in WA:( (flew from Arizona or Florida). Such a sudden and great loss:( $367.20
Romanian-Perfuzii de oxigen si minerale, au durat patru ore ca de obicei. 
11/5/2015-Dr. D’s. Follow-up appointment. Feeling very, very weak the past week, burning in the bladder, kidney and ovary pain, pale, trembling in the body, rapid heartbeats, perspiration episodes, facial pallor, cold lips, and just could not get any energy no matter how much I ate, confusion, partial blindness in both eyes, peripheral shadows and feeling as if I was seeing things, constant headaches, feeling of a bloody nose, agitated, sudden itchy rashes on the skin, rapid weight loss, feeling as if my lungs were full of air conditioning, nausea, tingling in fingers. Based on the test she believes Babesia (a form of malaria) and Bartonella re-surfaced, also Mitochondria attack -the energy cell in the body. She’s changing my treatment. Now I’m a little confused. Virginia Mason test for regular Malaria came back negative but Babesia is not regular malaria, it’s a pretend type of malaria brought on by co-infections of Lyme Disease. 
Romanian- Programare cu doctorita naturalista, de o saptamina nu ma simt asa de bine cu dureri de rinichi, ovare, arsaturi in vezica urinara, fata palida, buze reci, episoade de transpiratie, energie foarte mica, tremraturi de corp si batai rapide de inima, scadere in greautate fara sa fac efort, orbire partiala in amindoi ochi, confuzie, umbre in partea periferiala a ochilor, dureri de cap constante si puternice, greaturi, amorteala in degetele de la mina, senzatia ca plaminii sint plini de aer conditionat, agitatie. Citeva infectii au revenit la suprafata. Schimbam tratamentul.  
11/6/2015 –Dr. D’s clinic. New IV treatment against both Babesia and Bartonella. (Artesunate 60 mg and Hydrogen Peroxide) plus Artemisinin Solo capsules. Another four hours of treatment left me extremely fatigued and nauseated. Nelly took me. (It’s a week later writing this down and I feel slightly better.) $310.50 
Romanian- Tratament nou de perfuzii pentru a ataca infectiile. Iara patru ore:)
11/20/2015Dr. D’s clinic. 10:10 am, IV treatment Artesunate and Hydrogen Peroxide. Since I began there’s a rash on my right inner thigh closer to the knee, itchy. Elizabeth is back!!!! Such a joy:) $279 
Romanian- Al doilea tratament nou de perfuzii.
12/4/2015Dr. D’s clinic. 10 am Artesunate and Hydrogen Peroxide IV treatment. Been nauseated with a non-stop bitter taste in the mouth the past few days. Also, itchy spots on the upper extremities, persistent rash on the right upper thigh. The past two nights my heart beats are faster or that tremor in the core of my body. However, I feel stronger even though neurological symptoms persist they still have decreased in intensity and frequency. My energy level has increased slightly, even though I’m far from being back to normal state. Lots of emotional battles, but it’s gray and gloomy outside and that affect me since I have SAD (seasonal affective disorder). As soon as I see the sun it gets better on an emotional level, even if on a cognitive level there are still struggles. I can drive small distances, although I keep it to a minimum limit.  I do have moments I simply want to give up, but I don’t. I’m tired of being poked and sinking further in medical debt. Thank God Chet found a new place to work -Amazon- and the paychecks are constant now. Lots of catching up, financially speaking. $279 
Romanian- Al 3 lea tratament nou de perfuzii. Greturi, gust amar in gura non-stop zile in shir, batai rapide de inima in timpul noptii, febra, si puncte rosii pe piele (pe brate) care maninca. Incep sa prin puteri chiar daca mai am probleme neurologice, dar nu-s intense ca inainte si sint mai rare. Energia se ridica desi nu la punct normal cum am fost inainte, emotional e greu dar ploua si-i vreme urita sis tiu ca asta nu ajuta. 
12/11/2015Dr.D’s clinic. 10 am  Artesunate and Hydrogen Peroxide IV treatment. Feeling so much better, great energy and stamina, very little pain, cognitive improvement, ability to handle stress has increased, yeh:) $279
Romanian- Al 4lea tratament nou de perfuzii. Ma simt mult mai bine
12/18/2015Dr. D’s clinic. 10 am Diabetic Trace Mineral and Artesunate IV treatment. Today, the last IV hurt so bad! For two and a half hours I was in quite a lot of pain (burning sensation), it began with an ache and gradually increased to such a point I was nauseated from the pain/burn feeling and drowsy. I felt like ripping the IV right out of my vein and run out of there and never look back. I’m hooked -in the picture- to the painful one. $281.70
Romanian- Al cincilea tratament nou de perfuzii (Artesunate) si azi am revenit la alta perfuzie care am avut inainte (DTM), dar asta doare rau de tot, si timp de doua ore jumate am fost in dureri, incepind mici si marindu-se pina mia venit greturi si dureri de cap. In imagine am in vena perfuzia care doare. 
12/29/2015-Dr. D’s clinic. 9:30 am. Only one IV treatment (Artesunate) today. Also supplements such as Artemisinin Solo and Chromium. $167.40 I’m able to go along with my kids to appointments, Meleah has to drive us but at least I can be present and my children feel like they have a mother with them, even if she’s not yet fully strong she’s becoming semi-functional:) 
NEW YEAR-2016-HEALTH IS COMING, even if it trickles one drop at the time:)
I took a month break from needles and medical expenses. Getting ready to sell the house. I feel strong enough to slowly pack and get rid of stuff.
2/16/2016- Dr. D’s clinic. 1:20 pm, follow-up. Vitals: Temp. 98.6 F, BP 123/73, Pulse rate 90.0 bpm, Pulse Pattern- regular, Pulse Volume- normal, SPO2 99%
The course of action: LabCorp blood work to check for methylation issues, regulation thermometry test, Ondamed treatment.
Treatment: Continuing Artesunate IV’s adding Meyers IV, Vit. D intake, Enterosgel (from Russia for complete body detox, absorbs and removes from the body harmful substances, without affecting beneficial bacteria). New test in the clinic- gut troubles and my body has a hard time getting rid of toxins (on a cellular level). $50.40
Romanian- Program la doctor, continui cu o perfuzie si modificam a doua perfuzie, noi teste, probleme in regiunea burtii si organismul are probleme in a elimina toxine, pe baza celulara. 
2/16/2016 –LabCorp lab in Bellevue, blood draw checking for methylation issues in regard to detoxification. $626.99 
Romanian- Test de singe.
2/24/2016-Dr. D’s clinic. 11:10 am, Artesunate and modified Myers IV’s (double dose of Vit. B 12 in addition to all the other vitamins such as B3, Calcium, Magnesium, Selenium). I’ve had a month and a half break and I’ve noticed the absence of IV’s, back to fatigue, nausea, headaches, joint pain, and other symptoms. $231.30 
Romanian- Am inceput iarasi cu perfuzii, ca dupa o luna jumate de pauza am inceput iara sa am simptome
3/1/2016Dr. D’s clinic. 10 am, Modified Meyers and Artesunate IV. $220.50. Got home to our nice Romanian handyman. He’s going to install new gutters. Been called outside every 15-20 minutes to answer a question in regard to the work. I’m very tired.
Romanian- Perfuzii.
3/3/2016Dr. D’s clinic. 10am OnDemand treatment (electromagnetic treatment found in Germany by engineer Rolf Binder) with Nancy Tung. We treated the CNS (Central Nervous System). A mix of therapy and medicine. $108. (In the photo below.)
Romanina- Tratament electromagnetic cu focus la sistemul nervos.(in fotografia de mai jos)
3/10/2016-Dr D’s clinic. 9:20 am, Artesunate and Modified Meyers IV treatment. $220.50
3/24/2016-Dr. D’s clinic. 9:30 am, Modified Meyers and Artesunate IV treatment simultaneous with OnDemand treatment (electromagnetic) focused on the spine, parasitical and bacterial invasion, digestive system and brain/emotional status. Very fatigued. $328.50 
Romanian- Perfuzii, tratament electromagnetic, cu focus la coloana vertebrala, invazie parazitica si bacteriala, sistemul digestiv si creierul/ partea de emotii. 
3/31/2016- Dr. D’s clinic. 9:50 am, Modified Meyers IV only. $99.00
4/4/2016 Dr. D’s clinic. 1 pm, follow-up. Vitals: Temp. 98.5 F, BP 113.0/78.0, Pulse Rate 88.0 bpm.
Findings: Inflammation in both ears, vasculitis from Bartonella parasite, some form of copper (if I remember right) free roaming in the body, inflammation and tenderness in the abdomen area, the spleen is tender.
Treatment plan; Hydrogen Peroxide and Bio-oxidative IV’s, reduce the Enterosgel down to 2x a week, continue with Vit. D, in addition, intake of Vit. E, Vit. A and Atula drops for the immune system. Avoid sugar completely since it suppresses the immune system. $113.40 
Romanian- Program la doctor naturist sa vedem ce urmeaza. Inflamatie in amindoua urechi, in zona abdominala, vasculitis de la parasitul Bartonella, splina ma doare precum si abdomentul, si cupru in corp. Nou tratament de perfuzii si vitamine (D,A,E precum si Atula- pentru sistemul imun). 
4/21/2016 Dr. D’s clinic. 10 am, Bio-Oxidative and Hydrogen Peroxide IV’s. For three days, afterward, I felt like I got hit by a train. Constant nausea, headaches, muscle ache, extreme fatigue and I mean really bad. I get better just in time for the next IV:) $351.00
Romanian- Doua perfuzii simultan, trei zile dupa perfuzii m-am simtit ca si cum am fost aruncata din univers pe pamint, greturi constante, dureri de cap si de muschi si asa de obosita ca deabea imi tineam pleoapele deschise. Acuma vad ca prind puteri dar Joi iara am perfuzii. 
4/28/2016 Dr. D’s clinic. 10 am, Bio-Oxidative and Hydrogen Peroxide Iv’s. I can’t believe I forgot to take a picture but I was not myself, maybe that’s why).
4/28/2016-Dr. D’s clinic. Clear Therapy- emotional release therapy- with Nancy Tung and a whole lot of emotions coming out. Stress from selling the house and moving. The house is on the market. $477.00
5/5/2016 Dr. D’s clinic. 10:30 am, Bio Oxidative Therapy and Hydrogen Peroxide IV’s.  My blood was too dark, I must be fighting something:) $351.00
We received 4 offers within the first 5 days, all above asking price. We’ve accepted the best one and we’re under contract now. I told Chet that if I ever get better, we should sell and live our lives:) The moment I felt a tad better we moved into action. We’ll be moving soon and it’s both a bitter-sweet feeling. I’ll miss Elizabeth but our memories will come with me. I can’t wait to get out of here. I feel like a prisoner in this house.
Romanian- Perfuzie, singele este prea inchis la culoare inseamna ca se lupta sistemul imun cu ceva, oare ce?
5/20/2016 Dr. D’s clinic. 9:20 am Bio-Oxidative and Hydrogen Peroxide IV’s. $351.00
We’ve rented already an apartment in Queen Anne where I’m spending now the weekends. I’m in heaven. It’s like a small European town where everything is within walking distance. In fact, on the ground level of our apartment building is Trader Joe’s grocery store and Pharmaca a supplement store, across the street is Bartell Drugs store and Safeway grocery store and we’ve gone from a 2400 sq. feet home plus two car garage and huge basement to a 1000 sq. feet apartment. The saddest part is Merrill moving out on his own since his job is here in the area. I’ll miss him dearly.
5/27/2016 Dr. D’s clinic. 12 pm, Bio-Oxidative and Hydrogen Peroxide IV’s. Today the blood was again dark, darker than last time but not as dark as before. $530.96 I’m sad because my time with Elizabeth is coming to an end. I feel like crying. 
6/3/2016 –Dr. D’s clinic. 9:30 am, IV’s same as last week. One IV had a hard time dripping in the begging. $351.00 My brother and his wife are in the emergency again. We’re having a garage sale tomorrow- the kids will do that- in order to get rid of more stuff. Already we’ve eliminated approximately 85% of our old belongings. One trip with a medium size U-haul will do the job for what’s left when we move to the apartment on the 13th. 
6/8/2016- Dr. D’s clinic. 10 am, Clear Therapy with Nancy and same IV as before. Today the drip was painfully slow and a very small amount of blood was drawn only, then the IV backed up with no drip, I think deep scaring of my veins are causing troubles with each poke lately. Lots of emotional release with the Clear Therapy. Lots. Lunch with Elizabeth afterwords. $477.00 
Romanian- Perfuzii, una din perfuzii nu mergea, lichidul nu intra in vena, vena e mica si are cicatrice dupa atatea intepaturi. Data trecuta a trecut prin ea complet. 
6/29/2016 –Dr. D’s clinic. 9:40 am, the same IV.  The blood today was pretty dark, ups. It’s been three weeks since the last IV and I felt that. We’ve moved:) The workload of moving, then unpacking, then figuring out how I would get to IV’s from our new place interfered with my regular schedule. It was the return of tingling in my right fingertips, fever, fatigue, confusion, and pain in my left side around the rib cage (thoracic region) that made me call and make another appointment. Whenever I do physical work pain on the left side appears. Also, I start tearing up without intent. I still have weak days and strong days, although the interval of strong days so far is higher than ever in the past two years. $351.00 + $65 for Lyft Ride. 
Romanian- Perfuzii. Singele a fost cam inchis azi. A trecut trei saptamini de la ultimul tratament, pentru ca ne-am mutat si numai re-aparitia unor simptome (amorteala in virful degetelor de la mina dreapta, temperatura ridicata, oboseala mai intensa si durere in partea stinga a trunchiului (sub coaste) ma facut sa pun mina pe telefon si sa fac o noua programare. Inca mai am zile cind ma simt slabita dar zilele cind ma simt puternica si simpt viata in vene sau ridicat enorm de mult si ma simt cel mai bine in ultimii doi ani, inca nu ma simt ca inainte dar speranta e mare:)
7/6/2016-Dr. D’s clinic. 10 am, Hydrogen Peroxide IV and follow-up appointment. Got lots of energy afterwards and I did not go through the two days of extreme fatigue and loads of other symptoms I usually go through after IV treatments. This tells me the Bio-Oxidative is the one that kills a truckload of parasites and I go through crazy Herxheimer reactions afterwards for couple of days. $312.94+$65 for Lyft Ride.
