Saying goodby to loved ones…simply heartbreaking.

Maybe you feel this video does not match the blog message for today. It may be too happy, too colorful for you. I received this video from my aunt Olga, who received it from someone else, but unknown to her she sent it to me in a day when I was an emotional mess, missing my mom so much!!!! I could not help but watch this video and laugh. Once it finished I pushed replay, over and over and over and over and over, thirty replays later… you get the idea. It was exactly what I needed at that moment. But let’s get to it.

There’s so much pain running the streets of our souls these days for some of us. God! Why so much pain? Why do we have to loose them! Silently my soul asks such questions at my weakest moments, but as my tears soak my t-shirt, I also begin to understand another angle about life and the people we love.

I hurt because I love. Our loved ones would’ve left us a long time ago if God didn’t intervene over and over in their lives. He did it for our sakes, so we could grow stronger from our loved one’s example, so we can love deeper, so we can learn more, because as life goes, we have to turn right around and show the same to our children or the younger generation. I know God prolonged my mom’s life so many times I can’t even count. Most of us secretly know how many times God saved us, over and over, He prolonged our lives for the sake of others.

What about the ones we hate? We have the privilege to walk among each other on this earth for a certain amount of time- no one knows how long that is. We walk among the ones we love and the ones we hate so we can learn beautiful lessons and uncomfortably hard ones, to build memories, to give it all and not regret holding back our love towards others. The ones we hate, for one reason or another, are the ones someone else loves.

Let’s be here for one another! My mother-in-law, sent me a private e-mail of encouragement after every single post for years even if I was mad with her, in that gesture I saw the heart of a mother who simply loved.

I love when you reach out to me because you simply need a friend in hard times. I can do that. I can pray for you. So love out loud! With every fiber! Let them know now! Let them feel you care while you still have the opportunity, and if that opportunity was taken away for whatever reason just close your eyes. Can you see them? They’re alive inside of us, in our memories, in our love! God is love! We are created in the image of God. Enough said.

May your day be full of peace for those of you out in the world who are hurting! I pray peace finds you and that you’ll have the courage to receive it.

God Bless:)

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