What will be, will be

The Devil has been busy lately. If fact, he’s been working overtime and in my opinion he’s overdue for a vacation- a non-paid vacation. His benefits should suffer a bit as well, and a period- non-specific period- of time-off. Better yet, he’s fired! I’m sure most of us will benefit from that and for once, in his miserable existence, he should roam the streets, homeless and confused, dazed and ignored, loveless.

I’ve woken up yesterday covered in spots, not the beauty spots type, the other kind. The type usually followed with a gasp and a ‘what the heck?’. Or, in my case: What now? These spots came with a healthy dose of fierce and angry inflammation and a whole lot of itching. It began purchasing more and more property on my body like a greedy investor in pursuit for a grand return. The Zoom Care across the street diagnosed it as an allergic reaction. To what exactly? Well that was just too much to expect from them. I needed to settle -preferably with a smile on my face- for a lame excuse with an even lamer remedy. So I did. ‘Take Claritin.’ (It’s the answer to all your problems.) Come back if it does not go away. Why? Next time are you magically going to know what’s wrong with me? Is this a game? How many times do you want to see a doctor and hear the lamest diagnoses that comes with it’s own lame remedy?

I left with the usual disappointment I expected to get, yet, when it actually happened I felt worse than expected.

The IV treatment went as expected. The naturopath was surprised by the large rash and we went down the possible causes: diet? Nope. Medicine? Nope. Cleaning products? Nope. Sun? Hmm… that’s a new one. Pollen? Another new one. Grief? Hmmm…possible. A homeopathic medicine promised to re-settle my system. We’ll see.

The best part was Chet’s response, who was getting a cold-sore.

‘I see how it is, you saw me get a cold-sore so you had to “one up me”.

‘Yep, you got it.’ 😂😂😂

So even though the Devil does not seem to like vacations (one look at the news to see the evidence of that), we can still ‘one up him’ with lots of humor in the midsts of our troubles.

God Bless.



Ce-o fi o fi

Azi am chef sa scriu in limba Romana, lucru rar, dar placut.

Iaca, ieri m-am trezit si o buna parte din corpul meu era ocupat de oaspeti nedoriti. Mincarimea era o latura neplacuta si, binenteles, nedorita. Am mers la clinica de peste drum. Diagnostic? Reactie alergica. La ce? Nu se stie. Probabil sint alergica la prostia omeneasca ca in ultimul timp am avut o doza prea mare in viata de zi cu zi de la citeva (una in particular) persoane :))))) Dupa medicamente de anti-histamine sa ameliorat un pic situatia, oaspetii sau mai calmat ca erau deja prea inflamati si infuriati, dar seara din nou au dat navala, sa mai povesteasca si ei cum e cu mincarimea si cu alergiile si cit de fain ii sta la Carmen cind se scarpina:) La perfuzie, tot ieri, doctorita naturalistica a ramas mirata, si mi-a zis poate de la soare, pollen in aer sau suparare sufleteasca.

Amu, suparare sufleteasca a tot fost in ultima perioada, ca Dracu nu doarme, si in ultimul timp a cam facut ore suplimentare;) Cred ca o iesit iara la vinatoare si si-o pus tinta pe familia noastra si o zis: pai eu trag si ce-o fi o fi. Si el o tras si noi am zis:

“Doamne iarta-i.” A trebuit sa repetam asta cam de 70 de ori pe zi, dar te mai uiti? Amu numai asa mai raminem si noi cu mintea intreaga, sufletul linistit si cu Domnul impacati:) Dar de la o vreme incepi sa te intrebi: Dracule, dar de o pauza tu nu ai auzit? Mai fa una, mai lungeste-te si trage un pui de somn ca ar mai vrea lumea sa se mai hodineasca. Dar nu ai cu cine… ca el tot da, noi tot ne ocolim si iertam, pina la un moment dat cind punem palma sus si zicem: Atit. Si frumos, frumusel ne intoarcem roata in prejur, ignorindul complet dar fluierind o cintare Dumnezeiasca. Cind ne dam seama ca nu mai are putere asupra noastra, ne stapineste pacea Dumnezeiasca si iaca mergem la brat cu Bunul Dumnezeu vorbind de ale noastre.

Si cam asa stau lucrurili pi la noi, dar nu va face-ti voi necaz, chiar di loc, ca amu noi stam toti la taifas cu Bunul Dumnezeu si el ni sfatuiesti ce vom faci de-acum inainti.

Cit despre musafirii mei nedoriti, le mai dau o zi si daca nu pleaca di buna voie le fac papucii print-o noua vizita la doctor si un nou medicament (sper nu steroizi cum mi-au zis ca v

or face daca nu merge anti-histamina). Si uiti asa mergi viata mai diparte si cu buni si cu cele coapti rau di tat.

Bunul Dumnezeu cu noi toti:)