Life’s work, Life’s shadows and Some Small Contentment


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The same God that made you, made me too.

I may be weak, you may be strong

I may be strong, you may be weak

But that will pass, we’ll change again some more.

Some days we’ll cry, some days we’ll dance

I will fall down, you will regret

You’ll celebrate, I will get up

Cause in the end the same God

Made me and made you too.

I am a woman, at times confused

You are confused, at times a man

May walk alone or hand in hand.

We cry out loud and make no sound

Or talk too much, forget to touch

The child within who’se lonely often

Or lays thus crushed under an inner coffin.

We speak in vain and often roar

Our hearts pretend while minds do war.

What’s dark in us somebody one day will expose

What’s great in us mostly will be ignored.

And thus we roam among the people of this earth

Some do pretend, some are content

But in the end we realise

The falsehood in another’s life

Was once thus whispered in their head

By broken people whom knew little of love’s bread

But kept repeating a leaned script instead

Of words which hurt, or maybe brought some light content

Some spoke encouragement. In the end

Most kept the hope high as a trend

Which one are you?

I hope I am the second. And now the end.- By Carmen McKnight


We moved on the 24th of August and it’s been a continual exhaustive trail of hard work, but slowly the results give us the energy needed to get up in the morning and do it all over. I’ve lived in the city for so long that I’ve forgotten how much work life in the country requires. But country life has its beauty and rewards, as seen in the video above. I wasn’t talking about the deer I was talking about the weeds that still need pulling…okay that was a lame joke but that’s all I’ve got today.

On a goofy note, we just watched all the Twilight movies. Remember Twilight? And we went to Forks last Wednesday. I’m team, Charlie. That’s about as deep as I’ll get today. I’m emotionally and physically exhausted so I do not have much to share with you today.

What’s going on in your neck of the woods, or neighborhood? Keep me updated;) Have a good day, we all need good days. I’ve seen on Facebook all the weddings you guys have! So wonderful! I’m glad when I see people celebrating life.

God Bless:)

5 Simple Ways to Become Healthier

Written by Jason Lewis

Maybe you’re dealing with a chronic illness, and you want to get your symptoms under control. Or perhaps you’re just ready to take charge of your health. No matter what, there are always a few basic things you can do to feel better on a daily basis, from seeking a more fulfilling job to incorporating exercise into your routine. If you’re struggling with unexplained symptoms, you can turn to Carmen McKnight for guidance. Furthermore, these tips will help you embrace a healthier lifestyle, one step at a time.

Switch Careers

What if your job is causing you undue stress? Perhaps you feel frustrated and unfulfilled at work, or maybe you’re just itching for a change. You might find that switching careers boosts your mental health. For instance, if you’re interested in medical coding, you can leverage this into a new job. By choosing among available medical coding online courses, you can learn all about assigning accurate codes and correctly identifying service claims and medical procedures. To finish the course, you’ll take an assessment validating your skills.

Exercise in Short Bursts

You might feel like you have no time to exercise because your schedule is so packed right now. But you may be shocked by how effortlessly you can fit more physical activity into your daily routine, even if you don’t have much free time. For you, this might mean taking the stairs instead of an elevator when you have the option or going for short walks during your lunch breaks.

Change Your Sleep Schedule

Maybe you find it hard to get a full eight hours of sleep each night. But restructuring your routines so that you can wake up feeling well-rested is worth the effort. If you tend to scroll on your smartphone around bedtime or fall asleep with the TV on, it’s time to make some changes. Healthline recommends easing off caffeine consumption late in the day, avoiding sources of blue light in the evening, skipping daytime naps, taking melatonin supplements, and figuring out the optimal sleep temperature for your bedroom.


Meditation can dramatically benefit your mental health. But if you’ve never tried meditating before, you might assume that this practice is too difficult or boring. Meditation is truly what you make of it – and it can be quite soothing! To begin your personal meditation practice, Shape recommends sitting on a comfortable chair or cushion, putting on instrumental music, setting a timer for five minutes, closing your eyes, and simply breathing through your nose. If your thoughts begin to wander, bring your attention back to your breath.

