Unexpected twist

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Okay, where did this come from? I sat down intent on writing an article on supplements, or Lyme remedies, or MRI updates -all is well;)- but out of nowhere this poem just shot right out of my soul and unto this paper. I am both surprised and a little baffled. It pushed its way into existence with force and speed almost as if to shout “I must be heard!” So here it goes, the rest is dull. (It’s raw and unedited, it wants its authenticity.)

Behind the suffering

lies a naked soul

who loves to cry and loudly soar

and lives to struggle, above it all

it’s made of trouble and also bore.

But suffering is all but done

with happy people. Now it’s gone

on passive pastures full of thorns

that’s where it lies above them all.

From there collects the roasting roars

and gives them meaning, then sends them ashore

a land where happiness but gorges

and laughter cycles on shined poles.

It’s there you’ll find the grateful soul

which brings along their broken roar

it’s there where suffering reveals

its truest colors of bright rubine. -Carmen McKnight

Rating: 1 out of 5.

My to go supplements- Healing from Lyme Disease.

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As some of you know, healing from chronic Lyme Disease is a tricky and long process.

It’s been seven years since I’ve been diagnosed with Lyme Disease. After the diagnose we found out I had multiple co-infections such as Bartonella, Babesia, Mycoplasma, in addition to mold, toxicity and intestinal parasites. I believe I was originally bit around 10-12 years old. Back then I fell into an unconscious state for 3-4 days with a sever hight fever. After I awoke things changed. Irritability, heat intolerance, irregular heart beats and anxiety were the obvious immediate symptoms, syncope came soon after.

In 2002 trauma-the loss of my baby brother- while pregnant with my third child triggered an immune response which kept me in a survival mode for few years from which I operated until a complete collapse in January 2014, due to the demands of my new job as a massage therapies- a job I LOVED! What once hid so well within my tissues resurfaced with a vengeance. The immune system collapsed and I along with it, living for two years on a thin thread, constantly balancing between life and…well, you know the darker side.

For those of you who can’t see the pictures of the three products I’ve posted on this blog and the link to the Amazon site where all three are sold, here are their names in order:

  1. Vitamineral Green by HealthForce SuperFoods
  2. Ion* Gut Health
  3. Transfer Factors by Source Naturals

1.While in the survival mode I came across a product that saved me, I believe. I’ve spoken about it in the past but I can’t say enough great things:) I feel better within minutes after I mix one tsp of this superfood complex in some water and drink it. Spirulina and chlorella bind to toxins and flushes them out of the system. It’s like having ten salads in one glass, plus amino acids, plus protein in a vegan, gluten-free, organic mix. Been taking this for 18+ years. My kids love it too- not the taste but the results. Tastes like grass.

2.The second product is a more recent development. I began taking it around 8 months or so ago. It’s a liquid, tastes like water, looks like water with a little dirt in it. For those fighting autoimmune diseases with sensitivities start slow, about 1/2 tsp once a day and work your way up to the recommended dose of 1 tsp, 3 times daily. Do not take in the evening as it will keep you awake. It gave me energy- more energy than I had, no it did not fix me completely- and I noticed my gluten intolerance reduced. From not being able to breath in flour particles to being able to have a bite of a gluten filled desert now and again it’s a major improvement for me! My tummy used to swell up within 5-10 minutes if I ate something with gluten. I looked 10 months pregnant within minutes and my ribs hurt quite a lot from the expanded pressure of the belly. My joins flared up and my brain fogged to a point that I looked like a walking zombie.

If I eat Thai food and there is gluten in the sauce I’m fine now, or fries which are known to be made in the same oil as other gluten rich deep fried goodies, I’m also fine. This guy in the picture below helped me with that.

3.The third product, a very recent development does help with energy and a total wellbeing. What impressed me this past week was the speedy recovery of a very large bruise left on my inner arm on January 7th after four attempts to insert an IV cannula (a small plastic tube inserted into a vein). It was gone by yesterday! That’s impressive, since it took me at least two weeks to fully recover. I’ve already subscribed to a monthly delivery of this product. One capsule on empty stomach, three times daily.

I must add that a good diet void of artificial ingredients and processed foods is a must in order to heal, hope is deeply important, keeping a mental image of what you’d like to do once you’re feeling better and visualizing yourself doing it is a saver, even if all you’re up to today is maybe a shower. Try to move your body or breath deeply in order to get those lymph nodes moving the toxins out of you.