7/15/2016-Dr. D’s clinic. Dr. Fox 1:40 pm. Vitals: BP 130/76, Pulse Rate 90 bpm, SPO2 98%. Since couple of old symptoms re-surfaced (fast heartbeats during the night, sweats, loss of appetite, constant pain in my left side of my abdomen, nausea, sharp shooting pain in the heart,  some weight loss, bitter taste in my mouth,  hair loss, fatigue, faint feel, feverish, clammy skin, to name a few), I made a doctor appointment. After examination, Dr. Fox found out that mold/candida/ toxicity is getting the better part of me, and the Babesia Duncani (Babesia duncani is an emerging infectious disease. This malaria-like illness is brought about by a protozoan parasite infecting red blood cells.-Google) was acting up. He also believes I may have had a heart attack, based on my description of one night’s symptoms and looked concerned. So next time I’ll be more eager to call 911 if the same symptoms occur. New IV treatment, added medication (antimicrobial) and we keep on going. They’ve told me I’m a very special case since I react to natural medication but “at least you have a good attitude about it” was his precise words. We both cracked some more jokes and the consultation was over. Treatment: Artesunate IV, Crypto-Plus Microbial Balancer #2 tincture, A-Tula tincture. $323.23+ $65 for Lyft ride.
Romanian- Pentru ca nu m-am simtit prea bine in ultimele doua saptamini am facut programare la doctor. Toxicitate, mucegai si o forma de malarie si-au facut re-aparitia, deci am schimbat iara-si tratamentul. Mi-au spus ca-s caz special ca am reactii si la medicamentele pe baza naturala, dar “macar ai atitudine buna” au fost cuvintele lui. Am facut citeva glume si pe urma am incheiat consultatia.
7/15/2016 Dr. D’s clinic. 1:40 pm, Artesunate IV  for the Babesia and all the other B’s of Lyme. $179.10 + $65 for Lyft ride. 
Romanian- Tratament pentru malarie.
7/17/2016Zoom Care Queen Anne, walk-in appointment. Complains of unbearable pain in my left side, nausea, almost delirious from so much pain. Consultation; no fever, normal stats, blood in the urine +++250 RBC/uL, no bacterial infection. Suspect of kidney stones. Sent me to emergency care. $149 
Romanian- Clinica la urgenta: dureri extreme in partea stinga (lateral) a trunchiului corpului, greata intensa, aproape in deliriu de la durere. Consultatie; au gasit singe in urina fara infectie bacteriala. Suspect de pietre la rinichi. M-au trimis la urgenta la spital.
7/17/2016 –Swedish Medical Center- Ballar Emergency DepartmentSeen by PA-C Garrett Soames. Procedures and tests performed during my visit;
CBC with Diff (ABS-%),
Comprehensive Metabolic Panel (CMP),
CT Abdomen and pelvis without contrast,
Estimated Glomerular Filtration Rate (EGFR),
Urine culture.
What they found;
Flank Pain
Hemoglobinuria in urine-(If the red blood cells break down in the blood vessels, their parts move freely in the bloodstream. If the level of hemoglobin in the blood rises too high, then hemoglobin begins to appear in the urine. An infection in your urinary tract, bladder, kidneys, or prostate can cause inflammation and irritation that lead to RBCs appearing in urine.-Google)
Diverticulosis of Sigmoid Colon- (Diverticula are small pouches that bulge outward through the colon, or large intestine. If you have these pouches, you have a condition called diverticulosis.-MedlinePlus)
CT results: Spleen looks good, Pancreas looks good, Liver looks good (no fatty liver:), cyst on right ovary, no kidney stones, no bacterial infection, Flank issues on the side and diverticulosis in the Sigmoid colon with no inflammation, no blood in urine but hemoglobin, under the microscope test).  Reacted very severe to a pain medication (still have to find out the name of it), with irregular breathing, rolling of eyes in my head, and feeling like my heart was going to explode in my chest. I was given Hydrocodone-acetaminophen, naproxen, ondansetron aka Zofran for nausea).
Diagnoses: 1. Flank Pain, 2.Hemoglobinuria, 3. Diverticulosis of Sigmoid Colon.
To follow-up with an urology specialist, looking into further testing. $6376.65 (still paying this one off as of 10/4/2017).
Prescribed: Hydrocodone-acetaminophen (NORCO) 7.5-325 mg oral tablets and Naproxen 500 mg oral tablets and Ondansetron ODT (aka Zofran ODT) 4 mg oral tablet, as needed for nausea. (which I did not take, I don’t want a patch I want a total destruction of the real cause of these symptoms and pain).
Romanian- Urgenta la spital, teste de sange, raze etc. Au gasit iara-si sange in urina (hemoglobinuria) si diverticulosis, restul e okay. Dar nu stiu cauza sangelui in urina pentru ca nu au gasit pietre la rinichi. Iarasi mergem acasa fara claritate la ce sa intimplat. 
7/20/2016-Dr. D’s clinic. 10:30 am, Artesunate IV. $179.10+ $65 for Lyft Ride. Perfuzie.
7/27/2016-Dr. D’s clinic. 10:10 am, Artesunate IV. $179.10 + $65 for Lyft Ride.
8/10/2016-Dr. D’s clinic. 10:30am, Artesunate IV. $179.10 +$65 for Lyft Ride.
8/15/2016- Virginia Mason, Seattle- Urology specialist10:30 am, with Dr. Govier Fred, MD. looking into the reason of blood in the urine for the past two years. Very dismissive, said that’s common for some people. Results: Do a Cystoscopy. 
Romanian- Programare la specialist de urologie, sa vada de ce este sange in urina (de doi ani). Foarte nesimtit, nu mi-a dat nici o explicatie decat ca unii oameni au asta si nu se stie cauza.
8/15/2016- Virginia Mason, Seattle, Dr. Govier Fred MD.Cystoscopy- normal results, the bladder looks good. Happy 23rd Anniversary! I wonder how much is going to cost me for today’s appointment. Very faint and colorless face. I missed my aunt Simona’s wedding yesterday, back in Austria:(Emotional status: even though I’m getting better I’m still weak enough to not go out for important dates, and that makes me very sad. I try to keep a brave face but inside I feel like crying.I’ve spent our 23rd wedding anniversary in bed, as I’ve been doing all other such celebratory dates.) 
Romania- Cistoscopie, rezultate au iesit normale. Aniversarea a 23 de ani de casatorie. Nu am putut merge la nunta lui Simona, matusa mea, facuta in Austria:( Pentru ca nu m-am simtit bine am petrecut anniversarea in pat, ca si ziua mea de nastere si alte evenimente importante.)
9/6/2016 –Dr. D’s clinic. 1:30 pm, follow-up appointment, not feeling well, neither is Chet. Vitals: 98.2 F, 83 bpm, 112/70mmHg, SPO2 98%.
Findings: Spleen stuck with Lyme residue, still some gut inflammation but not as bad, small itchy bumps on skin (maybe a gluten reaction to the soy sauce I had yesterday), some emotional stuck-ness, then release, but overall we’re starting to see the light at the end of this long dark tunnel:)
Treatment: Artesunate IV, Biocidin LSF Liposomal 1.7 oz, Transfer Factor LymePlus 60 ct., Micronized HP Progesterone cream 100mg/click. $441.80 + $65 Lyft Ride. 
Romanian- Programare la doctorul meu naturist. Splina are probleme de la muscatura de capuse, inflamatie in abdomen dar nu asa de rau, bubite rosii mici pe piele care maninca, dar in general incepem sa vedem lumina la sfirsitul tunelului de durere si suferinta:) Continual tratamentul de malarie. 
9/12/2016-Dr. D’s clinic. 2pm, Artesunate IV. Today was rough, almost passed out but in the end, we did it. I got poked too many times and the new nurse kept moving the needle inside my vein. The wet white towel around my neck was brought to help me recover. In the end, the new nurse went into a vein on the side of my wrist. I don’t want to do this anymore. $378.10 +$65 Lyft Ride.
Romanian- Prima perfuzie din cele 10 pentru malarie. Asistenta noua, pur si simplu ma chinuit pana aproape am lesinat, a trebuit sa puna perfuzia in mana. Nu mai vin inapoi la urmatoarele perfuzii. 
9/22/2016- Ordered more supplements online: Artemisinin Solo, ATP Fuel- Optimized Energy for Serious Mitochondrial needs, Transfer Factor Multi-Immune, Transfer Factor L-Plus (Formerly Lym-Plus). $226.77
9/28/2016- Dr. D’s clinic. Clear Therapy with Nancy Tung. As usual, she helped me with loads of emotional issues:) $126.00 +$65 Lyft Ride.
11/1/2016Ordered more supplements: Artemisinin SOD, Artemisinin Solo, Transfer Factor L-Plus (formerly Lym-Plus), Transfer Factor Multi-Immune, Crypto-Plus Antimicrobial Support, Omega-3 Plus, Soothe & Relax Soft Tissues & Stress Support. $372.77
11/4/2016After the last IV fiasco I’ve been too traumatized to go back for another IV but my body is also stronger so I don’t need them as often. I’m on a supplemental treatment and four days ago I’ve added a new treatment, for the emotional wellbeing of my mind/body/nervous system and much more, found at,
I am on the Align Bouquet now, and within hours my neck muscles (that began tightening again to a painful state) began relaxing, and the respiratory system opened up. I was breathing all the way into my stomach (I tend to hold my breath when stressed), it felt as if my whole upper body was opened to all the air the atmosphere had to offer. $97.05 
Romanian- Sunt deja aproape doua luni de cand nu am facut perfuzie dar vad ca prind puteri si fara ele:) Sunt pe tratament de pastile, totul pe baza naturala, si am inceput un tratament tot pe baza naturala sa adresez anumite aspecte emotionale. 
12/14/2016-Dr. D’s clinic. 2pm with Dr. Fox. 
Vitals: Temp. 98.5 F, BP 108/80, Pulse Rate 90 bpm, SPO2 98%.
Complains: 101F fever previous day, headaches, pain in left side under ribs, itchy rashes, red and swollen eyes and eyelids, extreme fatigue (right after I wake up from a full night’s sleep, and throughout the day, like my heart is too tired to beat and wants to just go rest), low fevers five days out of a week, morning sweats in the cervical and thoracic area with heart palpitations, back neck muscles tightening again.
Findings: Toxins, mold, and gut bacterial/parasitical presence.
Treatment: CandiBiotics A 3 caps 2x/day, BLt Microbial Balance #1 (4fl.oz) 20 drops 2x/day away from food mix in water and take with Candibiotic A, Ultra Biotic 1 capsule 1x/day, Sodium Alginare (binding and removal of toxins) 2 capsules 2x/day away from meals, Meyers IV, Thyme, Oregano, Lvender Essential Oil. 2 drops 1x/day in diffuser at night while I sleep. $212.86 + $65 Lyft Ride. 
Romanian-Programare la doctorul naturist. Ieri am avut febra mare si in ultimul timp am dureri de cap, oboseala maxima parca inima nu mai vrea sa bata de obosita ce e saraca. De patru luni zilnic ma scol cu ochii rosii si umflati, bubite rosii pe piele care ma mananca, de obicei febra scazuta cam cinci zile din saptamana, durere in latura stinga, ma scol dimineata transpirata in zona gatului si a pieptului si cu palpitatii de inima, muschii din spatele capului si gatului iara incep sa se incoarde si dor. Am inceput un nou tratament pentru mucegai, toxine si paraziti si in Ianuarie incep iara-si cu perfuzii. Dar macar corpul incepe sa faca pauza si sa lupte singur pe durate mai lungi fara necesitatea perfuziilor tot timpul:)
NEW YEAR-2017-I’ve had a good 2016, looking forward to 2017:)
1/11/2017- DR. D’s clinic. 11:10am Modified Meyers (without B complex) IV for strengthening the autoimmune system. Also Pinella tincture- helps with detox/herx reactions. $117.90 +$65 Lyft Ride. 
Romanian- Perfuzie pentru intarirea sistemului imun.
1/11/2017-Dr. D’s clinic. 12pm, follow-up with Dr. Fox.
Vitals: Temp. 98.4 F, BP 110/70 mmHg, Pulse Rate 87 bpm, SPO2 98 %.  Symptoms are more neurological now, even though I still have physical symptoms, they’re getting weaker and far between. A flare-up caused by Babesia (morning sweats and fast heartbeats that wakes me up from sleep), and neurological signs; shadows or peripheral blindness, vision clouding with a disassociated reaction following (Everything starts to look like it’s in a thick fog, sounds become more muffled, and the brain does not seem to hurry in its interpretation of what I see) followed by a physical pain in the left side of my occipital (back of the head). Writing is challenging due to the deformed letters now and then, shoulder and hands jerks that last a mini second:)
Exams showed the babesia is the cause of the neurological issues, the left side of the body reacts slower than right, concluding a right side of the brain babesia issues.
New treatment: CytoQuel supplement to help with Herx reaction- 2 capsules 2x/day and take with Lyme sprays, Pinella tincture to help with the neurological detox- 15 drops 2x/day, Quercetin Phytosome 2 capsules 2x/day, continue with Progesterone cream, Lyme sprays, Cranberry capsules, D3. Referral to massage therapy, since it appears that my upper back and neck muscles are close to stone rigidity;) Follow up in four weeks. $133.32
Romanian- Programare la doctor din nou. Ma simt mai bine dar anumite simptome vechi isi fac iarasi aparitia (frisoane si palpitatii rapide de inima dimineata) si probleme neurologice; umbre la periferia ochilor, ceata, simt ca orbesc uneori dar viziunea imi este okay numai creierul nu recunoaste ce vad si nu conecteaza informatia intre viziune si creier perfect, smucituri de umeri si miini care dureaza cateva fractiuni de secunda. Tratament nou.  
1/17/2017Ordered online The Ultimate Lyme Support extra strength by Results RNA, so far really works! I’ve begun this treatment four days ago after I purchased the small 2 oz System for $114.95. I wasn’t sure if it was just another empty promise, and we’ve spent so much on supplements and treatments I am cautious about any unnecessary spending. But it works. My energy shot up quite a bit, now I can do chores around the house for a half a day without a break, versus before I would have to rest almost every hour. Many neurological issues are disappearing, mind you I do feel like I’m going to have a bloody nose and a little headache after I take it, and small itchy spots in odd places of the body, but the peripheral shadows in my eyesight are mostly gone, the vision is better, I can remember more things now, I make short mental lists and I am able to hold to the memory. I am more alert and a big part of the fatigued is gone:) The herx reactions are small, but I’m also taking only 1/2 the dose prescribed on the package. The now and then jerks in my shoulders, neck, and hands (about once or twice daily) are gone. So I’ll keep going and I will update you more in the next weeks of any changes:)
