Lumina in Cheata

Doamne Isuse, iti multumesc pentru o noua zi, desi sufletul meu se simte obosit, iti multumesc pentru o noua zi cu noi aportunitati, desi trupul e plin de durere si obosit de atita durere, iti multumesc pentru o noua zi, desi spiritul lupta in a decide in fiecare clipa pe cina sa asculte (intre tine si diavol), iti multumesc pentru o noua zi.

Poate va gasiti si voi printre rindurile astea, dar in final sper sa simti-ti victoria vietii pusa in noi de Bunul Dumnezeu. Ma lupt cu o singerare grea de ceva timp (cam o luna), slabita si incercind sa alung valurile negre a fricii care apar in forma de intrebari ca de exemplu: Ce se intimpla? si De ce nu se mai termina lupta asta? Am primit medicamente noi de la clinica care am vizitat-o pe 23 Decembrie, care ma pus in pat simtindu-ma si mai rau. Luni am fost la specialist de ginecologie, si mau pus pe progesterone, care mi-au facut rinichiu drept sa ma doare atita de sever citeva zile ca nu am putut dormi in timpul noptii. Asistenta medicala mi-a zis sa intrerup imediat medicamentul si azi astept alt raspuns. Intre timp, jumate de noapte iara nu am dormit, si cind somnul nu vine, vine frica sau indoiala sau grija etc, si a venit si la mine la fel, dind tircoale. O alta simptoma de la medicamentul nou este o depresie cu care trebuie sa ma lupt in fiecare clipa, si azi noapte asa am si facut, cautind raspunsuri la descurajarile mentale care ma invadau… si ele nu au fost putine.

Ce faci cind cazi in intuneric si te simti singur? Ce faci cind nu simti sau vezi raspunsul rugaciunilor tale? Nu stiu ce face-ti voi, dar eu raspund asa:

“Carmen, nu te vei vindeca niciodata, asa ca lasa-te batuta.” Raspuns: “Diavol, nu te voi ajuta sa-mi iei viata, ca mi-a fost data cadou de Dumnezeu, care lupta de partea mea.” “Dar unde-i acest Dumenzeu? Il vezi? Il simti?” raspuns “Desi momentan nici nu-l vad nici nu-l simt, el mi-a facut o promisiune si nu-i in characterul lui sa-si schimbe promisiunile, dar e in characterul tau.” “Uite ce umbra de om esti, fara simnificatie, fara nici o importanta in ochii altuia.” raspuns “In ochii copiilor, a sotului, a fratilor si surorilor, a prietenilor dar in deosebi in ochii Tatalui meu ceresc, a lui Isus si a Duhului Sfint, am cea mai mare importanta!” “Nu produci nimic, numai ei bani pentru doctori si esti povara familiei.” “Diavol, asta e mentalitate Marxista, nu Dumnezeiasca. Am importanta in ochiii lui Dumenzeu care ma creat.” etc

Nu e usor cind te simti singur, in durere, in intuneric, dar… daca copilul tau sar lasa batut de diavol, te-ar durea? Daca sotia, fratele sau sora sar lasa batut, te-ar durea? Daca prietena/prietenul sar lasa batut de diavol, te-ar durea? Daca rasunsul este “da” inseamna ca altii simt la fel daca tu te-ai lasa batut de diavol. Stiu precis ca mar durea pe mine daca te-ai lasa batut/batuta, sa nu mai zic de Dumnezeau care te-a creat.

Azi dimineata am auzit o poveste despre o vrajitoare dezvaluind unei crestine ca nu se poate atinge de ea pentru ca are o protectie in jurul ei, protectie facuta de singele lui Isus si alegerea crestinei de a petrece timp in prezenta lui Dumnezeu in fiecare dimineata. (Sa intimplat acum o luna in Deva) Ma incurajat enorm pe mine aceasta revelatie si sper ca te va incuraja si pe tine in lupta ta.

Doamne iti multumesc pentru o noua zi, cu oportunitatile zilei de a confrunta si infrunta, de a incuraja si de a fi incurajata, de a iubi si de a fi iubita, de a te proslavi si de a lasa pe Dumenzeu sa fie proslavit prin noi. Amin si amin!

Va doresc o zi plina de speranta in mijlocul luptei, nu sintem singuri:) Sintem copii lui Dumnezeu, nu are cum sa fim singuri!

Red-A Philosophical self-talk-

I’ve begun reading “The Naked Communist” by W. Cleon Skousen and it’s not an easy task for me as flashbacks from my own experience while living through the last of the communist era, back in Romania, rise up.

I’ll let you know in my up and coming posts some similarities that I see in the America of today and communist tactics I’ve experienced while back home. This is a subject that I would love to capture it with my brother Alin’s philosophical point of view and have a recorded debate on the matter. It would be both entertaining and informative… and done in our native Romanian language. But not yet.

Today, after bleeding for the past 27th days, and clearly a little lightheaded from losing so much blood, I become philosophical:) (I have an appointment tomorrow with gynecology.)

