My to go supplements- Healing from Lyme Disease.

Photo by Carmen McKnight from Pexels

As some of you know, healing from chronic Lyme Disease is a tricky and long process.

It’s been seven years since I’ve been diagnosed with Lyme Disease. After the diagnose we found out I had multiple co-infections such as Bartonella, Babesia, Mycoplasma, in addition to mold, toxicity and intestinal parasites. I believe I was originally bit around 10-12 years old. Back then I fell into an unconscious state for 3-4 days with a sever hight fever. After I awoke things changed. Irritability, heat intolerance, irregular heart beats and anxiety were the obvious immediate symptoms, syncope came soon after.

In 2002 trauma-the loss of my baby brother- while pregnant with my third child triggered an immune response which kept me in a survival mode for few years from which I operated until a complete collapse in January 2014, due to the demands of my new job as a massage therapies- a job I LOVED! What once hid so well within my tissues resurfaced with a vengeance. The immune system collapsed and I along with it, living for two years on a thin thread, constantly balancing between life and…well, you know the darker side.

For those of you who can’t see the pictures of the three products I’ve posted on this blog and the link to the Amazon site where all three are sold, here are their names in order:

  1. Vitamineral Green by HealthForce SuperFoods
  2. Ion* Gut Health
  3. Transfer Factors by Source Naturals

1.While in the survival mode I came across a product that saved me, I believe. I’ve spoken about it in the past but I can’t say enough great things:) I feel better within minutes after I mix one tsp of this superfood complex in some water and drink it. Spirulina and chlorella bind to toxins and flushes them out of the system. It’s like having ten salads in one glass, plus amino acids, plus protein in a vegan, gluten-free, organic mix. Been taking this for 18+ years. My kids love it too- not the taste but the results. Tastes like grass.

2.The second product is a more recent development. I began taking it around 8 months or so ago. It’s a liquid, tastes like water, looks like water with a little dirt in it. For those fighting autoimmune diseases with sensitivities start slow, about 1/2 tsp once a day and work your way up to the recommended dose of 1 tsp, 3 times daily. Do not take in the evening as it will keep you awake. It gave me energy- more energy than I had, no it did not fix me completely- and I noticed my gluten intolerance reduced. From not being able to breath in flour particles to being able to have a bite of a gluten filled desert now and again it’s a major improvement for me! My tummy used to swell up within 5-10 minutes if I ate something with gluten. I looked 10 months pregnant within minutes and my ribs hurt quite a lot from the expanded pressure of the belly. My joins flared up and my brain fogged to a point that I looked like a walking zombie.

If I eat Thai food and there is gluten in the sauce I’m fine now, or fries which are known to be made in the same oil as other gluten rich deep fried goodies, I’m also fine. This guy in the picture below helped me with that.

3.The third product, a very recent development does help with energy and a total wellbeing. What impressed me this past week was the speedy recovery of a very large bruise left on my inner arm on January 7th after four attempts to insert an IV cannula (a small plastic tube inserted into a vein). It was gone by yesterday! That’s impressive, since it took me at least two weeks to fully recover. I’ve already subscribed to a monthly delivery of this product. One capsule on empty stomach, three times daily.

I must add that a good diet void of artificial ingredients and processed foods is a must in order to heal, hope is deeply important, keeping a mental image of what you’d like to do once you’re feeling better and visualizing yourself doing it is a saver, even if all you’re up to today is maybe a shower. Try to move your body or breath deeply in order to get those lymph nodes moving the toxins out of you.

I remember back in 2015, one of my goals was to make it to the mail box and check my own mail again. When I finally accomplished that I was so happy, but gave myself a new, more difficult goal, and just kept going. No one understands except those doing the suffering how utterly disheartening the relapses are after a victory. No one understands than those who walked the road how easy is to loose hope when all you feel is constant and debilitating pain, and one little victory can put you back in the bed of recovery for a whole week. I’ve been there more times than I like to think about, but keep on going! Fight for your life! No one will do a better job than yourself:)

Keep happy today! And God bless:)

Step 3 -Lyme specialists

You got diagnosed, a bit too late and the three weeks Doxycycline antibiotic treatment not only didn’t work but it stirred up a nest of vipers and you’re left with the aftermath. Now you need to find a Lyme specialist outside the western medical realm, unfortunately, and at this point things get complicated, confusing, expensive and down right frustrating.

In the Seattle are where I live there are quite a few Lyme specialist, you only need to Google them. The first one I’ve tried was Dr. Susan Marra. She was expensive but no more expensive than the other specialists, had a certain doom and gloom advise for me about this disease (but in retrospect looking back she was very realistic about the whole process and I didn’t want to accept it) and a little odd but keep in mind she too is fighting Lyme Disease so it can’t be easy for her. Since I couldn’t handle the strong antibiotic treatment she had me on -which was more expensive even with insurance coverage than the natural realm I took later- I left and found another doctor. She saved my life but it took two years of weekly different IV treatments, supplement intake, rife like therapy, and a few other procedures. She works at Holistique Naturopathic Medical Center in Bellevue. It wasn’t cheep. So one way or another you end up paying. The best advise I can give you is to find doctors who specialize on improving and strengthening your immune system because once your own immune system is strong it will do the killing for you.

If you can’t afford a specialist, and most people can’t, there are other alternatives you can do at home.

First you must change your diet: by eliminating dairy products you lower the inflammation in your body, by eliminating sugar, for sure the refined and processed one, you give your immune system a chance to fight back, since sugar is a well known immune inhibitor. Warm water with lemon helps with detox, so does epsom salt. Vitamin D, C and B’s are very important and so is collagen (Lyme feeds on collagen), then potassium and magnesium. If you can, for a certain period of time, do a vegan diet with non-processed foods preferably by cooking your own meals (that can be very hard I get that), but do what you can. Garlic helps greatly, olive oil and oregano pills as well.

If you have more money to spend start tinctures and essential oils. Buhner or Cowden protocols are very helpful and Amazon sells most of their protocols products so its easy to get them.

For the neurological side I love and use daily Neurocalm by Designs for Health, also found on Amazon. This product helps my nervous system to calm down, gives me energy an it does not make me drowsy at all. I can handle being in public better. I’ll stop here although there are thousands more supplements that can help, including parasitical cleanse. (One I must mention is called Holistic Tincture 7 by biotraxx, comes from Germany and you need to do a six month program. One of their bottles only covers 3 weeks so prep in advance by ordering multiple bottles since it takes a week to get to USA, but it really helps me).

Reading books on the subject is essential.

Unlocking Lyme by William Rawls M.D who got infected and began fighting against it. I love this book because it has very condensed medical information, yet easy to read and the how to’s. Healing Lyme by Stephen Harrod Buhner, a book I still need to read but I tried his protocol and it helped and many others can be easily found on Amazon or your local library.

Join Lyme groups on Facebook for moral support but please don’t be mean, the other members are also fighting hard, feel cranky and crappy most days.

I hope the info I’ve shared with you today will guide you so you don’t feel overwhelmed in this tricky and complicated battle. You can do this! One day you’ll be on the healthy side of life:) Have a day void of pain if possible and God Bless:)