UPDATE; Results RNA treatment: Have been having the worst of Herx reactions the past five days. The first few days I noticed a great energy and neurological improvement, even if I had mild headaches about 5 minutes after taking the medication, which by the way I’m only taking half the amount prescribed. (0nly three sprays from each bottle instead of six, twice a day). The past five days I’ve lived in a continual state of intense migraines, with sensitivity to light, joint pain, and bone pain, sometimes very high levels of pain, I get violent nausea waves with a dizzy touch, the head is in a lot of pain, upper back and neck muscles deep pain and at times a little bit of Parkinson’s movement of the head. My nose feels like a bleed will start at any time, fatigue waves, just downright a general state of misery. Lego therapy seems to help tremendously. Since my neurological system is somewhat under attack, trying to put lego sets together seems to help with coordination, memory, and attention span. When I began lego therapy (playing with legos) I felt immediately like my head was a beehive, and someone agitated the bees. There was a tremendous amount of electric activity in the brain while trying to put lego sets together followed by emotional release. I know, I’m just as shocked as you are -legos? Yes. It began one day with a thought to play with legos- something I may have done a bit when my kids were small – and from a thought, it turned into an obsession. I ignored the thought because it seemed silly to me, as a grown woman to play with legos by myself, but the obsessive pattern of thought won and I purchased a box of legos from Craigslist. And not just any legos, it had to be Lego Friends -you know the pretty girly colors- those were the only acceptable kind to my agitated brain. Over time everything improved, the brain response seemed to have a good time with the task at hand- versus frustration- and using the left hand only (I’m a righty) seemed to help with a rewiring response in the brain. During the strong Herx reactions, this helped me forget about the pain as much as possible, and the concentration helped the brain fight the fogginess while focusing on the task at hand. It wasn’t easy at first but it got better. I began doing lego therapy daily, some days for hours -I was too fatigued to do much else anyway. Reading or puzzles didn’t help -I had a hard time understating what I was reading or recollecting any details. But the lego therapy seemed to really work. Nothing feels worse to me than the feeling of going crazy as a consequence of these neurological attacks. One day I’ll beat this! Meanwhile I’m celebrating the die off (Lyme expression:).
1/23/2017-Supplements shipped from Dr. D’s clinic: CytoQuel and Quercetin. $86
1/24/2016-Dr Traci T. Seattle, 1:30 pm. New naturopath doctor, closer to where we live. I am not replacing my wonderful doctor Dr. D, I’m adding a new expert in cellular health. As the previous two naturopaths (Dr. D and Witalis) Dr. Traci suggested removing the mercury fillings out of my mouth. The immune system was far too weak to do this in the past but I’m getting stronger now. She’s going to talk with Dr. D and get a plan going.
Plan: Order a 23andme test- a DNA/health/ancestry test at a genetic cellular level. Breath test-SIBO-, and Urine Toxins test. Until the test results come back she suggests to do Charcoal or Chlorella (tried the first but I feel awful so I’m sticking with the second), Coffee enemas, try to sweat and Epsom salt baths.
The left side of my body is responding slower than the right side, the hip area is weaker, continue on my medication and wait and see what the tests tell us. $15 + $24 for Lyft Ride.
Romanian- Programare cu o doctorita naturista noua care-i mai aproape dar nu voi abandona pe Dr. D. Doctorita noua are expertiza in domeniul celular. Am dat comanda de test 23andme, test de DNA/genetic si rezultate pe baza celulara. Asteptam rezultatele, pana atunci continui cu tratamentul neurologic.
2/2/2017DMSA (chelation) 150 MG cap prescription received from Custom Prescriptions, to take before taking urine toxin test. $40
2/3/2017Sent in the Health+Acestry test to the 23andme company, the new naturopath is looking for any DNA mutation passed down through genes and any health-related issues on a molecular level. I’m not quite sure about this test, but worse case scenario I’ll find out information about my ancestry. $199
 2/13/2017- New test kit arrived in the mail today, one for heavy toxicity and one for SIBO (gut issues). Pre. A urine test was $120
2/24/2017- Done 1/2 de urine test.
2/24/2017DMSA test -chelation- removal of heavy metals from the body, not the brain though, not strong enough to pass through the blood-brain barrier. Done at 4pm and taken all four capsules at once as per directions.
2/24/2017 – The other 1/2 part of the urine heavy metal toxicity test- Post. Sent them in.
3/07/2017- Commonwealth Laboratorics LLC, SIBO test done, breath in 12 tubes every 20 minutes.
3/09/2017-Progesterone refill came in from Dr. D’s clinic office. $77.00
3/21/2017Ordered more supplements: Artemisinin Solo and Artemisinin SOD. $140.58
 3/28/2016- Richard Stickney DDS, Seattle. 11:30 am evaluation and X-ray appt. for the removal of mercury/ amalgam fillings. This doctor specializes in mercury removal using natural products and medication. I think this is the final phase towards a complete recovery. The immune system is strong to take on such an ordeal. I call myself “The Collector”, I seem to collect everything in large numbers and this appointment proved to be no different. The digital x-rays with a radiation exposure 80%-90% less than regular x-rays showed the following: 7 amalgam fillings (almost half is liquid mercury the other half is a powder mix of copper, tin, and silver. Mercury is used as a binding ingredient for the solid metals); 1 amalgam piece into an upper gum- a mistake from a previous dental work- it’s been slowly leaking gases into the system. A previous crown that got loose and formed decay all around its foundation (around the tooth), that particular tooth had two previous root canals and space where the nerve used to be is supposed to be filled solid all the way. It’s not in my case.
I think there are two or three cavities, he’s more concern about one particular cavity from which the filling fell a year or so ago and it seems very deep, too close to the nerve.
Gum infection, he hopes it’s not the spirochete type because that goes into the blood. After taking it to the lab and under a microscope he’ll find out what type is. Afterward, he gave me a drink of water with few drops of green tea concentrated extract, an equivalent of 50 cups of green tea since its been found in China to help reduce damage in the body from radiation. The work begins tomorrow. No insurance, since they’re out of network anyway. $385+$6 Lyft Ride. (comprehensive oral evaluation, Intraoral-complete series (X-rays)
3/29/2017DDS Richard Stickney, Seattle. 10:30 am, took someone else’s cancellation. Upper two molars work-the deep cavity from which the filling fell, and once he got in there found a cavity in the molar right next to it). Cleaned out the cavities and decalcified calcium, and put two feelings, one on each molar. The experience was very good, all treatments and materials are natural. Gave me Arnica pallets to take for the next few days to help with any dental trauma process. The fillings are resin composite. $1050+$6 Lyft Ride.
 4/05/2017DDS Richard Stickney, Seattle. Dental work on the bottom left the last molar, part of the filling fell out about one year ago, the cavity was deep, temporary filling for now, in two weeks he’ll put in a porcelain filling. $1720+$3Lyft Ride. Chet picked me up.
Seeing as I’m getting stronger and haven’t needed an IV in a while, I’ve chosen to list at this point the current medications I’m on for anyone out there fighting the same thing. As of today (these meds change often) I’m on: Artemisinin SOD for the Babesia Duncani (similar to malaria) infection since it flared up again, Progesterone Cream to balance the hormones, CytoQueal for the support of a healthy Inflammation levels, Quercetin Phytosome for stabilization of mast cell membranes which helps to decrease the release of histamine among other things. Pinella Brain-Nerve Cleanse, helps with detox of the brain, Results RNA for Lyme (a 4 bottle mix; ACG Glutathione (detox), ACN neuro (improve brain function, mental clarity and memory), ACS 200 (cellular silver for immune system support) and last ACZ nano (cellular Zeolite for detox and immune system health), Burbur detox for Herx reactions caused by RNA combo, Frankincense oil for the Lim if system of the brain, Vit. D and B complex. I do feel better and getting stronger.
4/9/2017- I woke up with a fever, followed by cold face, lips, upper chest, occipital area, and hands (hands very cold), fatigued, and a sensation of weightlessness as if I weighed no more than a feather. A general unwell feeling washed over, followed by dizziness, tingling in my hands, shallow breaths and severe pressure/crushing sensation in the upper chest, most specifically in my right atrium (as if my ribs were crushed), rapid heartbeats (quite rapid), shortness of breath, nausea, followed by a sense of panic, and few minutes later the involuntary medial upper legs mm spasm and tremors, predominantly in the left side of the body followed by shoulders, arms, neck and head mm tremors and spasms, unable to hold my own head up at this point and unable to talk. The involuntary mm spasm lasted about one hour, Chet gave me Burbur detox drops right away in a glass of water, the swallow reflex not working too well in the beginning but getting better later on. (Herx reaction was the latter reaction described by involuntary mm spasm, had them before, although not since February of 2016, the first symptoms with the heart, those were new). Once the Herx reaction passed (involuntary muscle spasm, nausea, foggiest, unable to focus, talk, extreme fatigue and some intermittent hands tingling) I needed to use the restroom only to find out to my surprise I was unable to lift both legs off the floor (needing support), predominantly worse in the left side of the body combined with extreme fatigue, mild nausea after it was over for the remainder of most of the day. (Due to dental work and extreme personal stress because of my mom ending up in emergency, than starting dialysis and blood transfusion back in Romania and personal extreme circumstances that built up to that, an increase in the Results RNA dose from tree sprays each 2x a day to the intended dose of 6 sprays 2x a day, I believe this happened.) I will have to pay close attention to my symptoms in the next couple of days. (A bit unusual-solid salt residue all over my eyelashes after tears dried).
4/21/2017- Dr. Traci, Seattle. Test results: (the pictures show some of the test results but not all of them). The Toxic Metals Urine test, after Chelation, showed a moderate level of Lead present in the urine (2.2), Cesium (9.7), Mercury (2.2) and Nickel (6.9), with the exception of Lead -moderately over the limit- it was surprisingly not too bad. The SIBO test, however, had a completely different story to tell- quite high levels of Methane and high levels of Hydrogen which reflect the presence of bad bacterial overgrowth. The Methylation analysis results from the 23andme test interpreted through, confirmed the test taken on 4/2014- a cell mutation unable to produce properly neurotransmitters along couple other mutations, meaning the few neurotransmitters present are burned way too fast. In other words, the body lives in a constant fight or flight response (sympathetic response). It can’t relax and heal properly. I still need to do the detox test.
Treatment: For the neurotransmitter mutation (no cure, only managed for the rest of my life)- Magnesium Malate ( 5-7 times the regular amount), B-complex, and parasympathetic nervous system support such as; sensory deprivation (float tanks), Acupuncture, massage, craniosacral, yoga, and meditation. For the CIBO (bacterial overgrowth in the gut): Berberine, Allisure, Prescription Assist Pro (Probiotics). For the Lyme flare due to dental work: oral Lyme Tincture. For the Babesia Duncani -artesunate IV, for the Bartonella? Not sure yet, also Nutrient IV. Continue the dental treatment for the gum infection. 97.4 temperature (burning up). $24 Lyft Ride.
4/21/2017Dr Traci. Artesunate IV, one dose. $55
4/25/2017-DDS Richard Stickney. 3:30pm. Dentist appointment, installing the porcelain permanent filling and a bacterial test under the microscope, showing a high-risk sample of gum infection. Treatment for gum infection added. The video can be seen on My Journey page; post done on 5/16/2017 called; Swab sample under the microscope. $35
 4/28/ 2017. Dr. Traci. 1:30 pm, Artesunate IV, one dose and an IV-Nutrient and a Glutathione push, 99.6 temperature.$180
5/2/2017-Dr Winston. 3:30 pm, Artesunate IV a double dose. $170, 99.2 temperature.
5/8/2017-Dr. Winston. 12pm, Artesunate IV, double dose. $170,  99.0 temperature.
4/15/2017-Dr Cara Hartz. 12pm, Artesunate IV double dose, and Craniosacral, 98.6 temperature. Severe neuro reaction from the Craniosacral, including; dilation of the left eye only, the headache and nausea were to be expected, the disassociation and severe confusion were not expected, extreme fatigue (to be expected), slurred speech (not expected). I was aware of the unpleasant process I’d have to go through once the dental work began and sure enough, as predicted, it sucks. However, I must do it for a chance of a normal life, even if it is temporarily unpleasant. The dental work had only just begun, we haven’t even addressed any of the mercury fillings, only overdue cavities, and gum infection. $280