I was truly hoping 2018 to be void of doctors, pain, pocking, needles and medical stress, thus hid the bleeding issue for as long as I could. Thanks to Elizabeth I did end up going to a Zoom clinic and thanks to my mother-in-law’s insistence I finally made a gynecology appointment. I must admit I struggle emotionally. I’m fighting with a Marxist syndrome, a disease in itself, and trying to grasp a truth as seen through my husband’s eyes, a reality built on being born here in America. I like his view so much better than mine, but in reality, it seems to be just a beautiful fairy-tale I like to listen to often. I have changed quite a bit living here in America, for the better I think, but when disease keeps on knocking at the doors of my soul, the old Marxism rises up debating loudly while trying to win.

When one becomes sick and unable to provide for the motherland (this can be geographically anywhere the mind goes) a man’s value disappears, thus he is no longer needed, according to the communism/marxism laws. If you can’t produce you’re no more than a useless eater (Hitler, Communism movement, Margaret Sangers, Darwinism are the best known for this type of thinking). Raised in that type of thinking, I automatically think like that. Back in Romania, you can see this in divorces, affairs,  abuse, neglect, blame, and shame, after one becomes sick vs. here in America, where you see support systems, encouragement, and fighting until the end on behalf of a loved one. (This is a generalized point of view based on the majority of cases, for I have seen harsh consequences following the tragedy of loss or disease here in America as well).

“Oh well, at least they’ll not be a burden to the family now. The sooner they die the better. This is God’s judgment for your sins, your father’s sins, your children’s sins, etc.” Are some of the more normal expressions as a response to any disease in Eastern European culture. (Eastern Europe has migrated into other lands and that philosophy can very well follow.)

In America that differs: “What else can we do, doctor? You’ll get better. Focus on getting better. Don’t worry about the money, you’re more important,”  to name a few, not to mention all the “Go Fund Me” types of support.

To top it all off, I’m a woman, raised and tolled in my formative years to believe that I matter less than the life of a dog, born to please a man only and nothing else. Now here’s the tricky part, this belief was preached loudly from the churches pulpits, all done by males, not communism. In communism law (gender or age didn’t matter, you simply didn’t have value). In Romania, I was nothing else but a Christian woman (that’s not a compliment:) to be used and abused than tossed aside when no longer needed or able to perform my duties- at least that would’ve been my lot in life if I would’ve remained there. (Not all men are cruel, alcoholics or abusive in Romania, but most are). I know great Romanian men that are very decent and loving to their wives, their children and in general to everyone else around.

Now, don’t you worry about me, God’s helped me heal quite a lot from many of these issues, by providing proof of ignorance, instability, indoctrination, culture and a theory (Marxism) based on violence and narcissism (read about Marx’s own pathetic life, his example as a father and husband, and his inability to live up to his own theology). I’m healing, that’s why I can start talking about some truths without disintegrating and with a healthier perspective. Now let’s move on.

Its been only God’s presence and patience, working either directly in my heart or through people such as Chet, my parents-in-law, Elizabeth, my Romanian friends and so many other people I know,  that helped me heal. My siblings have been the biggest help, other than Chet. Chet wants to help but it takes someone who went through hell and back with you to understand the darkness you must heal from. I know I’m not the only one feeling this way. There are far too many that have seen an even greater darkness than I have.

In the days when I’m not feeling well it’s easier to fall into that autopilot old way of thinking, yet, those same days are the ones healing me and teaching me some of the best lessons about myself and life itself.

Why have I let the lies of others (religion, a devil, etc, call it anything you want) take such residence in my heart for so long? Guilt and ignorance of the truth.

I’m dying. (I’m being dramatic here) We all are. Some faster than others. But I’m the one who decides if I’m going to help the evil end my own existence with feelings of fear and hopelessness, or if I would much rather spend that time laughing alongside my loved ones.

When you really get this, life even at its hardest will be worth fighting for. It’s our life, given to us as a gift by God, so guard it and fight for it, it’s our right to it.

Well, like I said, the philosopher in me came out today:) Be happy with the simplicity of life, for a farmer is far happier with his life than a philosopher usually is.

And ultimately, I’ll keep on learning or unlearning, sharing with you parts of those lessons hopefully to help you heal faster and sooner, and be grateful for everything.

God Bless:)


Exercise and Autoimmune Disease

I’ve expressed in my last post of my desire to write more. Don’t you know by now that most New Year Resolutions are simply a “to do” list for the first week of January:)))))

I have been writing more, in fact, two hours a day on my new fiction adventure novel called “Finding Home”, but enough about that.

New Year brings out the “health nut” portion of ourselves, usually for a couple of weeks for most and a bit longer for others (unless your “health nut” person is out all the time having fun running, in that case, this may only be one of those easy reads for you). The “health nut” usually tends to go right back into hibernation for the better part of the year. It may have a few breaks now and again.  It will come out in full and temporary feverish mood, usually before summer for that amazing bikini look, or before a wedding when you want to look better than the bride herself.