Cook at Home

It’s all too easy to order takeout after a busy day at work or pop a frozen meal in the microwave for a convenient lunch or dinner. But cooking healthy, home-cooked meals will help you fuel your body and feel your best. You don’t have to be a professional chef to whip up a tasty meal! You can start by mastering a few basic recipes and branching out from there.

It can be hard to cook at home regularly if you work long hours. This is where meal prep comes in handy. By prepping meals over the weekend, storing portions in your fridge or freezer, and simply reheating them as the week goes on, you can eliminate the need to have food delivered.

Making healthy lifestyle changes, like finding a better job or exercising, can feel intimidating. But you can gradually shift to a healthier lifestyle over time – you don’t have to make lots of dramatic changes at once. With these tips, you’ll be able to care for your physical and mental health.

Are you dealing with a chronic illness? Find inspiration and support from the blog of Carmen McKnight. Browse the blog today for tips and advice on managing your health.

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Shania Twain Fan:)

I am a Shania Twain fan! A big one:)

Why? There’s the obvious fact that her music is awesome and she’s a beautiful woman, but some of her songs have inspired me when nothing else did. Not even religion. I’m not comparing religion with faith, let me be clear on that.

“You should have gone to Jesus!” some of you may say. I did. But as you know at times even Jesus/God is silent. Also, God works through people. Shania helped me like my feminity, something religion made me feel ashamed of and even enslaved to. Through religion, my feminine side was only worthy if I followed and obeyed, had kids, and stayed silent, despite the obvious fact that Jesus came to free and liberate women from male oppression and sin of course. Not all men are bad, don’t get me wrong now, but there are a lot of them out there who think they are the sun, the moon, and god’s twin brother.

Shania helped me understand that it was not wrong to want to be pretty, cute, dress nice, let my personality shine, and have the courage to stand for what I believed in. Sure my folks should’ve done that but I don’t blame them, they did a wonderful job and the best they could with what was given to them and for that I thank them. I truly believe they did a wonderful job. The church fell short in this area not just to me but to thousands of women all over the planet over these many years and they’ll need to do better so future women can stand tall and strong and feel proud to be the daughters of God. I know many women out there already feel strong and have a healthy sense of value, but there are not enough.

Watching the new documentary on Netflix called “Shania Twain Not just a girl” Chet relayed “I can’t believe how many things you two have in common.” And we do, minus the fame for me. Shania also suffered from Lyme Disease and lost her voice because a tick bit her. I feel even more connected with her and I’m not the only one, I’m sure. I’m not a country music fan, weirdly, but from the first moment I saw and heard Shania sing years back, I was hooked and still am:)

A fact about me, I guess:)

Have a good day, I’m packing and cleaning like a mad woman.

God Bless:)



So life is full of surprises:) Instead of moving to Europe, we’re moving to Sequim on 10 acres. Closing is August 5th. As a parent, it’s hard to leave your kids behind and move across the ocean so we’re staying in America, for now.

Keep cool, can’t wait for this heat wave to pass.

God Bless:)

Ai Eșuat din Nou?

„Nu am eșuat. Tocmai am găsit 10.000 de lucruri care nu funcționează.” -Thomas Alva Edison

Ești în mijlocul viziunii tale și pare că nu există o îndrumare clară, prea multe uși se închid și drumul către succes este atât de obositor și copleșitor? Am trecut și eu pe acolo. Într-un fel, încă sunt pe drumul meu către sănătate, încă învăț și încă lupt. Dar cu mult mai multe resurse și speranță 🙂

Nu ai eșuat, pur și simplu ai găsit multe moduri prin care mersul tău către viziunea ta nu funcționează, încearcă din nou și din nou și din nou până când ajungi la final. Succesul vine cu 10% inspirație și 90% transpirație, mai multă frustrare decât sărbătoare și multă determinare chiar și atunci când lucrurile par sumbre. Opreștete doar când ai încercat absolut totul și chiar și atunci pleacă cu zâmbetul pe buze pentru că ai învățat atât de multe! O cantitate neprețuită de înțelepciune se află acum în tine și nu ești un eșec. Mi-aș dori să fiu acolo cu unii dintre voi – am doar o dorință către anumite viziuni, nu toate, dar mulțumesc lui Dumnezeu pentru că încercați și reușiți în chestiuni cu care nu m-aș deranja niciodată – pe câmpul de luptă, dar nu e timpul meu încă. Momentan sarcina mea e de a mă recupera, de a mă vindeca și de a te susține pe tine, cel care este în mijlocul acțiuni. Și îmi place să te încurajez! Ești atât de puternic/ă și curajos/ă, atât de imaginativ/ă și dăruitor/oare, atât de strălucitor/e și minunat/ă creație a lui Dumnezeu. Deci, nu te lasă! Vorbesc despre cei care depun eforturi și fac sacrificii pentru a-i ajuta pe cei care au nevoie de ajutor.

