Another chapter on the way. Alt capitol presentat:)

Chapter One of the book is available now in both English version as well as Romanian version under the Damean Family page. The commentary Part one and Two are available at the end of the chapter. Enjoy:)

Capitolul 1 este acum valabil sub pagina Damean Family. Comentariu (Partea 1 si 2) este valabil la inceputul capitolului in Limba Romana. O zi buna:)

We go the IV juicing route


Well… what can I say. IV treatment it’s not as glamorous as it looks:) Yesterday I had a follow up, found out I got mold and new co-infections so we’re changing the treatment yet again, and juicing myself trough one long flexible straw seems unavoidable. Here, in the picture I’m embracing one treatment and due to time I had to skip the other two, but got a shot instead, just in case I didn’t have enough poking for the day:) I’m on an anti-mold treatment now, we’re not even dealing with all other issues, it’s knocking one thing at the time strategy. I had Elizabeth and her sweet kids to entertain me, as they passed by the window making faces and dancing, putting a smile of all of our faces. (I wasn’t the only one drinking through a straw). The insurance does not cover this treatment since it’s considered exploratory (in other words, works better than the usual phrase I’ve heard:You’re just one of those unfortunate cases). True even this doctor tolled me the IV combination is very unique and I’m a special case. I’m really tired of how special I seem to be in the doctor’s eyes. The IV left me absolutely and completely wiped of all energy and today I’m dragging my body from one room to another like a zoned out zombie. However I’m happy my girl passed her driver’s test and she’s been getting out groceries since Thursday:) My parents celebrated their 42nd wedding anniversary yesterday and life goes on.

Am inceput tratament intravenos de ieri, vor sa fac de doua ori pe saptamina, timp de 8 saptamini, o combinatie specific numai mie de medicamente totul pe baza naturala. Mi-a spus ca sint caz special, dar te mai uiti. Tratamentul este pentru curatirea mucegaiului care l-au fasit in corp prin analize de singe si inzdravenirea sitemului imun. Binenteles asigurarea medicala nu acopera nimic, deci clar, no fi nimic. (dupa zisele lui Alin, fratele meu). Am observat ca tratamentul asta ma obosit la maxim. Meleah a luat examenul de conducere si se duce la cumparaturi de citeva zile, asta-i de mare ajutor acuma. Parintii mei au celebrat 42 de ani de casatorie ieri si uite asa viata merge inainte.