I began my yoga exercise again, after a nice break of six months. Breaks are necessary too, especially when one fights an autoimmune disease. In fact, I must be going through something this very moment because I’m misspelling every single word as if my brain would rather sleep instead of think.

The yoga program I followed for more than ten years now is a Canadian based program called “Namaste” Yoga Practice by Kate Potter. It used to be a television program, maybe still is, but its the only exercise routine I stuck with all these years. I’m not a believer in the spiritual side of the yoga practice, I simply like its smooth moves and relaxing way of moving the body. I tried all sorts of other programs before this one, programs more rigorous, and found them downright annoying.

Anyone fighting Chronic Lyme, Cancer, MS, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia to name only a few of the autoimmune diseases, does not have the energy most days to take a shower, or go up and down their own home’s stairs, let alone exercise. In most of these cases, any and all energy present in the body, it is wisely distributed towards activities such as doctor appointments, dinners, laundry, lunches for the kids and maybe sex with your spouse. However, when these diseases are in remission the fun begins. I remember celebrating the walk to my own mailbox, which progressed to being in the car when my husband drove to do the grocery shopping, to taking five, ten then twenty-minutes long walks, to playing tennis and now to driving small distances. Oh, the joy of stabbing one’s toe and crying happy tears because you actually felt that pain, where once used to be a tingling numbing spot.

Well now I’m stronger and I can do the complete 20-minute yoga program. I love the stretching part (although if you decide to start yoga don’t overstretch: it’s like the medication, you take a big dose and a Herx reaction is sure to follow, so build up to it slowly:), I love the smooth movements and the calming music (neuro damage is very often present in people who fight Lyme disease and overstimulating the senses is often very unpleasant, to say the least).

For all out there who are fighting these nasty diseases and live in pain why too much, if you can, yoga is a pleasant possibility of exercise. Mostly, I wish you the best of health so you can choose for yourself what type of exercise you want to do- no matter how strenuous.

Have a blessed new year full of hope and laughter, both are great medicine for the soul.

God Bless:)



La Multi Ani!

In noul an sa aveti parte de bucurii si multa sanatate, ca restul se fac de la sine:) Linga Dumnezeu sa stam, asta nu inseamna ca stim totul, ca nu vom avea greautati si ca nu vom avea intrebari fara raspunsuri. Dar alegem sa crede-m in ciuda faptului ca nu intelegem multe in viata asta. Doresc ca trecutul sa va invete anumite lucruri dar sa nu va tina prizonieri, doresc sa va bucura-ti de present si sa ave-ti speranta viitorului.

Unii din voi ati trecut anul acesta prin multe schimbari, altii sint in doliu, si altii asteapta bucuria unui nou nascut. Eu numai ce am iesit dintr-o criza, a venit fara anunt, cum de obicei vine necazul si a plecat repede dar nu a lasat frica in urma sau deznadejde. Cum am terminat, m-am gindit la voi:)

Vreau sa-mi cer iertare de la toti care poate pe parcusul anilor mei pe pamint pina in prezent, datorita imaturitatii, sau reactionind dintr-o inima ranita v-am suparat cu ceva sau v-am jignit cu ceva. Imi stiu inima, si in mare parte a fost fara intentie.

In noul an voi continua sa intreb intrebari, sa citesc si sa caut adevarul, nu cum o prezinta religia ci cum o prezinta Dumnezeu. Voi avea interbari, poate tot mai putine raspunsuri dar stiu clar ca voi avea multe experiente vrednice de trait si memorii pretioase de acumulat. Vreau ca in anul nou sa citesc si sa scriu mai mult, si sa continui sa ma bucur de momentele mici de zi cu zi ale vietii care in realitate sint foarte importante.

Fie ca Bunul Dumnezeu sa fie cu voi, in mijlocul vietii de zi cu zi, cu toate esecurile si victoriile noastre care impacheteaza characterul important al fiecarui individ.

La Multi Ani!!!!

Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year to all my friends and family:) May this coming year help you move towards your goals while leaving behind the hindrances of the past. Let the past teach you but not hinder you:) Enjoy the present and hope for a good future.

Some of my friends have gone through drastic transitions this year, some of my friends have lost loved ones and are in mourning, while others are celebrating the gift of new life:) I just came out of a herxheimer reaction a few minutes ago, however my focus is on this wonderful new year and all its possibilities. I have a few new year resolutions, like: write and read more, but I’m not overly obsessed with issues that seem unrealistic to me. Simple is better.

Before I move forward I must say “I’m sorry” to all and any of you that I may have offended at any point in my life, most likely without intention, most likely from sheer ignorance, and at times out of a defensive emotional approach in order to protect myself.  Please forgive me.

This new year, I’m sure I’ll continue my struggle in finding the truth, I’ll have lots more questions, even fewer answers, but I will not lack in collecting more experience.

May God bless you and I wish you all the best.

Happy New Year!