Dec. 12th 2014

On Wednesday as loneliness was tagging at my soul, I prayed asking God to help me out with that. A short while later my friend Amelia called. She asked me if it would be a good idea to come visit on Friday. Imagine my joy as I answered, yes. This morning she asked me if it was okay to bring along some of her sister-in-laws, also great friends of mine. Awesome!!! Her mom came as well. We had such a great time together but the best part was God’s presence among us as we prayed and talked and encouraged each other. Sorry, I did talk a lot, must have been from the lack of social interaction lately, but I loved their grace about it.

On Thursday, my neighbor, Elizabeth, stopped by and we visited for a while as well. All I have to say is this: Thank you God! IMG_3184 IMG_3186

I realise I don’t have a picture with Elizabeth, but I’ll get one in the future. So Elizabeth, if you read this, we must visit again:)

Miercuri realizind ca simtamintul de singuratate imi apasa sufletul, m-am rugat cerând lui Dumnezeu să mă ajute. La scurt timp mai târziu prietena meu Amelia a sunat. Ma întrebat dacă ar fi o idee bună să vină in vizita Vineri. Imaginați-vă bucuria mea cind i-am răspuns, da. În această dimineață, ea ma întrebat dacă era bine să aducă de-a lungul si citeva din cumnatele ei, deasemenea prietene si de-ale mele. Awesome!!! Impreuna am avut un timp frumos împreună, dar cea mai bună parte a fost prezența lui Dumnezeu printre noi, prin rugaciune si incurajari. Îmi pare rău, am vorbit cam mult, dar cred ca este consecinta ipsei de interacțiune socială în ultima vreme.

Joi, vecina meu, Elizabeta, sa oprit și ma vizitat un pic. Mulțumesc Doamne ca mi-ai ascultat rugaciunea:)

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