5/23/2017-Woke up with a severe rash all over my body.  10:15am Zoom Care Visit in Queen Anne for the rash, predominantly on the trunk but present in the upper and lower extremities, neck, ears, partially on my face but  heavily on the sides of the body predominantly on the left side. I have been itching since Friday evening, it progressively got worse and woke up this morning covered with hives. Diagnostic: Urticaria (a skin rash triggered by a reaction to food, medicine or other irritants), well, that really narrows it down:) Treatment: Claritin or Zantac (anti-allergy pills). $100, 98.6 Temperature.

5/23/2017Dr. Winston.  1:30pm, Artesunate IV double dose, and consultation about the rash. Dr. Winston took a look at the rash, by now decreased in inflammation because I took one Claritin pill two hours earlier. The pictures above were taken at 8:30 am right after I woke up. The pictures below were taken around 8 pm, when the rash decided to return with a vengeance. Dr. Winston asked a few questions to narrow it down (nothing new in my diet or medication, cleaning products, or clothing. Sun allergy or pollen can be one possibility (nothing concrete) or grief/trauma (someone has been giving my whole family enough grief the past month and a half to fill a stadium.)  Got some homeopathic medicine (Natrum Muriaticum or Nat Mur short) to help reset the system and… moving on;) (Allergy to Bounce drying sheets- mystery solved. $220, 98.6 Temperature

