My Books/ Cărți pe piață

A book of poems which opens a window into the suffering Lyme disease brings along.


Lyme disease suffering prayer

We are the hosts of utter frightful monsters

Who hurt and hurt and spread with rapid glee

Too small to see, too tough to kill, oh me!

And here and now our limited existence,

Must be the grounds of such rebellious resistance?

We cry and hurt, and hurt with such persistence.

But doctors stare and give us no assistance,

And all we want is that our frail existence

Be void of pain, but full of sheer emittance.

Of health and joy but not of coexistence.

For my poor, weak defense system

Must be repaired to form a whole existence.


My God, how can such lack of balance

Exist in tissues? Brain? Heart? What a challenge?

To stay ahead of enemy within is but a strong talent.

Bring me a stew this very day I say.

To keep this nasty weakness at bay

And God? When will my weight I will regain?

Why are we hunted from within, asks us?

When will these monsters be unmasked?

A cure is all I ask today.

I’m not alone in this I say

For such dark monsters all our bodies they decay

And we need hope, for that I’ll surely pray.