Step 3 -Lyme specialists

You got diagnosed, a bit too late and the three weeks Doxycycline antibiotic treatment not only didn’t work but it stirred up a nest of vipers and you’re left with the aftermath. Now you need to find a Lyme specialist outside the western medical realm, unfortunately, and at this point things get complicated, confusing, expensive and down right frustrating.

In the Seattle are where I live there are quite a few Lyme specialist, you only need to Google them. The first one I’ve tried was Dr. Susan Marra. She was expensive but no more expensive than the other specialists, had a certain doom and gloom advise for me about this disease (but in retrospect looking back she was very realistic about the whole process and I didn’t want to accept it) and a little odd but keep in mind she too is fighting Lyme Disease so it can’t be easy for her. Since I couldn’t handle the strong antibiotic treatment she had me on -which was more expensive even with insurance coverage than the natural realm I took later- I left and found another doctor. She saved my life but it took two years of weekly different IV treatments, supplement intake, rife like therapy, and a few other procedures. She works at Holistique Naturopathic Medical Center in Bellevue. It wasn’t cheep. So one way or another you end up paying. The best advise I can give you is to find doctors who specialize on improving and strengthening your immune system because once your own immune system is strong it will do the killing for you.

If you can’t afford a specialist, and most people can’t, there are other alternatives you can do at home.

First you must change your diet: by eliminating dairy products you lower the inflammation in your body, by eliminating sugar, for sure the refined and processed one, you give your immune system a chance to fight back, since sugar is a well known immune inhibitor. Warm water with lemon helps with detox, so does epsom salt. Vitamin D, C and B’s are very important and so is collagen (Lyme feeds on collagen), then potassium and magnesium. If you can, for a certain period of time, do a vegan diet with non-processed foods preferably by cooking your own meals (that can be very hard I get that), but do what you can. Garlic helps greatly, olive oil and oregano pills as well.

If you have more money to spend start tinctures and essential oils. Buhner or Cowden protocols are very helpful and Amazon sells most of their protocols products so its easy to get them.

For the neurological side I love and use daily Neurocalm by Designs for Health, also found on Amazon. This product helps my nervous system to calm down, gives me energy an it does not make me drowsy at all. I can handle being in public better. I’ll stop here although there are thousands more supplements that can help, including parasitical cleanse. (One I must mention is called Holistic Tincture 7 by biotraxx, comes from Germany and you need to do a six month program. One of their bottles only covers 3 weeks so prep in advance by ordering multiple bottles since it takes a week to get to USA, but it really helps me).

Reading books on the subject is essential.

Unlocking Lyme by William Rawls M.D who got infected and began fighting against it. I love this book because it has very condensed medical information, yet easy to read and the how to’s. Healing Lyme by Stephen Harrod Buhner, a book I still need to read but I tried his protocol and it helped and many others can be easily found on Amazon or your local library.

Join Lyme groups on Facebook for moral support but please don’t be mean, the other members are also fighting hard, feel cranky and crappy most days.

I hope the info I’ve shared with you today will guide you so you don’t feel overwhelmed in this tricky and complicated battle. You can do this! One day you’ll be on the healthy side of life:) Have a day void of pain if possible and God Bless:)

Step 2 -Herxheimer reaction-

So you got the Doxy antibiotic treatment, it worked for the first five-six days, you saw a heathy ray of hope shining down on you from the heavens above, you even had the energy, finally, to go out with friends and celebrate the good news, only to find yourself the seventh day down on the floor, with half of your face paralyzed, barely breathing, severe nausea, cold tingling lips and extremities, unable to focus your eyes on anything, in and out of consciousness, absolutely sure that you’re dying. But why? (At least this is what happened to me, your experience may have similar details with many additional symptoms, depending on how your own body was affected).

Well… I wished my doctor would’ve tolled me that Herxing is part of the healing process and why a Lyme disease patient goes through these. The young lady in the video explains it well in my humble opinion, the why and the how to ease the severity of herxing so you can avoid expensive and unproductive ER trips, like mine’s.

Some of the Herxing symptoms: Severe/intense fatigue, joint pain, flue like symptoms, cognitive symptoms, neurological based seizures, nausea, fast heart beating, metal/bitter taste, tingling and numbing of extremities and/or face/lips, dizziness, fog vision, sensitivity to light and noise, sharp bone pain, headaches, are the ones I remember experiencing but there are more out there.

Detoxing: Burbur-Pinella by NutraMedix tincture is my #1 detox product I use, you can easily find it for sale on Amazon

Warm lemon water is fantastic and inexpensive.

