2020 Highlights

Despite Covid-19, the smog from all the fires burning this summer in California, Oregon and Washington, another emergency trip and more tests; its been a good year for us and we are very grateful aware it’s a blessing to be able to say this.

A Happy New Year! Lots of health and peace from us to you! God Bless:)

Curajul de a Iubi

Editia a doua a cartii “Rascumparata prin Iubire”, valabila acuma pe Amazon in formatul Kindle.

În 1989, după căderea comunismului în România, atât țara
se găsește în mijlocul multor schimbări, cât și Carmen,
o adolescentă hărțuită de încercări, printre care și un misionar american. Va reuși ea să înfrunte atât durerea trecutului, cât și frica prezentă în fața alegerii unei vieți noi?

Acest roman este bazat în totalitate pe experiențele personale ale autoarei și va transporta cititorii în adâncul luptelor ei emoționale ca și copil și, în cele din urmă, ca femeie, soție, soră și copil al lui Dumnezeu. Acest roman este primul dintr-o serie bazată pe viețile fraților și surorilor Damean din Hunedoara.

Now available on Kindle through Amazon.

It’s Lyme Stew time

On Kindle now!

A sample for your delight…or maybe just a sample.


I feel so young, not frail or broken.

Yet mind and body wars against my token

And I feel utterly alone one screaming moment

Only to change in utter joy, what a bestowment!

A splitting self the doctor sees, am I by-polar?

Cause if I sit and listen to myself

I may agree with such a shattered order 

And even let it rule my gutted choice.

But then again I noticed all my darkened moments 

They come when others stab and slash my way.

And I can slash right back with such precision

But then again I tell myself, what of their pain?

Are their intentions good, oblivious, pure evil?

At times I ask myself that very thing.

For stewy mess is like a promised ring

Which never makes it’s way into the swing

Of brave new dreams. Ends up a silly fling. 

But pain still bleeds from every wounded corner 

And at some moments I don’t seem to care.

But life is full of dance moves on sharp needles 

And en-between there are some roses too

Yet how you tip your toes around such poses 

Is up to you. Right? No need to be always blue.

What have we been up to lately?

For those of you that haven’t heard the news yet, we sold that retched condo in July and have been dancing for joy ever since! The house we moved into is three times and a half bigger than our condo, and now every member of our family has their own claimed territory, with their own laws of the land:) Yes, we’ve remained together, for which I’m truly thankful.

We’ve expended our happiness and with it came a pleasant side-effect- reduced seizure episodes- proving to me once again what a killer stress really is. Neurologically I may never be what I used to be, I’ve come to accept that, yet the story does not end here. As long as I have breath in me I’ll always fight. This whole year has been closer to my communistic up bringing than I thought possible in America. I pray for America, I pray for us, all.

What have I been up to lately? Why the silence? The rhythm of my life, which was broken at one point, is finding its way back, slowly, surely, not as precisely, more flawed, more graceful, more forgiving. God, not religion, has been with me the whole way, showing love in unique and unexpected moments as He often tends to do with humanity. Family and friends too. I was a sturdy lego building at one point only to be unexpectedly broken into small pieces. It takes time to rebuild and when the memory falters what gets built back looks so very different from the original. Not worse. Not better. Different. Better in some ways not so in others. My health, as of today, is not complete. My health, as of today, is better than yesterday. Yet, Lego pieces are still missing, links that I need desperately to complete the new building, links I still keep a look out for, but then I get the sense that so are you. You too are incomplete, you’re searching for some missing pieces. That’s good. Searching keeps us alive, searching keeps us ticking. Searching gives us hope and hope builds towers. I know so many of you may be affected one way or another by 2020’s failures, for which I find myself ill equipped to comment, yet, beyond dark heavy clouds a sun always shines. Scientific fact. Hold on to that and keep moving forward one step at the time.

God Bless