Bad Haircut

Well…. let me tell you something… with some events coming up on my calendar, like my own interview for the upcoming documentary we’re working on called “Beating Lyme” I decided to beautify myself and do the decent and stupid thing to cut my hair ALL BY MYSELF mind you! So Yep… I gave myself some bangs, but every time I look in the mirror I go “Dang! What happened to you girl?” This is not a nightmare guys, nope this is a daymare, cause at night at least I can’t see myself but daytime comes around and the mirrors are screaming at me every time I pass by one “What in the world possessed you to do that?”

Thank God hair grows! That’s all I have to say about that. And ya’ll have a good day today, no cutting your own hair now! Hear me? By!

Beating Lyme- Documentary Progress

We’re on schedule, for now, shooting footage for the upcoming documentary called “Beating Lyme” Chet and I are doing together. Many thanks to Elizabeth and Dr. Darvish for their willingness to be part of this project.

Working together as husband and wife has been mostly fun and we haven’t killed each other:) The brainstorming was a little intense as two creative visions merge into one, but I’m learning quite a bit. Doing interviews is the fun part of the project, at least for me. Seeing the people that at one point or another helped us on our healing road is wonderful! And as Dr. Darvish put it “It takes a community to heal a person.” I agree.

We’re still scheduling more interviews after which Chet and I will be sitting down and piece the whole thing together. Getting the right information out to the public and deciding what stays and what goes is harder than it sounds but I have lots of faith in Chet’s expert editorial talents and knowledge. I would’ve never dreamed of doing this without his help. It’s more his project, I feel, and I’m here to help and glad to do so, since he had this documentary idea on his heart for a while now. After Chet purchased the camera, lights, and mic he liked within our set budget we got to work. Now we’re both looking forward to September hoping we’ll make our dead line.

Have a great day! And wish us luck! Dr. Darvish and her medical team helps those struggling from autoimmune diseases and cancer often develops because the immune system failed to do its job in attacking defective cells, according to Google.