Dealing with the ugly parts of healing

Talking to a friend recently about the reality of a healing process, more precisely, the ugly parts of healing, inspired me to write this blog.




healed; healing; heals

Synonyms of healing

transitive verb



to make free from injury or diseaseto make sound or whole

heal a wound


to make well againto restore to health

heal the sick



to cause (an undesirable condition) to be overcomeMEND

the troubles … had not been forgotten, but they had been healed—William Power


to patch up or correct (a breach or division)

heal a breach between friends


to restore to original purity or integrity

healed of sin-

Easier said than done. Right? You read the book, listen to the motivational video, change your diet, buy the right supplements, and expect the miracle of healing to slap you strong right away. Instead, your car breaks down on the way to the doctor, you forget if you took your medicine and debate how bad double-dosing will be for your body, so you choose to skip it, your body itches, hurts, aches and throbs, your heart is heavy, broken, fatigued, your parents expect too much from you, so do your children and spouses, the lawn needs to be mowed again, the garden watered and “what am I going to cook for dinner tonight?” is the question that haunts you very afternoon. Those are the usual challenges. But when you have to deal with a narcissistic parent, abusive spouse, and ungrateful or hateful co-worker who takes their health and independence for granted and expects you to do the same, it drains all the positive work you’ve done on yourself. It leaves you furious, disheartened, and disappointed with life, people, and everything. You rage, scream, cry, and plead because, at the end of the day, all you’ve ever wanted is to feel good in your body, mind, and soul. None of the prayers worked, God seems gone on vacation, the support group is either non-existent or fatigued with you and all your perceived BS: maybe you’re making this up, maybe you don’t have enough faith, maybe you’re just an attention seeker, or maybe you lack imagination and drive so you choose to get attention via your “pretend” illness.

These elements are also part of healing, everpresent hiccups, step-backs, and irritating interferences. One can’t change a life-long habit without reversing the things known and comfortable. The key is to move forward again and again until you make it. Some days this odd progress is entirely knit from one step forward, one step back. No worries, keep going. Keep learning new ways to heal, and leave the destructive parts of oneself behind. Keep going towards the final goat.

It takes time to change something and effort not to return to the old ways of thinking and acting.

God Bless

Lyme Disease Awareness Month

I highly recommend getting this info; sure, it costs, but you can always sign up for upcoming accessible summits and load up on great medical information to help heal Lyme Disease and many other chronic illnesses.

Just push on claim my free spot, add your e-mail, and you’ll receive an e-mail with a direct link to any summits with great doctors filled with so much knowledge.

Have a good day and fight for your health.

Damean Family just got bigger:)

The first set of twins arrived today!!!!! Meet Damean Estera and Ruth. They are Iulian and Cornelia’s daughters:) Please join us in prayer for Cornelia’s complete recovery from the C-Section operation. Waiting for Leo and Nicloe’s twins to arrive soon:) Not sure what happened with all the twins coming into our family:)

Thank you, and have a Blessed day:)

Happy Mother’s Day!

Photo by Carmen McKnight

To all the women who have stretch marks from pregnancy, who have flat and sore breasts from nursing, scars from a C-section, ripped and scared vaginas from a vaginal birth, nights spent awake with sick or teething kids or worrying over your teenager’s stupid choices, being yelled at by ungrateful spouses and children, exhausted from trying to figure out what you’ll make for dinner, going through the monthly hell of periods then going through the regular hell or menopause, dealing with osteoporosis, breast cancer, and uterine cancer, to the women who can’t get pregnant and put themselves through the grueling process of invitro trials, to the balding, graying, weight fluctuation mothers, to the tall and short mothers, to the funny and crabby mothers, to the vegan and meat-eating mothers, to all those mothers who really know what it means to be a mother: Happy Mother’s Day!!!!!!

What have we been up to lately?

It’s been a while since I haven’t done a blog, and lots of beautiful events have filled our days:)

Well, let me tell you, from celebrating my father-in-law’s 80th B-day to finding Snowdrops- Galanthus nivalis (ghiocei in Romanian) to getting 10 chicks to planting fruit trees celebrating my brother-in-law’s 60th B-day, visiting with our children, Chet and his dad enjoying target shooting together. During snowy days we’ve been enjoying the wood stove at home 🙂 Nothing much, just living the simple life in the country:)

A Happy International Women’s Day to all the beautiful and robust women all-over-the-world!

