The Lord is YOUR shepherd

Every person going through hard times needs an anchor to bring some type of stability in their storm. Momentarily, mine is Psalm 23. It seems I have become quite addicted to it, and that speaks volumes to me since for the better part of my life I found the Bible to be boring, putting me to sleep faster than a lullaby.

What’s your anchor? You must have one, if not, it may be wise to get one so when the storm hits, and it will, you have something to hold on.

“…he renews my strength (soul).” Depending what version of the Bible you read.

For me, last week has been a hard one full of pain, one emergency trip, IVs, insurance troubles, brother sick, niece sick, kids fighting, and past emotional trauma resurfacing due to few conversations with my ill brother. You see, he’s hunted by the same emotional nightmares I’ve suffered from for years, but I began talking about it right after I’ve heard God nudging me to do so. I question this approach many times but keep moving on. Then I feel it, that renewing of strength he speaks about it.

“…and I will live in the house of the Lord forever.”:)

Since I began speaking this out loud before bed-time, my dreams have been void of torment/nightmares, I wrestled a demon effortlessly and successfully in my dream, my thoughts are clearer. I understand not all of you will agree with this, may think it’s hokey-pocky stuff or who knows what else. I’m alright with that. There are many things I have a hard time still believing but gradually, as it usually happens with growth and healing, I begin seeing life a little different. I see the beauty in the cracks and the imperfections most of us find threatening. Soo…

The Lord is YOUR shepherd; YOU have all that YOU need. He lets YOU rest in green meadows; he leads YOU beside peaceful streams. He renews YOUR strength:) He guides YOU along right paths, bringing honor to his name. Even when YOU walk through the darkest valley, YOU will not be afraid, for he is close to YOU. His staff and rod comforts YOU. He prepares a feast for YOU in the presence of YOUR enemies. He honors YOU by anointing YOUR head with oil. YOUR cup overflows with blessings. Surely goodness and unfailing love will pursue YOU all the days of YOUR life, and YOU will live in the house of the Lord forever.

Have a brilliant day!



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