Teasel Root

Last Monday (2/12/2018), I began a semi-new Lyme treatment protocol; a mix of tinctures such as Lyme 2 (for chronic Lyme) which follows the Buhner’s Protocol, Burbur-Pinella brain-nerve cleanse detox which is known for helping tremendously with any Herximer reactions (it really does help me) and the new addition -I actually start with this one- is Teasel Root known for its ability to pull bacteria (spirochetes) from tissue into the bloodstream exposing it to the autoimmune system or treatment.

I was aware before I began the treatment that I would start feeling rotten for a while due to die-off but how will I ever feel better and get rid of something as horrible as Lyme bacteria without being willing to go through the harshness of the process? That being said please read on the Teasel contraindications as there are few (don’t take it if you’re pregnant, have heart disease, kidney stones, etc), be wise, aks your doctor or naturopath before proceeding and start slow (one drop a day, build up to 9 drops a day, which should take about a week.)

Thursday, on day four, I woke up with severe joint/bone pain a total of 24 hours reminding me just how painful this disease really is (my least painful moments being a 7.5 on a scale of 1 to 10). It also predominated my weak joints (hips). I went for a walk anyway, mustering through every step, which surprisingly helped. Flu-like symptoms are another side-effect I noticed, but mostly a severe cervical neck muscles stiffness (can’t touch my upper chest with my chin due to the intense pain and stiffness, something I had no problem doing before I began), and this shows me the bacteria has hidden in my neck/occipital area (Stiff neck is one of Lyme’s symptoms among other diseases). The past two days I’ve woken up with a harsh headache, predominant in the occipital area. I feel as if my brain is inflamed. Also very short attention span, swollen eye-lids in the morning and irritability, but as I’m writing these symptoms down they seem worse on paper than I really feel they are on me. I’m so used to pain that these issues don’t seem so bad to me.

This entry is fully for the Lymies fellows fighting this harsh battle in hopes that any of this information may help you recover as fast as possible from your suffering.

Have a pain free day and God Bless.







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