DIY-How to catch ticks this summer

My mother-in-law sent me this article. A brilliant DIY idea of how to catch ticks this summer if going out for a walk in the woods. The tape comes in different colors to go with your personal style, (just any sticky tape will do, wrapped around your leg sticky side out to the world and the ticks:) and soon you’ll have your own collection to oooohh and ahhh over.

I think this is brilliant:) I can’t take credit for the idea since some other brilliant soul came up with this, but I will share with utter conviction if that means saving you from any tick harm. And I love the humor in it, but seriously getting bit by a tick could be a nasty business that takes a lifetime to get over it. So be careful out there but don’t let the fear of ticks stop you from living! I personally thought of wearing a painter’s suit, those plastic cheep ones you find at Home Depot, when I feel like going for a walk in the mountains or any areas where ticks are. There’s tick repellents on the market as well, personally I haven’t tried any yet, but whatever I choose has to be toxic free, or organic, since -and Lyme disease fellow sufferers know this- we have issues eliminating toxins out of our cells.

Hope this fun tip helps you this summer to stay tick free, and let’s go out there and live life while we still have it. I’m encouraging myself too since lately I’ve been having anxiety getting out of the house, and been diagnosed with PTSD. But I’m planning to make the best lemonade out of all these lemons life keeps shoving in my bag. You do the same and lets hear the wonderful stories of how we’ve overcame this disease!

Have a fantastic day and God Bless:)

It’s Lyme Stew Time

For those battling Lyme disease and multiple co-infections, you know the emotional toll this disease takes on both body and mind. For only $2.99 in Kindle you can find my book of poems, a two part – before Lyme treatment and post Lyme treatment – showing a clear difference in brain functionality. For a fun twist I’ve added the word stew, or stewy, in every poem post Lyme treatment, so have fun trying to hunting them out:) Have a good day today and God Bless:)