Bad Haircut

Well…. let me tell you something… with some events coming up on my calendar, like my own interview for the upcoming documentary we’re working on called “Beating Lyme” I decided to beautify myself and do the decent and stupid thing to cut my hair ALL BY MYSELF mind you! So Yep… I gave myself some bangs, but every time I look in the mirror I go “Dang! What happened to you girl?” This is not a nightmare guys, nope this is a daymare, cause at night at least I can’t see myself but daytime comes around and the mirrors are screaming at me every time I pass by one “What in the world possessed you to do that?”

Thank God hair grows! That’s all I have to say about that. And ya’ll have a good day today, no cutting your own hair now! Hear me? By!

Beating Lyme- Documentary Progress

We’re on schedule, for now, shooting footage for the upcoming documentary called “Beating Lyme” Chet and I are doing together. Many thanks to Elizabeth and Dr. Darvish for their willingness to be part of this project.

Working together as husband and wife has been mostly fun and we haven’t killed each other:) The brainstorming was a little intense as two creative visions merge into one, but I’m learning quite a bit. Doing interviews is the fun part of the project, at least for me. Seeing the people that at one point or another helped us on our healing road is wonderful! And as Dr. Darvish put it “It takes a community to heal a person.” I agree.

We’re still scheduling more interviews after which Chet and I will be sitting down and piece the whole thing together. Getting the right information out to the public and deciding what stays and what goes is harder than it sounds but I have lots of faith in Chet’s expert editorial talents and knowledge. I would’ve never dreamed of doing this without his help. It’s more his project, I feel, and I’m here to help and glad to do so, since he had this documentary idea on his heart for a while now. After Chet purchased the camera, lights, and mic he liked within our set budget we got to work. Now we’re both looking forward to September hoping we’ll make our dead line.

Have a great day! And wish us luck! Dr. Darvish and her medical team helps those struggling from autoimmune diseases and cancer often develops because the immune system failed to do its job in attacking defective cells, according to Google.

the new iMac

My new iMac

Yes, I guess I am bragging, mostly because I’m so happy to have a fast computer! My old one was on a dial up like speed. I would have to wait up to a minute EVERY TIME I clicked my mouse and tried to open any window or browser. In computer world that’s thousands of years wasted. I simply had enough and got myself a new iMac, the mint/green version. And I love it! It’s SO satisfying to open the box and unpack everything! True, since Steve Jobs died Apple had some hiccups, but I’m hopeful they’ll fix them otherwise they’ll lose a fan. Their political takes and stands are already something I don’t care for, stick to making computers and phones, guys! But, as of today I still prefer Apple products over the alternatives.
On a different note we just got over the heat wave here in Seattle, with the highest hot day reaching 108 F. It’s been miserable but we survived it with smart planning. The cooling blankets from Amazon…are fabulous! Here’s a link for those of you that may care for one:
Heat intolerance and 100F weather does not mix well.
Keep cool and have a good day today.
God Bless:)

Lacrima, de Otilia Mal, 12 ani

Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

Fără lacrimi făr dureri

Veselie câtă vrei.

La Elena acasă meri,

Și vezi floarea în ghiveci

Uscată, necolorată

Ce să zici, “asta e.”

Poate vrei să vezi ceva

Ce ți-ar putea frânge inima,

Un copil vecin jucând

Multe jocuri făr părinți

Și singurel, abandonat

Într-un grajd plin de vaci

Și înfiorat,

-Cine are o să mă ia?

Un elev de clasa-n l

Mere-a casă pe un drum,

Pofticios și mâncăcios,

Are și un suflet darnic.

A văzut acel vecin părăsit fără părinți

Ia dăruit un măr roșcat

Și un suc alăturat!

Apoi cine îi va lua?

Oare cine îl va îngriji?

Oare cine se va obosi?

Să facă cea cei mai bun.

O veselie! O bucurie! Un zâmbet lung!