I remember back in 2015, one of my goals was to make it to the mail box and check my own mail again. When I finally accomplished that I was so happy, but gave myself a new, more difficult goal, and just kept going. No one understands except those doing the suffering how utterly disheartening the relapses are after a victory. No one understands than those who walked the road how easy is to loose hope when all you feel is constant and debilitating pain, and one little victory can put you back in the bed of recovery for a whole week. I’ve been there more times than I like to think about, but keep on going! Fight for your life! No one will do a better job than yourself:)

Keep happy today! And God bless:)

Covid family update

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My mom is positive for Covid. Has no symptoms. Was admitted for two weeks in the hospital, a quarantine move, since she need dialysis three times a week for kidney failure, leaving my father alone, quarantined inside his residence. He’ll have help with grocery purchases from my sister who lives near by.

One of my brothers informed me that Germany extended lockdown until the end of January. In addition, from 8pm-5am citizens are not to be seen on the streets, only move within 15 kilometers radius and meet with only one person per person.

I find this strikingly familiar with my experience in my younger times spent in oppressive communism.

Stay safe out there and stay sane.

God Bless:)

Cold Sore

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  1. an inflamed blister in or near the mouth, caused by infection with the herpes simplex virus.

Chet has and I quote “a stupid cold sore.” It looks like the smart ones were all taken by previous owners and the poor guy got stuck with the stupid kind. What’s the difference between the two? That’s still to be investigated. Be them smart or stupid cold sores are painful and usually the sign of an immune system fighting something else.

Get your immune system armed so it can win fast and swift, with the help of vitamins like; C, D, B, probiotics and mushroom supplements. Cold showers, good diets and a positive attitude will help a ton. A shot of palinka as medical remedy helps, more than one will only make your liver angry even if your sorrows fade momentarily. But laughter- watch comedy movies or talk to your funny friends- will make the process funner and boost the immune system.

Well stay away from stupid or smart cold sores and keep on being happy:)

God Bless:)

Cu ochi plecați

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 Cu ochi plecați, de Carmen McKnight

Azi stau cu cap plecat

Și gânduri mă apasă.

Că-ci pace n-am și sunt întunecat.

De omenire la puțini le pasă.

Pe Dumnezeu mulți l-au cam uitat.

Dar din memorie aud un glas de mamă

Ce-o dată a grăit fără de teamă:

“Ridică-ți ochii fără zăbovire,

Și de ai lacrimi în a ta privire

Dă slavă Lui cu preamărire!”

Și ochii mi sau ridicat.

Eu slavă Domnului am înălțat

Și cu durerea încă-n suflet

I-am spus Lui totul 

Și pe urmă am iertat.

Mi-am amintit de clipe din trecut

Când slab eram, și frica-n piept bătea

Dar Duhul Sfânt cu mine timp a petrecut 

Și-un înger protectiv, deși tăcut, 

El a trimis să-mi amintească- al Lui copil eu sunt.

Când greul sufletesc împunge

Și lacrime pe suflet trist prelinge

Și vorbe pline de tăiș străpunge

Adu-ți aminte! Suflet drag,

Copil al Domnului tu ești, nu un pribeag.

Și inima ar trebui să-ți bată

Fără de grijuri ci eliberat.

Cu fața ta senină și shimbată

Toată tristețea ai și spulberat.

Slăvit să fie al nost Împărat! 


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  1. MEDICINE-an abnormally low concentration of oxygen in the blood.
  2. ECOLOGY-oxygen deficiency in a biotic environment.
  3. CARMEN’S TAKE– My version of Fitbit watch keeps waking me up in the middle of the night right as the dream turns sweet. Hmm, the last dream though it was so stressful most likely I was holding my breath trying to die.

Low levels of oxygen concentration in the blood is not a laughing matter though, especially for those who suffer from severe sleep apnea- like most of my brothers do- and if not fixed damage to the organs can occur within minutes as Facty Health puts it.

On the lighter side of life, lack of oxygen to the brain can cause stupidity but we all know about those symptoms don’t we? We have far too many embarrassing examples to realize our chances to hit genius potentials are severely low.

Common signs include rapid heart rate, coughing, sweating, fast breathing, changes of skin color (such as blue or red), and mental confusion (Facty Health info), so it’s really good to know that I have every single one of those symptoms and all is… semi-well.

Mental confusion comes naturally with age, especially if you raised kids. They take every last sane neuron from your brain, twists them into misshaped knots and spits them back at you so you can somehow operate for the remainder of your natural given life.

