The Lord is YOUR shepherd

Every person going through hard times needs an anchor to bring some type of stability in their storm. Momentarily, mine is Psalm 23. It seems I have become quite addicted to it, and that speaks volumes to me since for the better part of my life I found the Bible to be boring, putting me to sleep faster than a lullaby.

What’s your anchor? You must have one, if not, it may be wise to get one so when the storm hits, and it will, you have something to hold on.

“…he renews my strength (soul).” Depending what version of the Bible you read.

For me, last week has been a hard one full of pain, one emergency trip, IVs, insurance troubles, brother sick, niece sick, kids fighting, and past emotional trauma resurfacing due to few conversations with my ill brother. You see, he’s hunted by the same emotional nightmares I’ve suffered from for years, but I began talking about it right after I’ve heard God nudging me to do so. I question this approach many times but keep moving on. Then I feel it, that renewing of strength he speaks about it.

“…and I will live in the house of the Lord forever.”:)

Since I began speaking this out loud before bed-time, my dreams have been void of torment/nightmares, I wrestled a demon effortlessly and successfully in my dream, my thoughts are clearer. I understand not all of you will agree with this, may think it’s hokey-pocky stuff or who knows what else. I’m alright with that. There are many things I have a hard time still believing but gradually, as it usually happens with growth and healing, I begin seeing life a little different. I see the beauty in the cracks and the imperfections most of us find threatening. Soo…

The Lord is YOUR shepherd; YOU have all that YOU need. He lets YOU rest in green meadows; he leads YOU beside peaceful streams. He renews YOUR strength:) He guides YOU along right paths, bringing honor to his name. Even when YOU walk through the darkest valley, YOU will not be afraid, for he is close to YOU. His staff and rod comforts YOU. He prepares a feast for YOU in the presence of YOUR enemies. He honors YOU by anointing YOUR head with oil. YOUR cup overflows with blessings. Surely goodness and unfailing love will pursue YOU all the days of YOUR life, and YOU will live in the house of the Lord forever.

Have a brilliant day!



Dream/ Vis

This morning I had an interesting dream.

A structural shift was going on in all the nations of this planet. Every nation, represented by a certain color and scattered all over the earth began moving towards an invisible  center, organizing itself in lines according to their nation, moving rhythmically and in a togetherness forming  this.imgres.jpg   Then I woke up.


Am avut un vis interesant. Toate natiunile pamintului, imprastiate pe intregul pamint si representate print-o culoare, au inceput sa se uneasca intr-un dans armonius formind imaginea de mai sus. Pe urma m-am trezit. 

Uber vs Lyft / Reach out vs Car 2 Go

Uber close to a cab experience, the drivers seem very experienced, the cars are clean, its less expensive than getting a cab, you sign up with an app, your card is on file, you don’t deal with cash, the payment is taken automatically from your card.

Lyft- your driver is a regular person looking to make extra cash, even less expensive than Uber, they use their personal cars, so far they seemed very clean, you don’t deal with cash, you download the app sign up put your card on file and they take it out automatically. The second driver, a woman, her navigation skills were not top notch but she was a nice lady and we got to my destination which to me was the most important part:)

Personal note-Lyft drivers; First one had it’s B-day that day and was going to have a B-B-Que with his friends. He asked me cooking suggestions for corn on the cob. The second driver, the woman with navigational hick-ups, was hoping to buy a house soon. I gave her some ideas since I had a dab of knowledge in this area from my real estate times.

For the picky ones out there Uber will be better, for the charismatic ones out there any would work for you, for the penny pincher, Lyft would work better for you or you take your own car:)

 ReachNow vs Car 2 go

Both are a car rental per minute services. You have to download an app, put your credit card info in there and use it.

Reach out– No key required, everything is built in the dashboard, most cars are Mini Cooper and BMW, nice and clean, you don’t need to worry about feeling the gas, if you do you get a credit back, these drive within city limits, it’s great for people living in the city without a car. However, we have tried this services four times, each time with some type of problem. (Car not opening, car not locking after use, car not unlocking). 49 cents per minute, when parked the rate is 30 cents a minute, you don;t pay for insurance, fuel, parking or maintenance.

Car 2 go- smart cars only, same set up as ReachNow but they actually work, available everywhere downtown (lots of cars available). 41 cents per minute +tax/fees. You don’t pay for parking, fuel or maintenance. 

From personal experience, even though the ReachNow cars are nicer to drive, Car 2 go worked without any problems every time, which we used it about 8 times now without one problem.