Faptul că încerci, demonstrează că nu ești un eșec, ci un visător, un vizionar:) Minunat!

Nu ai o viziune? Nu știi care este scopul tău? Ia un moment și liniștește-ți inima și sufletul. Privește în inima ta. Ce îți place să faci? Cum poți ajuta alții cu acea pasiune pe care o ai în interior? Începe de acolo. Acea pasiune a fost pusă acolo cu un motiv. (Nu vorbesc despre pasiunile autodistructive, acestea sunt așa cum am menționat: autodistructive).

Pentru acele cazuri „fără speranță”, ei nu au nevoie de o viziune momentan, mai degrabă trebuie să învețe cum să-și recunoască valoarea ca ființă umană nu în ochii presei sau a site-urilor sociale, ci în lucrurile care contează. Majoritatea tinerilor trebuie să învețe ce înseamnă sacrificiul, ce este sacrificiul? Ce înseamnă să-ți pese de altul? Ce este compasiunea? Ce este răbdarea? Ce este valoarea umană? Și îi putem învăța nu impunând reguli, nu cedând fiecărei capricii egoiste, ci fiind exemple mari de o dragoste reală față de o altă ființă umană, față de animale și față de natură.

Dumnezeu să ne ajute:)

Did You Fail Again?

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I Have Not Failed. I Have Just Found 10,000 Things That Do Not Work.” -Thomas Alva Edison

Are you in the midst of your vision and it seems like there’s no clear guidance, too many doors are closing, and the road to success is so utterly tiresome and overwhelming? Been there. In a way, I still am on my road toward health, I’m still learning and I’m still fighting. But with far more resources and hope:)

You haven’t failed, you simply found many ways that your walk towards your vision does not work, try again, and again and again until you arrive. Success comes with 10% inspiration and 90% perspiration, more frustration than celebration, and lots of determination even when things look grim. Only walk away when you tried absolutely everything and even then walk away with a smile on your face for you have learned so much! A priceless amount of wisdom lays within you now and you are not a failure. I wish I could be there with some of you- I only have a drive towards certain visions, not all, but thank God for you all out there trying and succeeding in matters I would never bother with- on the battlefield, but it’s not my time yet. My time now is to recover and heal and cheer you from the sidelines. And I love cheering you on! I love encouraging you! You are so strong and brave, so imaginative and gifted, so utterly brilliant and marvelous and wondrous creation of God. So go team! I speak for the people putting in the effort and sacrifices trying to help those needing help.

The fact that you’re trying, it proves that you are not a failure, but a dreamer, a visionary:) Awesome!

You don’t have a vision? You don’t know what your purpose is? Take a moment and quiet yourself. Look within your heart. What do you love to do? How can you help other people with that passion you have within? Start there. That passion was put there for a reason. (I’m not talking about the self-destructive passions, those are as I mentioned: self-destructive).

For those “hopeless” cases, they don’t need a vision yet, they need to recognize their value as human beings, not in the media’s eyes, or social sites’ likes but in the things that matter. Most young people have to learn what it means to sacrifice, what is sacrifice? What does it mean to care about another? What is compassion? What is patience? What is human value? And we can teach them not by imposing rules, not by giving in to their every selfish whim, but by being great examples of real love towards other human beings, animals, and nature.

