Alin in Switzerland visiting Rhine Fall / Cascada Rhine in Elvetia, Alin a vizitat-o acuma citeva zile.

My niece Michelle, performing in Berlin Germany:) Nepoata mea Michelle pe scena in Berlin, Germania.

Raisa, my little niece growing up:) Raise creste mare:)


My parents-in-law’s 53rd wedding anniversary:) Socrii la 53 de ani de la nunta:)

Delia got a new work contract (Italy), Oana’s going to have a baby (Romania) and Hadasa has two teeth (Romania):) Delia a primit contract nou de munca in Italia, Oana va avea un baby, primul:) si Hadasa are doi dintisori:)

Iosif and Sergiu with home improvements, Alex and Mia are moving into their own place, Maria passed a big math test, and Meleah, my daughter is graduating soon!!! Iosif si Sergiu cu casele lor, Alex si Mia se muta la casa lor, Maria a trecut cu bine testul de mate, si Meleah, fata mea termina liceul curind!!!!!

God has blessed my family:) D-zeu mi-a binecuvintat familia:)

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