Apoi trece cu disperare o femeie fără copii

Și văzu acel sărman,

Un micuț dulceag copil,

Si-l salută cu fericire

-Te voi lua acas la mine!

Uite ce sa întâmplat,

Acum acel micuț copil

Are mamă, are tată, are casă,

E elev de clasa-n l,

Și-i coleg cu cel mai bun

Băiețel pofticios și darnic,

Sunt prieteni

Pân la adânci bătrâneți!

Mă mândresc și eu azi:)

Oti, una din nepoatele mele și fata cea mare a lui Delia, sora mea mai mică, are talent similar cu al meu se vede și inima mi se umple de mândrie când văd transferul anumitor talente în următoarea generație. Interesant cum Meleah, fata mea are similarități cu Delia, și Oti cu mine:) Nici mie nu-mi plac hainele mulate pe corp, mă sufoc in ele. Vreau să fiu cât mai comfortabilă când am de-a face cu îmbrăcămintea și care mă cunoaste știe că eu nu pun preț pe firme sau modă ci mai degrabă pe confort. O haină lejeră e o haină binevenită la mine în dulap:) Oti e la fel. Meleah, nu. Interesant. Precum Alex, copilul nostru cel mic care a terminat liceul săptămâna trecută are multe similarități cu Iulian, unul din frații mei, cel puțin așa mi se pare mie. Interesant să vad cum aceste similaritați de DNA se trasmit:)

Citind această poezie, îmi dau seama de inima largă a lui Oti, de dorința ei ca toată lumea să fie fericită, ca toți copii să crească într-un cămin plin de dragoste și cu părinți. E important pentru un copil acest aspect, siguranța este de fapt cel mai important aspect. Deabea aștept să văd imaginația lui Oti ce va crea pe viitor în viața ei și-n jurul ei:) și dacă va citi acest blog, Oti, mai scrie! Nu te opri:)

Vă doresc o zi binecuvantată să aveți:)

Puterea rugaciunii

Photo by MART PRODUCTION from Pexels

In tinerete nu mi-am dat seama de puterea rugaciunii, a luat ani si durere ca sa-mi dau seama atat de importanta cat si de puterea colectiva a rugaciunii.

Fratele Marcoi, fost pastor al Bisericii Baptiste Nr. 3 din Ceangai, Hunedoara, are nevoie de puterea rugaciunii acum, atat el cat si sotia lui, sora Marioara, fata lui, Eliza si nepoata lui, Michelle. (Precum si baiatul lui si familia lor).

Doamne iti multumim de intelepciune in a stii ce sa intrebam, dar stim ca acum este nevoie de sanatate completa, de intelepciune in a stii ce decizii trebuiesc luate in directia tratamentului, puterea de a lua aceste decizii, puterea de a confrunta ce este de confruntat, si discernamant. Orice umbra de frica si disper sa fie absorbita de puterea dragostei si cunostinta pacii ceresti, orice deznadejde sa fie inlocuita cu nadejdea puterii tale, si speranta ca Tu esti cel care are ultimul cuvant nu doctorii. Iti multumim ca Tu iubesti atat de mult copii tai in orice stagiu al vietii si esti tot timpul alaturi de ei, ii sprijini, ii intaresti, ii iubesti si niciodata nu-i parasesti. Amin.

Va multumesc.

God Bless:)

Saying goodby to loved ones…simply heartbreaking.

Maybe you feel this video does not match the blog message for today. It may be too happy, too colorful for you. I received this video from my aunt Olga, who received it from someone else, but unknown to her she sent it to me in a day when I was an emotional mess, missing my mom so much!!!! I could not help but watch this video and laugh. Once it finished I pushed replay, over and over and over and over and over, thirty replays later… you get the idea. It was exactly what I needed at that moment. But let’s get to it.

There’s so much pain running the streets of our souls these days for some of us. God! Why so much pain? Why do we have to loose them! Silently my soul asks such questions at my weakest moments, but as my tears soak my t-shirt, I also begin to understand another angle about life and the people we love.