I’ve been diagnosed with anemia, one of the possible causes of Hypoxemia, about a zillion years ago. It is genetic. Explains why I keep fainting, although that could very well be a vagus nerve disorder. I witnessed aunt Rodica’s pale complexion for years and heard enough of her stories to know anemia it’s a serious condition. In fact my sister Delia, struggles with anemia as well. Hypoxemia is present in respiratory conditions such as pulmonary edema, pneumonia, and pulmonary embolism, respiratory diseases such as COPD, ARDS, and interstitial lung disease, high altitude- that can really be fixed by getting back to lower altitudes- medicine such anesthetics or narcotics and heart disease present at birth according to drugs.com, making Covid-19 a strong enemy.

Treatment according to https://www.medicinenet.com/pale_skin/symptoms.htm…well apparently none.

The obvious thing you need is oxygen, and that can be prescribed by your doctor if diagnosed.

On a more natural route any supplements that increase B12 and Iron deficiency will most likely help but my favorite products are: Vitamineral Green by HealthForce Super Foods a product I’ve used for 20 years now and ChlorOxygen by Herbal Medicine (pill or liquid format).

Have a well oxygenated day:)


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I was in a hospital, right? Not the airport.

It began with a temperature gun pointed at my forehead right after I pasted the front doors, as if the lady was determined to murder some spider I haven’t noticed before then a flashback to 1989 fall of communism bounced around in my head suddenly and stuck to a particular moment where a soldier pressed the cold end of his gun to my forehead thinking I was a disguised spy.

“No temperature, follow that line to those blue steps.” All around me, in deafening choir tunes, multiple medical security barking orders to frail old people most likely there because they were about to die not start some revolution. That was the feel I got while waiting in line, so familiar, like back home in mother-land of communism. I got checked through and pointed to my next post.

“Take those blue elevators down to A, as in Apple.” I almost felt her thinking “I’m so bored.”

Down on the A as in Apple floor awaited more paperworks and a half an hour just sitting around and doing nothing but see how many anxiety levels I could build without loosing it completely. It sounded like I was close to the emergency ward. Wait a minute! I was in the emergency ward!

“Code stroke coming from.. mumble mumble to Swedish Cherry Hill.” The sound bounced through invisible speakers as a monitor nearby in some room beeped softly every second or so fighting for attention while a Tv mounted on a wall muttered softly as a news anchor presented yet another biased piece of garbage mombojombo they had the nerve to call it news.

To distract myself I chose to read my library book which just so happen to be called “This is going to hurt”, subtitle Secret diaries of a medical resident by Adam Kay. Well this isn’t helping!

“Carmen McKnight?” A nurse looked at me expectantly and I didn’t want to disappoint so I said “Yes”. It would’ve been awkward if it turned out I wasn’t me.

“Hi, I’m nurse… follow me, please.”

As we walked down the corridors she asked me “Can you tell me your name.” Mohammed Ali I felt like saying. I’ve been asked to repeat my name and date of birth so many times suddenly and only for a second amnesia settled in. Oh great! This whole operation would amount to nothing if I can’t remember who I am, or would it? My memory returned and we moved along the conveyor belt an impersonal system built.

I could stop here since this is really half of the story, but I will not do that to you😉

I was escorted in the most elegant closed the history of fashion has ever seen and asked to change in the most prison like attire one could get around in a hospital. At least my tush wasn’t exposed. My chest however was. Cardiac MRI sexy attire walking through! EKG stickers was the funnest part of the whole experience, I must say:)

By the fourth needle poke I wanted to pull the cozy cover off me and say: “Well it’s been fun, for some of us at least, but looking like a stainer is not the look for this year. Blasted genetic small veins! They ran and hid deep the moment the needle came near them. They were fooled once too many times and I can’t blame them for hiding. IV set we moved down the conveyor belt and into the MRI machine. By the time they stuffed me inside I felt like a tired Twinkie cream. Then the beeping began and I had to go to my happy place- Jordan will get me Thai food after I’m done- Oh did I forget to mention that I was starving and dehydrated per instructions? Well, there you have it.