5/31/2017-Dr. Traci. 3:30pm, Artesunate IV-double dose- and blood drawn (three tubes, checking the status of liver enzyme, inflammation in the blood and immune system). $170.00

6/6/2017-Dr. Winston, 3pm Artesunate IV Treatment, double dose. $208 98.6 temperature.

6/7/2017Dr. Traci. Blood test results from Quest Diagnostics and LabCorp of CD57 looking good at 61 (it was 59, so it’s stable)-liver enzyme. Red blood cell count was slightly low, but iron and B12 levels were okay. Thyroid looks good as well:) Overall things are improving so we’ll keep plugging away at the Lyme. “I think you’re doing enough right now, so let’s not change anything” was Dr. Traci’s kind advise. $391.55

6/12/2017-Dr. Winston. 2:30pm, Artesunate IV, double dose. 99.1 temperature and BP a little low. The vein was giving us trouble, the IV hardly in. Slower drip and no movement. $220

6/14/2017-DDS Richard Stickney. 2pm, First two mercury fillings out, “you had quite a bit of decay under the big filling” dentist’s words. I feel like flying I am so happy to get rid of those. I feel like my mouth is a mine and metal is being extracted:)

6/19/2017-Dr. Winston. 2:30pm, Artesunate IV treatment, double dose. 100.0 Temperature. The vein did not cooperate at all this time so I got poked lower in the arm. Elizabeth dropped me off, like old times, she came over for a visit:) $189.80

6/27/2017- Dr. Winston. 11 am, ArtesunateIV, double dose. Woke-up feeling awful; nausea, the body shaking (due to the heat and exhaustion I think, maybe dehydration, had to ask Meleah to come along, I felt that weak. 99.2 F  I had got poked three times. First time even though she found the vein the IV would not drip, finally the third time, she went into a deep vein and we got going. Flat on my back now, resting in bed:) I feel old. $170

7/3/2017- Virginia Mason Emergency, Seattle. Zwart Joshua MD

Complains-bleeding since the 18th of June, nausea, lack of appetite, severe headaches and memory lapses in mid-sentence, faint and prolonged fever the past two weeks. Tests: Blood tests (very hard time for the male nurse to find my veins since they were not visible. I was poked again a few times leaving a greenish/purple bruise. The test is looking for infection, dehydration and anemia, ultrasound of the ovaries, kidneys, and uterus. Results: blood work came back normal, no infection, iron levels within the range (even if on the lower side of the range), and the ultrasound showed growth of tissue in a part of the uterus where they’re not supposed to be, thickening the wall, but it’s not cancerous. A possible start of adenomyosis, but he was hesitant to put the diagnose without further investigation.

Discharge Diagnosis: Menometrorrhagia.

Treatment: follow-up with a gynecologist and see what they recommend-wise. $300

7/5/2017-DDS Richard Stickney. 12pm, installing the porcelain cap in the previous amalgam (mercury) filling in the lower left 1st molar, #19. $2557

7/11/2017-Dr. Winston. 1:30pm, Artesunate IV, double dose. 99.8 temp. $170

7/19/2017- DDS Richard Stickney. 2pm, (lasted almost three hours, pulled four mercury fillings, upper left, all four back teeth -two molars and two premolars- lots of deep cavity under two fillings, needing two crowns on two of the teeth, temporary crown on now, jaw dislocated and popped back in, than treated with heat laser. $2557 This was a very hard appointment and I dread going back. But I must finish what we began.

8/1/2017-DDS Richard Stickney. Bite adjustment, 5-10 minutes:)

8/23/2017 Dr. Traci. 2:30 pm, follow up. This is the first time I’ve heard the word remission:))) Blood was drawn for some lab work, looking into the liver enzymes, pancreas, and few other things to explain the severe nausea as of late. 99.2 temperature. (Meleah had a first-time appointment as well with Dr. Winston, lab work as well). $283.77


9/08/2017-Dr. Winston. 2pm, Artesunate IV, double dose. Poked four times again. My veins keep collapsing. I think we’ll move to shots for the future instead of IV”s. $170 (Also Meleah had a follow-up/test results appt. and the adrenal gland is fatigued, supplements as treatment and a certain diet $57).

9/11/2017-DDS Richard Stickney. 4pm, installing the porcelain crowns $1885

9/25/2017-DDS Richard Stickney. 11:30 am, removing the last mercury filling also the piece of mercury from my gum which had to be cut out with a laser. Once the numbing wore off I experienced one of the worst pain of my life, so intense I became delirious and kept on laughing. It took forever for the Tylenol to take effect, but once it did, I felt better. Tired, but better. Since the mercury has been removed my energy shot up dramatically, right away, the peripheral shadows disappeared completely, so did the brain fog and my coordination is far better. What a great improvement:) $827

10/5/2017- Eye Care Queen Anne, 11am, vision exam. The eye looks good and with the exception of a pigmentation residue left in my right eye from the Lyme inflammation all is well. The residue it’s a piece of history left on the eye that looks like a coffee ring left on a cup after the coffee is gone. Got new lenses. $179

10/9/2017-DDS Richard Stickney. 12:30 pm bacterial swab test. Still, too much activity but a decreased number of spirochete bacteria, dangerous because it goes directly into the bloodstream. Stepping up on the deep cleaning.$35


As of today, 10/4/2017, here are the supplements I take on a daily bases: Results RNA Lyme complex, Lyme tincture, Vit. C, Vit. D3, Iron (only during menstrual cycles), Burbur-Pinella detox brain-nerve cleanse, Teasel tincture (to draw out the Lyme parasites), Enula microbial defense tincture, Bromelain, PectaSol-C (this stuff really makes me feel awesome), Chlorella, Chlorophyll, Omega 3-6-9 with primrose oil, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Berberine- 500 (for the gut), Stress B-complex, Magnesium Malate, Progesterone cream, CBD oil (when needed), Results RNA extra strength, Frankensenss oil (when needed), Zyflammed (turmeric and anti-inflammatory), Cranactin. Sure remission looks like work, but it beats the alternative:)


Today 10/11/2017 we found out we closed on our new apartment and we should get the keys anytime. While boxing and detail cleaning, I came across some past medical test results showing clearly viral infection present way before 2014.