I hurt because I love. Our loved ones would’ve left us a long time ago if God didn’t intervene over and over in their lives. He did it for our sakes, so we could grow stronger from our loved one’s example, so we can love deeper, so we can learn more, because as life goes, we have to turn right around and show the same to our children or the younger generation. I know God prolonged my mom’s life so many times I can’t even count. Most of us secretly know how many times God saved us, over and over, He prolonged our lives for the sake of others.

What about the ones we hate? We have the privilege to walk among each other on this earth for a certain amount of time- no one knows how long that is. We walk among the ones we love and the ones we hate so we can learn beautiful lessons and uncomfortably hard ones, to build memories, to give it all and not regret holding back our love towards others. The ones we hate, for one reason or another, are the ones someone else loves.

Let’s be here for one another! My mother-in-law, sent me a private e-mail of encouragement after every single post for years even if I was mad with her, in that gesture I saw the heart of a mother who simply loved.

I love when you reach out to me because you simply need a friend in hard times. I can do that. I can pray for you. So love out loud! With every fiber! Let them know now! Let them feel you care while you still have the opportunity, and if that opportunity was taken away for whatever reason just close your eyes. Can you see them? They’re alive inside of us, in our memories, in our love! God is love! We are created in the image of God. Enough said.

May your day be full of peace for those of you out in the world who are hurting! I pray peace finds you and that you’ll have the courage to receive it.

God Bless:)


Mom, by Carmen McKnight

Photo by Carmen McKnight from Pexels

I want to tell you something, mom,

I want to call your phone.

My little boy tomorrow

Will turn into a man.

He’s grown, can you believe it?

I thought one day you’d meet him

But now that’ll never happen

At least not on this earth.

I can’t believe you’re gone now

I can’t accept the void

I long for your advise now

The one I used to ignore.

I long to hear your voice

And tell you of my latest choice

Of dinners cooked, furniture moved

And how I got my kidney stone removed.

How will the goal inside

Be ever filled again?

How will my broken heart

Be filled with warmth, not pain?

I want to tell you something mom.


Tânjire, de Carmen McKnight

Photo by Carmen McKnight from Pexels

Să fac o pâine azi am încercat

Dar văd că iarăși tot în bară-am dat.

Făr ou, făr lapte și fără făină

Păi ce mai iese-atunci? Doar o ruină.

Și-afară-i cald. În cas cuptorul e închins.

Sudori mă trec acum de mă ucid,

Și greu respir și nervi mă cam apucă

Că iar o pâine bleagă se aruncă.

Departe sunt de țară și de frați,

Departe sunt de mamă și de tată

Și gândul mi se duce la Carpați

Și dor după covrigi sărați.

Și iar o rudă de departe a murit, mă ofilește 

Dar raiul tau pe veșnicie îl împodobește.

Of Doamne bun mai tot se risipește!

Dar cel mai tare inima-mi jelește

După cei frați, creștini, biserica oferă.

Și în trecut inima mărturisește

O timelie cu Isus întemeiște.

Lui Dumnezeu îi mulțumesc mereu

De viața asta, bună, rea, așa cum e

Și cel mai drag mi-e de mărturisirea sa

Că va fi lângă mine ….pururea

Deși pământ străin acum al meu picior abate

In Dumezeu fundația mea străbate

Și ochii către cer ridic adeseori

Când tot străin mă simt în asta abator.

Mica. We’ll miss you forever.

My daughter, Meleah’s small little cutie, passed away last night, at nearly sixteen years old. They’ve been together since Meleah was ten years old, and now, at twenty-four, she had to say goodby to one of her best friends. We’ll miss her prancing about, wagging her tail always so happy to see us. For such a tiny “Bean” as Meleah used to call her as a nick-name, she’s leaving a huge gap in our hearts.

Good-by dear Mica.