Living the beautiful life God has given me is a. blessing.

Health? It’s there. Otherwise, I’d be dead.

God Bless:)

Viața- Poezie

Eh, am fost odată tineri și frumoși

Și cu-o grămadă de mușchi armonioși.

Unii eram mai păduchioși

Iar alții mult prea religioși,

Și câțiva un pic ambițioși.

Așa am petrecut noi tinerețea.

Iar viața și de grea era

Tot timpul în lanul viselor trăiam:

Vom fi noi doctori! Ingineri! 

Dar de studiat nu ne plăcea.

Și multe altele noi cam vroiam:

Mămică, soț, și ceva sex, poate copii,

O casă mare că nu prinde rău,

Unul la altul ne spuneam.

Și Dumnezeu să ne dea forță,

Bunăstare și parale

Tăt timpul ne rugam.

Eh, ce viață de adolescenți am dus!

Toți la biserică ne întâlneam

Și mult acolo mai palavrageam.

Cuvântul D-lui să-l ascultăm doream

Dar de multe ori ne plictiseam.

Eh, ce frumos era când câte-un misionar venea

Ca sugativele, toți gură cască, așa stăteam

Amin! Amin! A noastre inimi proslăvea

Că eram dornici de cuvântul viu, nu-acela ce lovea.

Pe urmă am crescut, mulți dintre noi ne-am și căsătorit

Copii, durere, bani puțini cam astea au venit

Și să vezit tu cum genunchii ne-au căzut

Să stăm de vorbă cu Isus.

Mult la cap l-am tot bătut:

Dă-mi casă, pâine, și o mașină tată

Ca am nevastă și o fată.

Și cum ai noști părinți ne-au învățat

Cam multe rugăciuni am înălțat

Cei drept. Si-acuma încă înălțăm

Deși e mult mai greu pe genunchi să neaplecăm

Că-avem artrită, sinuzită, diabet și hepatită

Dar tot o facem că noi știm 

Că pe genunchi, chiar de miracolul nu vine

E tot mai bine decât să uităm de Tine,

Al nostru Dumnezeu care ne-ajută

Să ducem burta mare și oasele îmbătrânite

Pân la sfârșit.

Așa-i viața. Da. Să știi.

Așa că bucură-te măi de ea, că e un dar

Și chiar cu bune și cu rele

Zâmbim mereu, și învățăm constant

Că viața-i nu-i ca în telenovele sau pe internet

Ci mai degrabă e o poveste

Foarte frumoasă și de neuitat_ de Carmen McKnight

Simona Anitei

Fotografia a fost luata in 2007-2008 in Italia, cand am mers la nunta lui sora mea, Delia.

Ahh, sunt anumite persoane de care nu vreau sa scriu pentru ca simt o protectie materna fata de ele printre care e si Simona. M-am luptat cu mine cativa ani si in sfarsit simt dezlegare sa spun public de ce o apreciez foarte mult pe Simonica, cum ii spuneam in trecut. De obicei scriu generalitati despre cei de care vorbesc public si las anumite lucruri private sa ramana intre noi.

Ehh, cate memorii frumoase avem noi impreuna! Am apreciat intotdeauna la Simona stilul ei calm si practic de a a vedea lucrurile, dar mai ales devotiunea ei fata de familie, facand tot efortul de a participa la evenimente in familie. Ori de cate ori Simona venea aducea cu ea bucuria revederii unei persoane dragi. Este sora cea mai mica a mamei mele, matusa mea mult mai tanara decat mine, de asta cand eram copii sau adolescenti mai bine zis refuzam sa-i zic matusa:) Acume e ocupata cu cei trei copii si sotul, o mamica buna si inteleapta si apreciez mult cand ne putem auzi sau vedea prin intermediul tehnologiei.

Ceea ce simt pentru Simona e foarte adanc si greu de exprimat, cuvintele sunt sarace, dragostea este infipta si inradacinata adanc in sufletul meu:)

Nu ma certa Simona ca am scris despre tine, mersi:)

God Bless:)