07/25/2000- Comprehensive Metabolic test shows: Glucose 116 (High),CPK or Creatine Phosphokinase was 60 (low), the normal range is 96-140. CPK is an enzyme in the body found mainly in the heart, brain, and skeletal muscles and a low level could be meaningless if no other liver or organ failure issue exists. CBC Red Blood Count low at 4.16 vs the normal range of 4.20-5.40, MCH or Mean Corpuscular Hemoglobin is a calculation of the average amount of hemoglobin inside a single red blood cell and in my case it turned up high at 31.8 vs the normal range of 27.0-31.5. “A high MCH is commonly a sign of macrocytic anemia. This condition occurs when the blood cells are too big, which can be a result of not having enough vitamin B12 or folic acid in the body.”-Medical News Today article. Neu or Neutropenia are white blood cells that protect the body from infections, and mine was high at 82.7 vs 37.0-80.0 normal range. Now the Final Microbiology report came back with a few findings of their own: Neu# was high at 29 vs the normal range of 0-20, signifying a viral infection and Sed Rate was high which is evidence of inflammation and/or viral infection.

11/12/2010 Auburn Regional Medical Center -ER trip, complaining of chest pain, fatigue and malaise. Phys Ed: Bruce Neely M.D. The CBC blood panel showed low counts of Hemoglobin 11.8 (normal range is between 12.0-16.0), Hematocrit 34.4 (normal 34.5-47.0), Lymph Percentage 14.9 (normal 15.0-43.0) and high levels of MPV, which stands for Mean Platelet Volume at 10.9 (normal 7.0–9.2).  High MPV could mean inflammation, iron deficiency, myeloproliferative disorders, and splenectomy, infection, sickle cell anemia in the body.The INR test came low at 1.00 (2.00-3.00 normal range) shows how well the blood clots. No diagnosis found, no idea why I felt so bad. No answers in other words.

But it shows me a historical pattern of me fighting this nasty disease long before diagnosed. It wasn’t just me thinking that I was just a frail thing naturally. 

12/23/2017-Z00M+CARE QUEEN ANNE- Dr. Chris Pohl. Diagnosis: Ovulatory Bleeding. Tests: Urine pregnancy (negative), Trichomonas vaginalis (negative), Gardnella vaginalis (negative), Candida species (negative). Treatment: Birth control pills and Naproxen (500mg a 1x/day). Need to do an ultrasound and follow-up with a Gynecology specialist. Also, lab works, but after two pokes they could not get any blood so they sent me to LabCorp, which I did not go to, tired of multiple pokes and vein collapsing. Also, my last CBD’s came back normal, and thyroid tests came back fine as well. $201.58

12/26/2017- Zoom+Care Queen Anne, Hannah Gordon, follow-up. The bleeding is lighter, but I had severe nausea and feeling horrible overall. Urine test for GC/Chlam test since the first swab could not be processed due to the blood presence interfering. Test result- Negative. Consult and prescribed Ondansetron for nausea. $190.40.


1/8/2018- Virginia Mason Gynecology Specialist- Dr. Mihalov Linda. 2:45 pm. Main complaint- excessive and prolonged bleeding (since 12-12-2017). Blood work ordered, looking at the thyroid, iron levels, hormone level. Pap smear test.

Treatment: Norethindrone Acetate (progesterone) to stop the bleeding. Results of treatment: allergic reaction to the progesterone manifested in right ovary, kidney and submandibular extreme pain (up all night delirium from the pain), extreme and suicidal depression.

Test Results: “The pap smear was negative and you also tested negative for the human papillomavirus. You are not anemic but you are mildly iron deficient, based on your low ferritin value (stored iron level). The thyroid is normal and you’re hormone level indicates that you may be entering the menopausal transition.”

Treatment based on test results: one iron supplement a day, reduce the progesterone dose. 

1/25/2018- Virginia Mason, ARNP Janet Dwight-Follow-up. 3:30pm. Ordered an ultrasound of the pelvic area, prescribed progesterone tablets- Progesterone Micronised (a more natural form of the hormone), so far I don’t see any negative side-effects.

1/26/2018-Virginia Mason Radiology and Ultrasound. 12:20pm.- Ultrasound. 

Impression: 1. Myometrial findings suggestive of adenomyosis, as before. 2. Interval resolution of the previously demonstrated hemorrhagic cyst or follicle in the left ovary has resolved on its own.

“You still show thin endometrium and some mild adenomyosis.”

Thank God, I’m getting better:)

2/12/2018.Began a semi-new Lyme treatment (mix of tinctures of Teasel Root and Lyme 2 the Buhner protocol, and Burbur-Pinella nerve-brain detox cleanse). Four days into it I re-lived the intense joint/bone pain Lyme brings, flu-like symptoms and severe cervical neck muscle tension and stiffness. Today (2/19/2018), eight days later I still feel the severe neck muscle tension (can’t bring my chin all the way down my chest due to severe pain and stiffness), not as bad flu-like symptoms and hardly any joint pain. Lots of headaches today, especially in the occipital area, very short attention span and crankiness.

03/25/2018-Virginia Mason Emergency trip- Simons W. Reed MD. Main complaint- Seizure, other complaints/symptoms are severe nausea, disassociation, unable to visually focus, cold skin to touch especially extremities, headaches (especially in the occipital area left side or the back of the head), feel as if I was going to have a nose bleed on the right side, general ill feeling with inability to support myself on my feet, muscle contractions or shakes, multiple bowl (soft) movements within the hour, anxiety, black spots in my vision (seen them for the past three weeks), slurred speech, extreme pain in my pelvic area, in fact that’s how the whole thing began, woke me up at 4 am from my sleep and immediately I knew something was really off and odd. Tests: Bloodwork CBD panel, urine test, Head CT. Treatment: Intravenous Seizure medication, stopped the slurred speech and helped the eyes to focus. The urine came back with a possible urinary tract infection result but the test was inconclusive due to the fact that I didn’t have the regular symptoms ( Blood and CT scan results all negative. Follow up with a neurologist.

3/28/2018- Antibiotic Treatment- CEPHALEXIN (similar to penicillin)

5/10/2018- Magnolia Chiropractic & Massage ClinicMassage treatment for the severe lumbar and mid-thoracic pain, since Monday morning. Post-treatment: pain reduced 80%, I can lift my left leg and get up without problems:) Triggered the pelvic pain.

5/14/2018- MC&Mmassage- even better. Extreme fatigue after the message and panic sense when the right side of the body began treatment, emotionally stuck. Thank God I’m getting better:)


6/02/2018-Virginia Mason Labs-Urine sample. I’ve been having severe pelvic pain, involving the low back, ovary area, and rectum), fever, clammy skin, swelling of my abdomen, lowest abdomen swelling and pain. This has been going on for more than a year, but lately (since my last trip to the ER in March) is constant. The only thing that ranges is the intensity of the pain, from a dull presence to severe pain to the point of delirium. The last two CT scans found significant adenomyosis in my uterus. Results:

Blood, Urine 2+ (Abnormal), Urine Leukocytes Esterase 3+ (Abnormal) (was 2+ on ER trip in March of this year, so it’s up), Urine C/S If Indicated Sent (Abnormal), Urine Red Blood Cells 2+ (Abnormal), White Blood Count 2+ (Abnormal), Bacteria 1+ (Abnormal).

Treatment: Ampicillin, one every 12 hours, until gone.

6/5/2016-Virginia Mason Gynecology- Dr. Christine Reily- Hysterectomy operation recommended to remove the uterus and fallopian tubes.Despite the pelvic pain and fever, this year has been the best year so far, I’m building muscle strength, endurance, and stamina and I’m very grateful to God guiding me through this process and showing me the steps I need to take towards full health. Sure I put the effort into my healing, after all, it’s my responsibility, and I’m good with that:)

7/31/2018-Virginia Mason, Seattle, Urologist Specialist- Dr. Kobahsi Kathleen, 1:30pm-Complains: severe pelvic pain predominant in the back and lower front (ovaries area), nausea, fever, clammy skin, shivers, burning in the vagina, swollen abdomen, irritability. Test: Urine and Cystoscopy. Findings: a mild case of bladder trabeculation,2+ Blood in urine, Abnormal Trace of urine Leukocyte Esterase, U Sediment was abnormal, urine C/S abnormal, urine red blood cells 3+, white blood cells 1+, Bacteria 2+, Epithelial cells 1+, all of these were abnormal, the rest were normal. RX: Yuvafem (unrelated treatment, especially since I never mentioned any complaints about pre-menopause issues. No period since December of 2017). No temperature was taken at the appointment.

8/1/2018- Virginia Mason, Seattle, CT- kidneys, ovaries, uterus, blood test. Results: low point of creatinine (0.4mg/dl). CT: still waiting.


8/8/2018- After two e-mails I finally got a phone call from the urology department. CT results show a kidney stone in my right kidney but fortunately does not block any of the ducts and 4 cm cysts on top of both ovaries.

8/8/2018- Magnolia Bartell Drugs, picking up Probiotics and antibiotics for a UTI infection (Sulfamethoxazole-Trime), one pill twice daily.

8/22/2018-Virginia Mason Seattle, Dr. Kobashi, 10:20 am, a follow-up appointment to discuss our next steps. She ordered an ultrasound. We scheduled a shock wave lithotripsy with Dr. Nick Cowan (M.D) for the 28th and only on a need base -ureteroscopy, in case the location of the kidney is not too visible from the ultrasound. From the CT the visibility was low, the stone is in the lower lobe pocket of the right kidney, not obstructing anything. Left a urine sample to exclude any infection.

8/23/2018- Virginia Mason 9am– Pre-Screening for the procedure/ surgery done on the phone with Susan, a nurse.

