Prayers for the Pelvic Area

The pelvic area stores lots of emotions, here’s where we experience sexual intimacy, new life, here’s where elimination of no longer needed elements in the body happens, the process of filtration and hormonal activity.

Father God, I ask for complete pelvic healing in my body and everyone else suffering from pelvic related illnesses, diseases, and emotional traumatic trapped memories. I pray full relief in the hearts of raped or sexually molested people, hormonal imbalance issues, inflammation, ovarian issues, bowel problems, genital damages, colon and kidney issues, urinary bladder issue, uterus health let us learn how to filter out of our souls and bodies damaging pain, let our body re-adjust to the proper health as we let go of what once was, but no longer is. Let us see the past hurts no longer delegating our present functionality. For those who lost certain body parts (ovaries, uterus, genitals, colon, rectum, kidneys) we pray that any grieving they’re going through over the missing parts is heard by you and that healing takes over and a new outlook is built.

In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

God Bless:)

Prayer for Lower Back Pain

The lower back is the gate between the lower part of the body and the upper part, it’s where stability lies. Do you feel instability in your life? Do you have a hard time grounding your feet in your situation? Do you feel the troubles bend your shoulders heavily adding pain to the lower back?

Father God, may the lower back pain in us be restored to the original design, may we look up to you and see how in fact you wipe the pain off our brows and with a smile larger than life are asking us to give you our burdens so we could regain our balance between the lower part of us and the higher part which is you. The imbalance we may have felt at one point, be fixed. All pain, inflammation, bone and the synovial fluid between the spinal vertebrae issue be restored fully. God paint back the strength of a complete person so we can stand tall and unashamed before man and you, God, as well. Whatever shame have bent us midway be undone, and true healing of the soul may bring us back into the upright position. May the weight most men feel due to the responsibilities of their family be transformed into the joy of the privilege loved ones bring. The men in our lives are so very important and let them feel it daily. God, you’re the belt that keeps us upright and strengthens our shoulders in the weary times and for that, we’re so very grateful, so very grateful. Thank you for the balance our mid-section brings to our body, and our soul. Thank you for healing, today and every day all lower back pain, disease and uneasiness until we’ve done all the good in this world that we could and are ready to come home to you:)

Thank you for loving us:) And thank you for our healed lower backs:)

Tomorrow I’ll be praying for anyone with pelvic pain:)

God Bless:)


Prayer for anyone battling an Autoimmune Disease


Father God, there may be more days lately of pain, sorrow and tears than joy and victory for some, but in the midst of such shadows, I thank you for our lives, for family, for friends, for this breath of life, even if quivering. You are on our side in the midsts of all this, and for that we’re thankful. We are not alone, you may feel alone, but you are not alone. Touch and shrivel cancer, MS, Lyme Disease, Chronic Fybromialgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, back pain, pelvic pain, Heart Disease, tumors, mental issues, bone problems, cardio problems, breathing problems, lymphatic problems, depression, neuro problems, muscular problems, broken heart, discouragement, trauma, abuse, and all other issues and illnesses not mentioned here, we wrap them in one bouquet of shattered pasts, and we let the light of God invade our bodies, minds, and souls with the  hope and joy, health in the body and mind, and our relationships restored between each other and God. Amen.


P.S. Tomorrow I’ll be praying specifically for lower back problems, please leave me your name only so I can bring you up in my prayers. Join me in prayer because where two or more are joined in the name of Jesus, he’ll be amongst us:)

God Bless:)

Broken no more.

We all experience brokenness in ways familiar, unfamiliar and downright surprising, and most of us tend to feel shame when the scars of such an experience start to mark us.

I remember, about six or seven years ago now, one late evening I got a phone call from my siblings back home announcing me that our mother was ill and in the hospital. I was in bed already finishing a Bible study homework due the next morning at the women’s Bible study I used to attend for many years. But as I ended the conversation and began praying, my words were caught mid-sentence, never finishing my prayer because I began to see something God wanted me to see- a reassurance I’ll never forget.

I saw my mother with the help of this vision and I went inside her body and traveled like a small speck of dust within her circulatory system all throughout her body, seeing shadows in places representing illness and a normal light where health existed. In a blink of an eye, a liquid light brilliant like gold and diamond wrapped in thousands of acres of sparkles began moving quickly through her veins, her tissues, ner nervous system and as I watched a whisper spoke: She’ll be alright, don’t worry, the light will cure her. Then it was over and I never worried about her outcome knowing full well she would be fine.

When broken, the light of God moves within you eager to fill the holes and the cracks, creating a piece of art unexpectedly more different than your pre-conceived notions ever expected. If you take an honest look at it, you’ll allow yourself to see the same beauty God’s sees, it may look very different than your pre-conceived notion of beautiful, perfect, put together, normal, secure etc but it does not mean it’s any less radiant… if you just look you may just see its brilliance, and that’s when you’ll be able to really smile with a smile of pure joy and tell yourself…broken no more.

God Bless:)

Power of prayers

“Does prayer really work?”

I’ve wondered that often in the past, and there was always a level of doubt lingering around my heart, especially right after a prayer seemingly was not answered.

Since 2014, I feel very differed about prayer. I was meant to die, but God had other plans. He touched my heart so many times before, but through the “valley of shadows” or “Satan’s disease” as I eloquently put it, I’ve seen his care, like never before. Sure, the battle is not over, not yet, but that does not mean I’m not at peace. Prayers do work. It’s as simple as that. I should’ve been dead by now, maybe you too, but we’re not and, personally I’m thankful for that. I’m thankful for my friend Lynn and the fact that she is fighting her battle, or my friend Gabi, or my mother-in-law, Janet, who fought hard and succeeded:) Or Miha, or tanti Nina, or Lena, or, or , or. I’m so glad I have them in my life and I see how strong they really are.

Last night, as I was praying for someone close to my heart, I was allowed to see fragments of the invisible world- the action behind the curtain- is one way of putting it. It was brief, powerful and left my hair standing up all over my body.

A baby elephant was raising his trunk up to the sky, crying (the dear one I was praying for). Circling above his head, like vultures, were a few shadow spirits. They really looked like shadows, circling over the baby elephant. I knew the person needed help. So I continued to pray. Within minutes, brief and powerful, I saw three angels, dropping from the sky with the spread of light- just like lightning- powerful, spears drawn (meaning judgement) and going straight for the shadows. A battle was about to take place. Than all went back to normal, but I felt my heart light and there was peace.

“Well Carmen, that could be a result of your religious brainwashing…” This is a doubt I would’ve (and I did) addressed myself, in order to explain away what just happened. Not today. I do not consider myself religious at all, in fact, I avoid religion when possible. But there are realities out there beyond our understanding and it does take faith to believe them or not. Oh, come on, we all have faith in something. How about when you sit in a chair? You have faith that it will hold you up, based on repeated past experiences, etc.

So, in my humble opinion, prayers work far better than we realize and can cause a very powerful ripple in our lives. I’ll keep praying, that’s for sure. I’ll also have lots of questions, I’ll have realizations of things I thought wrong about in the past, mistakes I’ve made that I need to change, but isn’t this part of living, and hopefully living well?

So keep on praying, because in the invisible realm, powerful being (angels) go to battle for us.

God Bless.