Family updates

Besides the recent disaster with my brother Flaviu’s place in Romania (strong winds completely removed the roof from their home and most of their family possessions are ruined), my twin nieces are getting big and beautiful:) My son Merrill, started his new job at Amazon warehouse, my aunt Simona got married, we celebrated out 23d wedding anniversary with a great boat ride, I found out my grandma’s B-Day is the same day as our anniversary, my niece Hannah is healing up, my niece Sarh will celebrate their wedding anniversary, and I’m sure I forgot something:) Thank you God for your blessing on our lives.




Weather disaster in Romania hit home

IMG_2867.jpgI’m talking to one of my brothers right now, the same brother I asked your help in prayers, the same brother that’s been in and out of emergency for the past three years, the same brother that needs a second surgery in Viena next week, that one. An hour ago, in his city of Timisoara, right over his neighborhood, a huge storm took place with winds so strong it took the roof off of his home. Now, his wife Adina, their little two-year-old daughter and my brother are on the street, watching in horror as their material possessions are damaged from the rain water that entered inside. The danger of the whole structure collapsing in is quite high keeping them away. I would highly appreciate your support in prayers. Their names are Flavius, Adina, and little Raisa. Thank you:)