8/23/2018-Virginia Mason, 3pm. Ultrasound of the pelvic area and kidneys. The cysts have shrunk a little (prayer does work:), and the stone has moved closer to an obstruction area.

8/28/2019- Virginia Mason, 3:45pm, Dr. Cowan Nick, Patient # 13166, lithotripsy surgery/procedure. Urine sample left for testing. The stone was very visible on the x-ray, the procedure went really well and very fast. Mild allergic reaction after cefazolin (ancef) treatment resulting in hives on my chest. Been given Ibuprofen to settle the reaction. Prolonged sleeping in the recovery room after general anesthesia, took me one hour and a half to wake up, I woke up with body tremors/shakes and kept falling back asleep. It took a total of two hours to fully wake up (nausea-medicated for it, faint voice, besides the normal disorientation in the beginning). Given three extra strong Tylenol and one Ibuprofen before general anesthesia, IV set in the right hand, general anesthesia done in liquid form through the IV. Thank God all went well:)

8/28/2018-VM follow-up call from nurse, 9:45 am. Recovery is going very well. No pain, no bruising, able to urinate, urine a little brown- normal after the procedure, mild nausea, fatigue, all normal after the procedure, a little headache.

9/7/2018- Virginia Mason Seattle, Dr. Maholov Gynecology specialist appointment to talk about the ovarian cyst findings.

4/4/2019- UWMedicine Urgent Care- Radiologic chest exam plus consultation- not getting better from a three long nasty flues, test normal, thank God.

Also began a Mimosa pudica parasitically treatment at home, at the end of April and within four days after taking a low dose, I eliminated a 5cm long mucous- clear worm looking thing. Stopped because I got freaked out, but I began again today 6/3/2019. Also had a relapse soon after my brothers – who surprised me with a visit:)- left. That surprise I’ll never forget:) Thank God for my brother’s:)

9/13/2019- Swedish Medical Clinic in Queen Anne- annual exam w/ Dr. Elizabeth Christine Hutchinson. Blood Pressure: 102/72, BMI 22.28, Weight 129 pounds 12.8 oz, Pulse 76, BSA 1.63 m2. Stool test ordered for parasites, mammogram for right breast due to axillary swollen lymph nodes on the right side. Test results: negative for worms, no breast cancer, just water cysts in the breast tissue and fat tissue with lymph nodes in the right axillary area. Excellent.

9/19/2019- Seizure at home.

11/6/2019- Dr. D. 12:30 pm back to her:) Vitals: Temperature: 98.1 F, BP 129/78 mmHg, Pulse rate 72bpm, SPO2 98%. Since I’ve had my last seizure I’ve been struggling. Tendencies to have seizures is very high and recovering is longer with each seizure. During her examination, and triggered by some components I had another seizure. According to her Bartonella is back, followed by Babesia and then Boureglia. They are stabilized in my right, back of the cervical region, entire gut zone, left knee and left hip. I have a recommendation to a neurologist for next week. She ordered more lab tests.

11/6/2019- LabCorp- (around 3-3:30 pm) I had about 7 or 8 large tubes of blood drawn out for testing. CA 27.29; Comp. Metabolic Panel (14); Hemoglobin A1c; Insulin; Adiponectin; FSH and LH; IGF-1; Testosterone, free and total; Sex Hormone Binding Glob, Serum; Progesterone; Vitamin D, 25-Hydroxy; GGT; Homocyst(e)ine; ANA w/reflex; Histamine Determination, blood; C-Reactive Protein, Cardiac; CD57 HNK1; CMV Abs IgG/IgM; Toxoplasma gondii Ab, IgG; Toxoplasma gondii Ab, IgM; Antistreptolysin O Ab; TSH+T4F+73Free; Reverse T3, Serum; Thyroid Antibodies; Zinc, Plasma or Serum; Copper, Serum; Ceruloplasmin; NK Cells; Mono Cells antigen;

11/8/2019Bloody nipple discharge.

11/7/2019- LabCorp test results (not all of them), most of them are normal (good news), but the Abs.CD8-CD57+Lymphs came back low (47/uL), the reference is 60-360. In 2015 this very same test came back low at 59, but now is even lower. According to my research these are T cells, and the lower these CD cells are the weaker the immune system is and they’re usually low in Lyme disease patients.

11/14/2019- Dr. Christopher Laurence- neurologist specialist- He’s a different sort of doctor, natural supplements prescription mostly. It looks like my serotonin is very low- as a result I’m depressed, or experiencing depression, and my neurological system is “exposed” or unable to protect one self from the outside stimulations (or internal), thus I’m functioning mostly on a sympathetic response (fight and flight), unable to relax even at night (clenching my jaw). My neck and upper back is severely tense (feels solid like a rock), and of course it hurts me. He prescribed three supplements to be introduced slowly and gradually increased due to the high level of hypersensitivity my entire body seems to be at this point and those are: Stress Factor, Seriphos, Magnesium Glycinate Complex. (I’m writing this entry on 12/3/2019 so I’m mid way through the first and second supplement and they’re helping. I no longer feel as if I’m going to have a seizure episode every other hour, I can withstand more stress, noise and activity).

11/15/2019- LabCorp test results, the rest of them. All normal with the exception of: Potassium is low (3.3 mmol/L), reference is 3.5-5.2; ALT (SGPT) is high at 39 IU/L, reference is 0-32; Cytomegalovirus (CMV) Ab. is high, greater than 10.00U/mL, reference is 0.00-0.59; Vitamin D, 25-Hydroxy 27.4 ng/mL is low, reference is 30.0-100.0.

ALT looks like is an enzyme in the blood that breaks down food into energy.

CMV is an infection (primary or reactivated).

12/7/2019– Swedish Medical Group in QA, Dr. Elizabeth C.Hutchinson, primary doctor, follow-up. The mammogram looked good, the bloody nipple discharged resolved on its own, most likely a cyst got popped during the mammogram, Low potassium history, perimenopausal or menopausal status, strain of subscapularis mm, cholesterol test, low Vit. D. More blood tests for cholesterol and potassium, urine test at home for potassium loss, take vit. D and calcium, rest my right arm. Lab work/blood drawn.

12/8/2019-12/9/2019- Lab results– slightly elevated cholesterol, potassium just barely in the normal range, and the hormonal test show that I am in menopause. Just great, the hot flashes make sense now. (My FSH or Follicle Stimulation Hormone value is 129.8 mIU/ml, for postmenopausal is 25.8-134.8 standard range; and the LH or Luteinising Hormone is 69.7 mIU/ml and the standard range for a postmenopausal is 7.7-58.5)

12/10/2019-12/11/2019-  24 hour urine test done at home.

12/26/2019-Swedish Q.A.-Dr. Hutchinson- Follow-up to look over the tests. Today’s visit: Adhesive Capsulitis of right shoulder, Menopause (too early), Hypokalemia, Fatigue, unspecified type, depression-unspecified. Bp. 112/72, BMI 22.49, Weight 131 lb, pulse 72, BSA 1,64m2. More tests: Morning cortisol blood test for Addison’s Disease, x-ray of the shoulder, bone density test, Pt for the shoulder.

12/27/2019- Blood draw Swedish. QA, the cortisol level is at the lowest on the chart, does not rule out Addison’s. See an endocrinologist for further investigations.


1/13/2020- Shoulder X-ray– Swedish Ballard, no broken bone, no arthritis

1/16/20201:30 pm, First PT appointment ever for my right shoulder pain and decreased ROM. Trevor, Q.A.

1/20/20202:15pm PT, Q.A.

1/27/20202:30pm Neuro appointment with Dr. Chris. I’m getting better on his medication, the neurological system is calming down, my jaw is not as tense, and my body not as rigid. Keep at it- continue the treatment- for up to six months, if needed, no need for chiropractor now since my spine/head situation has aligned back.

1/28/2020PT appointment with Greg in Magnolia. Adhesive Capsulitis or frozen shoulder diagnostic.

2/4/2020PT magnolia

2/15/2020Eye appointment– Magnolia-cataracts mild case in both eyes and freckles found in both back of the eyes (normal).

2/19/2020 PT appointment, Magnolia 2pm.

3/5/2020Bone density test, Swedish Ballard, 10:30am.

3/5/2020Bone Density test results indicate osteopenia, a mild form of low bone density. Recommend exercising at least 3x per week and calcium rich diet (dairy, spinach, kale, tofu, salmon and chia seeds).

3/11/2020Dr. Elizabeth Hutchinson, Q.A- Subjects: premature menopause, frozen shoulder, neck pain. Blood pressure: 110/72; Pulse 84, Weight 60.8 kg (134 lb ). Inspection of neck, + abnormal curvature, step off between C7 and C6). Medication: estradiol-norethindrone 0.05-0.14 MG/Day commonly known as Combipatch, place one onto skin 2x a week.

3/12/2020Cervical spine x-ray– complaint of back neck pain. Results: There is no abnormal motion with flexion or extension although there is a limited range of motion. No evidence of acute fracture. Disk: Small osteophytes are present C5-C6 with mild disk space narrowing. Small osteophytes are present at C4-C5, without disk space narrowing. Doctor’s notes: Your x-rays does show a little bit of arthritis.

3/27/2020Menstrual bleeding. Unusual, only 4% of woman have this, its under doctor’s watch. Possible POI or Primary Ovarian Insufficiency or other causes. (Still bleeding as of today 4/1/2020).

4/17/2020Seattle Radiology, 10:45 am, US Pelvis Transvaginal ultrasound. Bleeding while on menopause or post-menopause. Results: none

6/26/2020Dr. Matthew D.Davies, MD- 1:30pm, Endocrinology specialist at Swedish Diabetes management via ZOOM/video session. Plan adrenal work-up.

7/1/2020Dr. Elizabeth Hutchinson, 11:11am via Zoom/video, follow up of Dr. Davies appointment.

