2020 Highlights

Despite Covid-19, the smog from all the fires burning this summer in California, Oregon and Washington, another emergency trip and more tests; its been a good year for us and we are very grateful aware it’s a blessing to be able to say this.

A Happy New Year! Lots of health and peace from us to you! God Bless:)

What have we been up to lately?

For those of you that haven’t heard the news yet, we sold that retched condo in July and have been dancing for joy ever since! The house we moved into is three times and a half bigger than our condo, and now every member of our family has their own claimed territory, with their own laws of the land:) Yes, we’ve remained together, for which I’m truly thankful.

We’ve expended our happiness and with it came a pleasant side-effect- reduced seizure episodes- proving to me once again what a killer stress really is. Neurologically I may never be what I used to be, I’ve come to accept that, yet the story does not end here. As long as I have breath in me I’ll always fight. This whole year has been closer to my communistic up bringing than I thought possible in America. I pray for America, I pray for us, all.

What have I been up to lately? Why the silence? The rhythm of my life, which was broken at one point, is finding its way back, slowly, surely, not as precisely, more flawed, more graceful, more forgiving. God, not religion, has been with me the whole way, showing love in unique and unexpected moments as He often tends to do with humanity. Family and friends too. I was a sturdy lego building at one point only to be unexpectedly broken into small pieces. It takes time to rebuild and when the memory falters what gets built back looks so very different from the original. Not worse. Not better. Different. Better in some ways not so in others. My health, as of today, is not complete. My health, as of today, is better than yesterday. Yet, Lego pieces are still missing, links that I need desperately to complete the new building, links I still keep a look out for, but then I get the sense that so are you. You too are incomplete, you’re searching for some missing pieces. That’s good. Searching keeps us alive, searching keeps us ticking. Searching gives us hope and hope builds towers. I know so many of you may be affected one way or another by 2020’s failures, for which I find myself ill equipped to comment, yet, beyond dark heavy clouds a sun always shines. Scientific fact. Hold on to that and keep moving forward one step at the time.

God Bless

2020 Golden Globes

Thank you Ricky Gervais for expressing such truth. I agree, even if it was said in the form of a joke. I rarely watch these things, but last night I happened to see it, since it came right after the Seahawks game and it was “bloody brilliant” as one of the english expression goes.

January 1st 2020

Revised version since last night when I wrote this blog my eyes were sandy from fatigue and my brain only worked on autopilot.

How do you start the new year right? By pranking your kids! Yes! After all, is very important for us parents to teach our children how to act or react sharply and appropriately in all life’s circumstances.

Since Meleah was the only one working on New Year’s first day we decided, maturely of course, to play a prank on her once she got back home which was around 1 pm. So we came up with a ransom note.

From idea to completion we had 40 minutes. The culprits were: my husband, myself, our son Merrill and her boyfriend Jordan. There was a mad rush of hands and ideas flying. Chet was cutting the most brilliant words out of a Martha Steward cooking magazine, I had the privilege of gluing the whole message together while the boys came up with the message:) I haven’t felt so alive and giddy for a long time and I loved every second of the devious plan and from the looks of it so did the boys. The fact that our building had a power issue (can’t really call it outage) and the lights were very dim, some even flickering others not working at all, the TV console moved away from the wall (Chet unplugged the electronics) did help.

We left the note on the floor seconds before she stepped through and hid waiting. Heard the keys, her stepping inside then utter silence for few long seconds. (She was reading the ransom note and listening for any activity inside before committing to come all the way in.) As you can see, in our haste, we never left a contact info so she checked her Instagram messages for more clarification. Nothing. She walked ever so quietly around looking, for us I presume, and eventually found us tucked in a corner of our bedroom. The whole thing was over way too soon but we sure had a nice laugh.

Twisted sense of humor you say? I think not. I’ve come to the conclusion that my daughter handled the situation brilliantly and my job as a parent was done. She’ll do fine in life is the conclusion we drew, which is important:)

I would love to hear some of your fun teachable moments you received or gave away, but until then have a fantastic new year with great beginnings and fun adventures!

God Bless:)