God Bless:)

You Asked I Answer-Part 2- Relationships-Dreamers vs Realists

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Definition of dreamer

 (Entry 1 of 2)

1one that dreams

2aone who lives in a world of fancy and imagination

b: one who has ideas or conceives projects regarded as impracticalVISIONARY– Mirriam Wester

Another Definition- A swim in the land of fairy tales while floating in a boat made of rose petals, diamonds, and joy, as love drops fall ever so softly everywhere. Our true love bows down constantly with an awe-struck look plastered for eternity on its face worshiping our being. They can read our minds, and fulfill every whim realizing we’re never wrong. Because it is all about us and a tiny bit about them they seem totally okay with that.



plural realists

Definition of realist

 (Entry 1 of 2)

1: a person who recognizes what is real or possible in a particular situation: one who accepts and deals with things as they really are.

2: a person (such as a writer or painter) who adheres to a style of realism by representing things in a way faithful to nature or to real life Chekhov was essentially more of a realist than Dostoevski, whose force often lay in a strong proclivity to melodrama …— Roger Shattuck

Another Definition: He/She snores next to you while drooling as a baby cries in the next room. You’re too exhausted to get up the 10th time and your eye bags have eye bags, your body is melting from so much fatigue and you’re brain turned into mush a long time ago, yet he’s/she’s not going to get up so you have to do it again. Your body odor has its own character by now, your finances left for a holiday a long time ago and your decorator’s name is”It will do”.

You remember dreaming to be married for a long time while you were “strongly encouraged” by others to do so and now you’re wondering “why did no one tell me about this part?” He/she brought their problems along to keep company to your problems but that’s not working out too well. While dating you thought you died and went to heaven, instead, now the bills are piling up on your coffee table, the dirty laundry pile never seems to take a long hike, and you keep hearing the echoes of your past self. You manage to pull your mental energy together enough when you’re in public but once home you let it spill all over the floor.

Maybe you

Maybe you thought you were more briliant only to find you’re less briliant than you wanted to be, maybe you thought your were prettier until you saw someone prettier than you and put fear in your soul that he/she will find a better choice, maybe you thought you were funnier until you laughed so hard your tummy hurt to another’s joke and compared how little response you got to yours, maybe you thought your house was nicer than another’s, then you got invited into another’s mansion and you gasped with both utter amazement and deep envy and instantly you felt drab, maybe you thought the boy would worship you beyond the dating and long into the marriage only to find his bored eyes glass over you and through you as if you didn’t exist as he got lost again into his mental nothing box, and for fundamental Christian’s once you purchased a man you can’t return him because he’s damaged, or malfunctioning and now the slow realization that you’re stuck with a less than ideal version of your Fabio version is sinking in your heart and a part of you dies a little. Maybe your prince is less holy than you wanted, more holly or not at all, and by gosh I wanted a different version and I got an imitator! I don’t know which of these are true if any, but your dreamer self, fell off the horse of happily-ever-after and hit her/his bum on the reality soil. Now what? 

What happened?

Nothing much. You’re growing up! You’re learning to be an adult and living with another human being. You must adjust your expectations.

Usually, a dreamer marries a realist. Yin and yang. An introvert and an extrovert. A pessimist and an optimist. A future-focused with a past-focused. Boring and fun. It’s a cross-pollination really.

We all have a before idea and we all end up working with an after version rooted in reality.

As my daughter and her boyfriend explain: Before. I had it down! I had all the key ingredients to make it work but soon I found out they were not the right ingredients, so I had to go buy new ones.

After: It’s not just about how I treat them. It is about who I am all the time. How I think, my hobbies, behavior, my whole individual self outside my interaction with my partner. I thought I was great before I met him/her. But after, he/she brought out of me all my insecurities which shocked me to find out I had any to begin with, and now I must do the work to confront these insecurities. Selfish people will walk away, they will always find an excuse not to put in the work. Unless there is real physical and emotional abuse people should not walk away from commitment.

And as we age and the more we learn we realize the less we know.