7/11/2020Swedish First Hill OP Infusion– 3:15pm- adrenal test. Bp. 101/71, Temp. 98.8F, Respiration 16, Oxygen Saturation 98%, Pulse 74. Medication given: Cosyntropin (CORTROSYN), blood labs (Adrenocorticotropic Hormon, Comprehensive Metabolic Panel, Cortisol, 30 min, Cortisol, 60 min, Cortisol, Serum; FSH, Prolactin, T4, free; TSH.) Results: none.

7/17/2020-Alexandra H Quinn, PsyD. Phone conversation. Social worker counsel.

8/3/2020-Amy Cromer, MA, MHP, LMHCA, 11:30 am

8/10/2020-Amy Cromer, MA, MHP, LMHCA, 11:30 am

8/11/2020- Swedish Ballard Emergency Center, 1am. Severe nausea, disorientation, chills, vomiting (in my mouth a little), dizziness, malaise all over. Evaluation: weakness (uncertain cause), vomiting. Seen Dr. Richard Joseph Sweeney, MD. Reason for visit: nausea, dizziness. Diagnoses: Nausea, Weakness. Labs completes: CBC with Differential,Comprehensive Metabolic Panel, Ethanol, POC Troponin I, performed two times, POC Urinalysis Dipstick, POCT Rapid urine drug screen with BUP, Pregnancy, Serum, Qual; TSH, Labs in progress: Coronavirus (Covid-19), Imaginnng tests: ECG 12 lead, XR Chest AP Portable. Done today: poct Troponin I 2 times, POCT UA Distick only (clinitek). Medications: Lorazepam (ATIVAN), Ondansetron (Zofran), ondasetron (Zofran), sodium chloride 0.9%. End of visit vitals: Blood Pressure 115/63, Temp. 97.9 F, Pulse 94, Respiration 17, Oxygen Saturation 98%. (“your blood pressure was found to be greater than 120/80mmHg during today’s visit. It is possible that this elevation of your blood pressure to be temporary. However, it may also mean that you have pre-hypertension or hypertension (high blood pressure). Please follow up with your primary care provider to recheck your blood pressure.”) Medication prescribed: ondansetron (for nausea) also known as ZOFRAN ODT.

Test results: The TSH levels a little high. Checking them in 4-6 weeks to rule in/out hypothyroidism. Possible an acute illness like a viral infection, for the symptoms that put me in the ER.

8/17/2020Amy Cromer, MA, MHP, LMHCA, 11:30 am.

8/31/2020Amy Cromer, MA, MHP, LMHCA, 11:30 am.

9/7/2020Amy Cromer, MA, MHP, LMHCA, 11:30 am.

9/14/2020Amy Cromer, MA, MHP, LMHCA, 11:30 am.

9/21/2020Amy Cromer, MA, MHP, LMHCA, 11:30 am.

9/28/2020Amy Cromer, MA, MHP, LMHCA, 11:30 am.

9/28/2020Blood Lab- TSH. Results normal

10/5/2020Amy Cromer, MA, MHP, LMHCA, 11:30 am.

10/20/202011:30 am, Cardiologist Specialist, Swedish, Ballard, Dr. John l Petersen II, Vitals: 120/84, 22.49 BMI, 131 lb, 57 pulse, 93% Oxygen saturation, 1.64m2 BSA. Holter monitor 48 hours – up to 21days installed. Recommended MRI Cardiac w Stress w wo contrast.

10/12/2020Amy Cromer, MA, MHP, LMHCA, 11:30 am.

10/26/2020Amy Cromer, MA, MHP, LMHCA, 11:30 am.

11/2/2020Amy Cromer, MA, MHP, LMHCA, 11:30 am.

11/9/2020Amy Cromer, MA, MHP, LMHCA, 11:30 am.

11/16/2020Amy Cromer, MA, MHP, LMHCA, 11:30 am.

12/2/2020I found out about the Holter monitor tests results on my patient portal chart today. There has been detected a –rare supraventricular ectopy- activity and a –rare ventricular ectopy- one as well. I have no clue as to what that means, but upon research it seems common… unless one has Lyme disease. Then it could be signs of something else. The insurance originally rejected the MRI test until these results came back. We shall see after the MRI if these issues are the cause of my severe fatigue or not. At this point I’m not even sure if I’m not making it in my head, only to find my body in spasm or seizure like activity after I push and do chores around the house. I’m glad I’m alive and that’s all that it matters. God has been taken good care of me. So has Chet. So have I. (My brain seems very fatigued today so forgive my poor literary work in this entry.)


I’ve been seeing Amy usually once a week with the exception off holidays, B-days and vacations. After my mom died on February 2nd- the worst day of my life- I took a break from counseling. I could not think straight for a while. I am amazed how well I did under the circumstance. Then two months later my grandma on my mother side died too and two months after that Mica, our little dog died. We’ve also been robbed this year and lost five bikes, three of them were RAD, electric bikes. I haven’t had the easies of years but I’m getting stronger despite it all. I thank God for keeping me together. I can do far more than in the past seven years, I can withstand more stress than before, I can last, energy-wise, longer after physical effort.

My husband and I are working on a documentary called “Beating Lyme”. The teaser trailer can be seen on YouTube. Here’s the link: Hopefully we’ll be done by September of this year. I’m also writing poetry. One book is already on Amazon kindle called “It’s Lyme Stew Time”, a two parts book showing the obvious difference of my brain’s ability to rhyme before treatment ( a child like effort) to a more sophisticated and engaged effort after treatment. The poems were written during the past seven years, expressing lots of suffering and frustration anyone usually finds in the midsts of a battle. Here’s the link to the book for anyone who is interested:

I’m in the process of writing my second poetry book, hopefully a lighter and more hopeful one, but the truth is that no battle comes wrapped in pretty ribbons and soft tissue paper. I’m also hoping to release soon a short-story children’s book and when I’ll feel more ambitious my second novel. The first one is in my native language- Romanian- format only.

January 7- 2021MRI- cardiac w/ contrast.- normal results.

February 25th- 2021- Eye Appointment, Magnolia, 3:30pm. Mild case of cataract in both eyes, stigmatism in left eye, and the freckles in the back of my eyes, one in each in the exact spot on both eyes, benign.

11/09/2021- DDS Richard Stickney- X-rays and evaluation. I knew I had more dental work to do and after four years I figured it was overdue. Findings: some gum infection, some cavities but they are the same as four years ago so I did well in my oral hygiene, and that one molar with an old root canal and a popped crown needs taken care of.-456

11/16/2021- DDS Richard Stickney- cleaning and bacterial removal from the infected pocket. Exam of the bacteria shows less activity than four years ago, no spirochetes!. As the dental hygienist put it: ” Four years ago you had serial killers in your mouth, now you have convenience store small time robbers. And after a four year absence I’d say you did a good job.” We’ll I’ve downgraded my killers so that’s an upgrade:)-315



1/03/2022-DDS Richard Stickney-Cavity work. So deep it was near the nerve. “You had the equivalent of a dental surgery, so go home and take it easy for the rest of the day. If there’s throbbing pain or ache let me now.” There was some, but after five days it went away. -645

2/08/2022-DDS Richard Stickney- Remove old crown, clean decay, temporary cap, and take care of the adjacent tooth cavity. Long appointment. 2205

2/23/2022-DDS Richard Stickney- Put the permanent crown on. 

06/29/2022- Seattle Dental Care- Comprehensive perio evaluation, collection of microorganisms. DDS Richard is retiring and the new doctor is not for me.


1/29/2023- Olympic Medical Center Emergency in Port Angeles, pain in the lower back. Blood in the urine, and a 2mm kidney stone on my left side.

2/11/2023- Olympic Medical Center Emergency in Port Angeles, severe reaction to almond butter.

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  1. I’ve been surfing online more than three hours today, yet I never
    found any interesting article like yours. It is pretty worth enough for me.
    Personally, if all webmasters and bloggers made good content as you did, the web will be much more useful than ever before.


  2. Thank you for following my blog. I decided that I would read yours, about your journey with Lyme disease. What an incredible story, with so many heart-rending experiences Your husband sounds amazing through all of this, although I’m sure his resolve was often tested. I know that my wife is constantly worried about my severe pain and the many side effects of my diabetes. It really gets her down, but she does her best to be supportive, even when she’d really like to just go away.

    You also impress me with your logging ability Your clarity is unbelievable. I can scarcely remember yesterday myself, and my treatment regime. Maybe if I make half the effort you make things would have progressed better for me.

    Congratulations on a most impressive blog, and a life filled with purpose. You will get where you want to go.


    • Hi Donald,
      Your kind comment was such a pleasure to read. Thank you for your compliments on my logging ability, I think it’s a result of my utter fascination with the human body and the pathologies that affect health. I’m sorry to hear about your struggle with diabetes, a surely insidious disease, and a silent killer. My mom is struggling with that as well. I know strict diet helps slow the damage in the body, and hopefully reverse it, and avoidance of stress. My husband has been very supportive and I’m so very thankful for that.
      Wish you a great day. -Carmen-

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      • The business of managing diabetes is both harder and easier than I imagined. The hard part is that knowledge is so hard come by, the easy part is that once you know what to do, just do it!

        I’ve been doing Intermittent Fasting for 36 hours a day, 3 days a week. And then on eating days I try to eat a really small amount of carbs and sugars.
        I’ve lost 35 pounds so far in 12 weeks, with ups and downs. It is working, and my blood glucose is dropping like a stone.
        Thanks for the feedback.


      • That sounds good, the intermittent fasting, it’s not only beneficial for loosing weight but for giving the gut a break and a chance to reboot, so to speak. Insulin resistance starts in the gut, as I’ve been told by a great doctor, so heal the gut heal so many issues. Keep going and do the things that work for you. For stress, there are great natural supplements on the market but be sure it does not interfere with you meds. B vit. and D vit. are very important to the body.
        Glad you’re feeling better, keep it up.

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