Medication time :)

This is my routine;

10.00 am
Doxycyline 200mg
Placquenil 200mg
Paramicrocifin (grape seed extract to kill the cyst form)
Acetyl Carnitine (opens brain membrain for the antibiotics to get inside the brain)

Nystatin (antifungal)
Orthobiotics (probiotic)
Saccro B (probiotic)
Plantadophillus (probiotic)
Pearls (probiotic)
Vitamin D, 50.000 IU -only once a week
CoQ10 for the mitochondria cells (produce ATP- ENERGY;) we all need that
NAC ( helps the liver)

Pectasol-toxin binder

Heart energy chinese mix from my accupuncture to healp with the heart, liver and kidney energy. I love this stuff! It’s very bitter but it really helps me:)

repeat the 10 am dose, excluding Acetyl

I repeat the 12 pm dose minud vit D

I repeat the 1pm dose

I stay away from wheat, sugar and dairy as they inflammatory products and feeds the bacteria, giving me a lesser chance to kill them.
Plenty of water (with Chlorophyll and Cell Food added to it to alkalise the body).
Plenty of vegetables (salads with deep greens)
Rice and beans
Sauerkraut- (natural probiotic)
Cabbage- one of the best things to eat! Look up cabbage benefits and you’ll be impressed:) I chop it small, put salt, olive oil and vinegar (another great healthy product) and make a raw salad. You can add apples to it, or walnuts too:)
Good fats like olive oil, coconut oil, avocado.

I listen to great music, I read, I thank God for every single thing I’m able to do now. I pray for others that are in pain, realizing I’m not the only one suffering, I meditate and when I can, I do yoga:) I watch Harry Potter!!!! I read Harry Potter books:) I write:)





This Lyme medication seems tricky. The first four days I improved 80%, worked non-stop around the house and garden, happy to see the light at the end of the tunnel. For the first time in months, we went out with our Bulgarian friends; Nelly and Angel. Next day (Monday Oct. 13th) I ended up in the ER. I had what is called a Herxheimer Reaction. Now I don’t push even when I feel better.


Having fun with Nelly and Angel:)


ER trip Oct.13th

Two days after the trip to ER (neurological side-effects)

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