Chlorophyll- liquid form- about 15 drops in your water bottle simply needs to become a life style. The water will look dark green to black, so that can be a cool topic for your friends- vampire water. If you don’t like the taste, or color, use it in pill format. I was too sensitive to charcoal pills, reacted too strongly, so that didn’t work for me, but epsom salt baths are very nice, sauna too.

So if you’re new to this process, let me tell you something I wished I knew. Herxing is scary, and it can feel like you’re dying, however there’s a better life on the other side and if you’re vigilant with your detoxing it’s manageable…still scary and unpleasant though. I imagines the stupid things dying and it put a smile on my suffering. So if you’re herxing that’s because you’re killing them. Yah!

Herxing is part of the healing process, wether you choose antibiotics or a natural approach. Hard to get past it. But keep on killing them!!!!! Now that you’re aware what Herxing is about, what next? If you haven’t caught it in the cute stage (the first 24h- a week) and the doxy helped some, only to make things so much worse, now what? Here is where the medical controversy starts.

Coming up next, but until then God Bless and keep up the hope:)

Step 1-Doxycycline and Lyme Disease-

So you got diagnosed with Lyme Disease (after years of confusing symptoms and most likely rude and dismissive doctor trips while suffering unbearable pain). Most likely Doxycycline, an antibiotic, is the most likely drug to be prescribed. That’s what I was prescribed. Here’s a video giving you great detail explanations regarding this drug.

For early detection doxy is a saver, but what happens when doxy does not work, when the disease ravaged your body longer than three weeks? What happens when something called Herxing happens?

Our next episode I’ll talk about that.

God Bless and keep hopeful:)

The monster inside of me- documentary teaser

It’s hard to watch this without feeling the pain of their battles. As I’ve relapsed in September and had seizures or tendencies to fall into one almost hourly, I know how nasty it is. I’m slowly coming out of it, but I’m still in lots of pain, and the cold, gray weather does not help.

I have to focus on one step at the time and keep moving forward. Is it sinister what’s happening to people suffering from this disease? Yes. Is this the only disease hurting others? No. This one, along with a few others are hard to diagnose, understand, and eliminate. So far. We hope the research will reveal a cure and the government will allow it.

Have a good day today and hope for a healthy tomorrow:)

God Bless:)

Lyme disease and non-epileptic seizures.

Danielle explains the seizures better than I can.

I got diagnosed with Neurological Lyme Disease plus co-infections back in 2014-2015 and that’s how I get attacked after a nasty flue/cold, or any elevated or prolonged stress in my life. I also have a hard time in public (especially after a relapse) around lots of people, places such as Costco, church, any restaurant, or grocery stores, festivals, or just crowds, like in airports. I used to love being in large crowds of people, their energy and happiness only increased mine, but now I hate being in crowds of people. When I relapse or have flare ups, talking to one person, looking them in the eye, fills me up with anxiety. It’s as if I can feel their pain or distress and I absorb it in my own body.

Thank God for Instacart app. They deliver the groceries you buy on line to your door for a small fee, or free if you buy a year membership. Amazon also delivers from Whole Foods if you live in Seattle, which we do, and these modern services are a complete blessing for people like me.

Nutramedix Burbur-Pinella tincture or warm lemon water helps me through these seizures, it calm the neurological system down, by cleaning all the toxins away and calming the whole wiring down. The Burbur helps fast while the lemon water is just a nice detox habit to have.

All Lyme warriors keep your spirits up today and God Bless:)

The road towards health

How did I recover?

There are many roads to recovery, one for each body and soal. What do I mean by that?  Individually, our DNA and cellular built are unique for each of us even if there are many similarities between us, and recovery should be approached with this in mind.

But enough of the philosophical talk and let’s get into the practical. How did I recover?

Before I received the diagnosis of chronic Neuro Lyme Disease with multiple co-infections (on October 2014, eight months into the whole thing) I’ve already decided to be the 1% who will recover 100%. With that in mind, I began my journey and every time I heard: There’s no cure for this, I would respond: Not yet. There’s a cure for everything we just haven’t found it yet. I really believe that.

I also had to accept one true fact: It was up to me to get healthy. Sure the doctors were going to help if they could, but ultimately it was up to me to want to heal, which meant perseverance, asking questions, doing lots of research work and ultimately be a guinea pig if that meant success. That’s what I did.

Here are some of the steps I took towards recovery.