Examples of dreamers that achieved something:

  • Our founding fathers, Thomas Jefferson and John Adams, attributed the philosophy contained within the Declaration of Independence to their dreams
  • Albert Einstein ascribed the theory of relativity to a dream he had as a young boy
  • Thomas Edison credited his discovery of electricity to his dreams
  • Colonel Harold Dickson made history’s biggest oil discovery (which later became the Kuwait Oil Company) based on guidance illumined in his dream
  • Elias Howe sourced his invention of the sewing machine to his dreams
  • Dr. Frederick Banting discovered insulin in his dream—and won a Nobel Prize
  • Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein was inspired by her dream/nightmare
  • A dream led Otto Loewi to a Nobel Prize for his contribution to medicine
  • Mendeleyev beheld the complete periodic table in his dream
  • The planet Uranus was discovered by William Herschel in a dream
  • Stravinsky, Wagner, and Beethoven heard musical compositions, from fragments to entire canons, in their dreams
  • Bob Dylan composed music from his dreams
  • Paul McCartney praised his dreams for his multi-platinum song, Yesterday
  • Jeff Taylor dreamed of his patent for
  • The movie, Avatar, was dreamed in vivid detail by director, James Cameron
  • The Twilight series was dreamed by stay-at-home-mom, Stephenie Meyer…and the list goes on…

Examples of realists that achieved something: As I Googled, it came up mostly as a Realism Paintings style. But these great artists were dreamers.

So we need dreamers, they are the ones who can imagine a better world beyond the one we see.

In summary, all the young dreamers out there, not yet in a relationship (most likely will not be reading this post) walk with your eyes open into the reality of a relationship by understanding that a lot of surprises await you along with a lot of work, compromise, and sacrifice. But it’s worth it.

Now go have fun with your opposite and stop bickering over small and useless issues.

God Bless:)

Where Do I Find a Christian Husband?

Inspired By Mathew Pierce’s piece “Where do I find a Christian wife?”

The most dangerous thing for a woman is to be single because she’ll end up scared, and without kids. Women love little people. Not all of them, but only some, they also like sparkly things too but as a Christian that’s Bad. You have to be okay watching other people have sparkly stuff. Once a woman gets married to a godly man she never has to worry about being alone, or bored. She will have to put up with the sex, but Sherry tolled me that it’s not too bad and you can tell him you have a headache and it will work out. She’s 17 and knows everything, she’s really smart. 

When a woman does not get married, bad things happen. Like Joan of Arc, she was so scared she made herself a sword and since the men didn’t want to marry her she joined them in the army. It’s like the best buddy guard option ever, and it’s free. 

So how do you get a Christian man to marry you? Like in the Bible times?

The Christian Husband Store is also called Home Depot and Lowes. There are two stores. So it’s good. Food is the key. So women must know how to cook pizza and Mexican food, so the men follow the smell and they marry them on the spot. Cook a pizza and go to Home Depot or Lowes, around 5pm, the men are very hungry and tired so they will not notice you have no make-up. Sherry said some of her friends got men like that. Make-up is Bad. You don’t want to be a Jezebel, do you? She was Very Bad!

In your bed:

If he is not married to you: Very Bad

If he also has another wife: Very, Very Bad.

If he is your husband: Good. Now you have to smile, he likes that.

Construction sites:

Men like to climb things and show how brave they are so you must walk by construction sites and smile. If they see you happy to see them all dirty they will marry you. But make sure they are not married already cause that’s VERY BAD.

In church:

They hang around in church, usually with the Bible in their hands. They are shy so you have to be brave. And smile. But your clothes have to cover all your lady parts, otherwise is Very Bad! If they start to get old, they will want to marry you quick. Some of the men like little people too. So there’s only a certain time to make them. They also like you to be pretty but very quiet, men like women who don’t speak. Sherry tolled me. Cause they take lots of naps and stuff.

If you are Baptist, go to Home Depot. If you are reformed, go to Office Max. If you are Charismatic, go to a Big Fife, they like Big TVs. If you like big TV’S too they’ll marry you. If you are a Catholic, go to Lowes.

We’ll I found my husband, he got off a bus with tight jeans on and I was like really red and thought: gosh, o golly. But then he was the one that pursued me as the Christian fashion calls so in the end, it was all good. But this article is to help you find one.

God Bless and I’ll pray for you.

Where Do I Find a Christian Wife?