Thirty minutes later: “We’ll inject you with the -bla,bla, bla, medication name only God can remember – you’ll feel your heart beat really fast and you may feel a little discomfort. They should not be allowed to use worlds such as a little pinch, a little discomfort, small pressure, in a hospital. They should tell you the truth: You’ll feel like your heart will explode, then you’ll get really warm but can’t do anything about it since you’re trapped in here, then assuming you’re still alive your guts will shake, and then twist some, but not too much, followed by a tsunami wave we call “nausea’ but it will pass…three days later, so not to worry. You’ll appreciate life so much more once we are done with you. I was a little disappointed in the lack of participation by the left side of my heart. It just sat there like “Nah I don’t find this fun. You guys go right ahead and kill yourself, I’m just going to chill.” Then the dye came and I imagined myself lit up inside like a Christmas tree, more noise, more breathing instructions and after a total of 90 + minutes I was spit out the back of the building with a confused look on my face.

‘Where the heck am I?”

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Ways to stay young at any age.

Written by Dana Brown:  

We’ll begin this year a tad different.

For more insight into health and wellness, bookmark CarmenMcKnight.blog.

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Ways to Stay Young at Any Age 

Forget searching for the fountain of youth or the latest anti-aging secret. There are things you can do now to feel younger, both mentally and physically, no matter what your age. A few minor changes to your daily habits and your environment can help you address some of the common culprits that can make you feel older than you actually are. Here are four natural, scientifically-backed ways to stay young for years to come. 

Choose nourishing foods 

Healthy eating habits are key to well-being and can also delay the effects of aging. Beyond improving your physical health, a varied diet filled with wholesome, nourishing foods can make you feel happier and more energetic. Rather than labeling foods ‘good’ or ‘bad,’ focus on eating as a way to practice self-care.

An important first step is to take a look in your pantry. By filling your shelves with wholesome staples – such as lentils, whole grains, quinoa, nuts, healthy cooking oils, and root vegetables – you have a base for many healthy recipes. Pick up a few additional ingredients like fresh veggies or lean meat. If your pantry is stocked with good quality ingredients, it’s much easier to create healthy, affordable meals. We all have unique preferences and needs, and no single diet is best for everyone, so consider intuitive eating as a way to decide what to eat and when.

Keep stress at bay

Research shows that emotional stress is a common cause of premature aging. Although no one can escape stress entirely, you can effectively manage and reduce feelings of stress with a number of easily accessible methods, such as meditation, deep breathing, laughing, getting plenty of sleep, and spending time outdoors.

If your home environment is creating tension, try making a few changes that may help transform it into a stress-relieving sanctuary. Open the windows to let in fresh air — even in winter, opening the windows for a few minutes can clear out stale air. Try revitalizing your space by decluttering, rearranging furniture and making your environment as pleasing as possible. If your family is arguing or under stress, making a few needed changes to your home can infuse some positivity and make it feel more relaxing. 

Move your body

Regular exercise is a proven way to keep you young, but without enjoying it, many don’t stick to a fitness routine. To avoid getting stuck in a rut, get creative. Look for ways to move your body that you enjoy and make you feel good. If it’s a new activity, even better!

A blend of cardiovascular exercise and resistance training is best, and this can be nearly anything – gardening, walking, yoga, DIY projects, snowshoeing in winter, or paddleboarding in summer. If you’re unsure about how to get started or freshen up a stale routine, reach out to your community to see if there are any movement classes (including virtual classes) that sound fun or interesting. You can also talk to a movement specialist or personal trainer (remotely if needed) to get ideas for new and interesting ways to get moving. 

Keep your brain guessing

Another key to feeling young is novelty – trying new things that stimulate your brain. Routines are an important part of life, providing structure and comfort, but new experiences are vital for creating new connections and encouraging the release of feel-good endorphins.

You don’t have to travel to a foreign country or try an extreme sport to find novelty. Activities like reading, tackling ‘brainy’ puzzles, and hobbies such as painting, dancing, or playing a musical instrument will stimulate the brain to make new neural connections. Anything that is rewarding and interesting to you will do the trick, and even small changes to your routine can exercise your brain.

Making anti-aging changes to your lifestyle and environment doesn’t have to be a chore. By getting creative about the ways you eat, exercise, and enjoy life, you can encourage the healthy vitality that makes you feel young at any age. These positive adjustments help your brain and body function in more youthful and resilient ways – so that you are your own fountain of youth.

2020 Highlights

Despite Covid-19, the smog from all the fires burning this summer in California, Oregon and Washington, another emergency trip and more tests; its been a good year for us and we are very grateful aware it’s a blessing to be able to say this.

A Happy New Year! Lots of health and peace from us to you! God Bless:)