  1. I believed I would heal. (I believed my body had what it took to heal, I only needed to figure out what was that, hoping that it wasn’t too late. Faith in God and myself kicked in at full speed… and maybe my stubbornness too;)
  2. I focused on healing. (Persevered, argued with doctors, asked questions, researched, refused to accept other’s doubt, I put distance between me and fearful/toxic people, surrounded myself with positive music, preaching and meditative words such as Psalm 23, and I believed God was on my side.)
  3. I changed my diet. (I was already on a gluten-free diet, but, at my naturopath doctor’s advise eliminated all dairy products to reduce the high inflammation present already in my body, I eliminated sugar which suppresses the immune system and added lots of greens, organic, non-processed foods and drank (still do) a high amount of green tea (for its antioxidants properties), herbal tea, especially chamomile (also for its antioxidants properties, digestive and restful benefits and drank LOTS of water, for the obvious reasons of detoxification and hydration. No soda pop or natural juices just water (filtered) and tea (organic).
  4. I followed to the T all treatments prescribed, especially the supplements. The home page can give you a better idea of the high amount of supplements I took in order to built up my immune system, in addition, all the IV’s I’d endured, shots, pokes, tests meanwhile thinking “I’ll get you, disease! I’ll win not you.”
  5. I had all the mercury fillings removed. Too weak to have this process done right away I had to go first through two years of treatment to even get me strong enough to endure such a process, which began in March 2017 and ended in September/October of the same year, with IV treatments between each dental session to rebuild enough so I could withstand the next dental appointment, one of which lasted three hours and dislocated my jaw. But once all mercury was out the dramatic improvement in my health was unreal, literally within hours. The chelation beforehand and the detox afterward helped.
  6. I focused on being a mom, wife, and friend. If I could muster it, I cooked, cleaned my house, did laundry, visited friends etc, even if the entire time I felt horrible, I focused on what I had and not the other way around. I also learned to rest, say no, and feel no guilt over the fact that I needed rest.
  7. Forgive.  Chet helped and supported me in the most amazing of ways possible, financially and emotionally, along with Elizabeth, my brothers and sisters and many friends, but I had to forgive not only myself but the painful past. I had to set myself free through forgiveness, a new habit and like all new habits this one I must repeat a lot and often so it will stick.
  8. Re-learn. I’m still smacked in the middle of this one. What do I mean by re-learn? This is where the memory muscles have to remember that once I drove long distances, I used to work full-time, be part of society and among people without panicking, I used to be outgoing and love the presence of people, take vacations etc. I’ve overcome some and I must overcome others, like being in an airport and get on a plane, (still terrified of that one). One step at the time. But I’m thankful:) Hope this article will help any of you out in this world fighting your own Lyme disease or autoimmune battles. God Bless:)


Four years ago, in the middle of suffering and when my life was spent mostly in bed for months at the time in unimaginable pain, I kept my focus on a particular image; a sunny day in the future enjoying myself as a healthy woman in the middle of nature- God’s creation.  This day came to past a few months back, however, a week ago we enjoyed our first vacation since 2014, four years ago when I fell ill. I can not express the intense joy I felt during multiple moments throughout this vacation and the thanksgiving my heart expressed to God for having the opportunity to re-live such moments, even if at some point the body began to protest intense fatigue. All I did, was to take time and rest, then resume our activities.

Why am I writing this to you? Because you’ve read and seen the side of me through pain and now I want to share the other side, the side of health, the walk of health, the walk towards health. While in pain, I visualized daily the very moments I finally got to live this past week! In the past, although the body was full of death threats, no one could steal my dream hidden deep within. Never give up and if you feel fatigued in your body or in the spirit, take a few moments to rest, then go on keeping your focus on your own image of hope. For me, that image of hope was in the middle of nature, the very nature where my suffering came from through the tick bite but I was determined not to let this pain keep me a prisoner of fear.

If you are in the midst of suffering right now, what would your focus of hope look like?  Joy, peace, love, safety, new friends, health? These are the most important and in the end, these are the fruits of God’s love for us, the acceptance of our own being (the creation of God) and the love of our neighbor. Forgiveness is the way which leads to them, forgiveness and perseverance. (I know some of you will contradict this last part, as I too contradicted this part in the past, especially forgiveness. I found excuses, telling myself that I was not the one who needed to forgive, I was the hurt one and not the abuser, but I was blinded by my own anger and hurt. I forgive so I can heal. I’m also wise and not allow broken people to determine my destiny.)

I wish you a beautiful summer day, a beautiful holiday for those of you who are or will go on vacation and the grace of God may continue to be upon us as always.

God Bless:)