Borrowed work. Written by Matthey Pierce. I just could not help but share this fun piece. Enjoy

Where Do I Find a Christian Wife?

matthew pierce
21 hr ago



Probably the most dangerous thing for a Christian man is to be single, because horny. Once you get married, you never have to worry about being horny again, because your wife is naked all the time and you get to have sex 20-25 times per day, I know this is true because at youth group Jacob and Asher’s brother Caleb was there and that’s what he said, and he knows a lot because he is 18. Also, because he’s 18, it’s not a sin when he smokes in the parking lot, he said that, too.
When a Christian man doesn’t get married, bad things happen. Just look at Martin Luther: he wanted to be Pope real bad but back then the popes had to be bachelors. So Luther didn’t get married. But then they found out that he wasn’t even Catholic, he was Lutheran, and they were like “hmm, pretty close, but not enough weird traditions, no pope for you” and Martin Luther got so mad that he made a list of various things and then nailed the Wittenberg whore. Then one day his son was like “I have a dream” and I guess it was about how everyone should get to be a pope, no matter what color you are. 
Friends, we have to face the musicians: a Christian man needs to find a godly woman. But how does that work?
Well, in the Bible, when the Israelites were always fighting with the Philippians, in whichever Testament that is, there are some pretty wild stories about men getting wives. At one point the Israelites were told to go to where the nice ladies were and carry one off. We still have this today; it is called Christian college. But what about those who don’t go to Christian college? Where should they go to find a Christian wife?
Easy. I’ll tell you.
The Christian Wife StoreIn most areas, these go by the name Hobby Lobby. These stores are always full of Christian ladies. And yes, it’s true, most of them are already married, but don’t lose heart: look for the employees! Any given Hobby Lobby store will employ 3-5 single Christian homeschooled women who have been told to put their lives on hold and practice knitting until God sends them a husband. They are wearing jean skirts; this is the sign. You have a window here: they are at Hobby Lobby for now, but soon they will get really into deconstruction podcasts, then they will be angry for five years and get a tattoo, then they will have kids and occasionally vote for a Republican candidate who reminds them of their father, even though they would never admit this. 
So, go up and talk to the clerk at the fabric counter who is 26 and wearing a jean skirt with white Keds. She doesn’t know anything about makeup, but she will understand your oddball Biblical theories. Was Melchizedek actually Shem? Go, king. 
In your bedIs there a lady in your bed? If so, is she married? (this is the important question)
If she is married to you: GOOD
If she is married, but not to you: VERY, VERY BAD
If she is not married: THIS IS ALSO BAD. You need to give my youth pastor a call, it may be time for you to rededicate yourself to radical purity. He can bring you a pledge card to sign.
Under the enchanted forest rockJourney into the deep woods at dawn. Past the silent river; over the black hills. Using your LifeWay brand Proverbs 31 dowsing rods, look for the moss-covered boulder that lies on the western bank of the calming brook. Carefully approach the boulder from downwind and lift it using the Staff of Mohler. As soon as you do this, play Steven Curtis Chapman’s song His Eyes on speaker from your phone. There will be several Godly women hiding under the boulder; the sultry tones of the mandolin will momentarily entrance them. Quickly fall to your knees and propose to one of them before it gets to “sometimes His eyes were gentle” because that means the song is almost over and the women will disappear into the brook and not be seen again until the next blood moon. 
The bra aisleOne thing Christian women love is underwear. Probably a good idea is to go to the bra or panty aisle of your local department store1 and just kind of hang out. Maybe be standing there reading a theology book, real cool-like. Well hello there. Don’t mind me, just doing some light reading on the principles of…you know, I couldn’t help but notice that you are looking at the underwear. No no, no need to call for store security, I actually have no idea what girl privates look like, my mom tore that page out of the anatomy textbook when I was homeschooled, anyway do you believe in destiny?
The last place you left herSimply retrace your steps. Did you lose your godly wife before you went out to run errands? Then she is probably in the house somewhere. Did you accidentally leave her sitting on top of the washing machine when you were doing laundry? Did you place her on the counter when you put the leftovers away? Perhaps you only think you lost her; perhaps you forgot that tonight is Melchizedek role play night and she is in the bedroom waiting for you to come prepare the offering.

if you are Baptist, go to Walmart. If you are reformed, go to Target. If you are Charismatic, go to a sporting goods store where they sell athletic wear