Fun thoughts, right?

Today I ain’t feeling so good, which puts me into a contemplative state as I stare out at the walls:) I was wondering why we feel so awful when someone commits suicide, someone we either know and love or they’re complete strangers. Fun thoughts, right? You got your shortcomings and I got mine. Do you think that at some deep level we feel like we failed the one we lost? What about the fact that we just care for human life? I know I do. Well between my feverish self and nausea self, I checked Facebook and found out someone I knew back in Romania, died, which saddened me proving my theory of caring for another. Some of my extended family members in Italy are safe from the earthquake, and my brother Flavius who lost his roof is on his way back from Viena, eager to return on the 7th of September for a specialised endoscopy focusing on his pancreas and liver.

Well, I would much rather feel the loss of someone dear to me because I cared for them (God’s character in us) than walk this earth numb to the importance of life. Oh yeh! This is how a person recovering from Lyme gets a tan: (they call it vasculitis or something of that sort:))) Looks just a tad different than your usual suntan, doesn’t it;) Now, you go and have a great day and live life today for me too;) God Bless.


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