2014 overview (prezentare generala)

From the youngest to the oldest.

De la mic la mare:)


Oana and Alex’s wedding, back in March; with Iulian and Cornelia here. (Oana’s my baby sister:) Nunta lui Oana si Alex in Martie: cu Iulian si Cornelia in fotografie. (Oana e cea mai mica:)


Alex (my brother) and his wife Mia, in Portugal where they moved this year looking for work. Alex (fratele meu) si sotia lui Mia, in Portugalia unde sau mutat pentru a munci.


Iulian (my brother) and Cornelia, his wife have had a great year visiting Spain, Portugal and Romania, most likely for their one year wedding anniversary:) Cornelia overcame some health issues as well:) Fratele meu, Iulian cu sotia lui, Cornelia au avut un an frumos plin de vizite in Spania, Portugalia si Romania probabil in celebrarea primului an de aniversare a casatoriei:) Cornelia a trecut cu bine peste ceva probleme medicale.


My brother Tiberiu proposed to his girlfriend, Nicole, this year. The wedding is planned for next year:) Fratele meu Tiberiu a cerut-o in casatorie pe prietena lui Nicole. Planuri de nunta sint pentru anul viitor.


My brother, Flavius, had some serios health issues earlier on this year with multiple emergency trips and misdiagnoses. Thank God the problem was found, and his health is improving. His wife, Adina also had some heart issues due to her first pregnancy, but God is good:) She delivered a healthy baby girl, Raisa, in September and Adina is doing well, a little sleep deprived but well:) Fratele meu, Flavius, a avut probleme serioase de sanatate in prima parte a anului, cu multe vizite la urgenta. Dupa schimbarea a ceva doctorii sa aflat problema si l-au pus inapoin pe picioare. Adina, sotia lui, a avut probleme cu inima datorita primei ei sarcini, dar Slava lui D-zeu in Septembrie a nascut o fetita sanatoasa care o cheama Raisa. Adina este bine dar nu mai doarme cum dormea ea inainte:)


My brother, Iosif, and his wife Dana had their third baby and first girl a week before Flavius’s baby:) They named her Hadasa and now are the proud parents of two great boys and one cute girl. They haven’t slepped well the past six years:) Fratele meu, Iosif cu sotia lui Dana, sint parinti mindrii ai primei lor fetite si al treilea copil al lor. Hadasa sa nascut o saptamina mai devreme de Raisa:) Iosif si Dana nu mai dorm bine de sase ani buni acuma:)


My sister, Delia, with her husband Sami, have two children and this year they may have been the only family without major changes in their lives:) They leave in Roma, Italy:) Yehh:) In the picture, her boy, Emanuel, is blowing candles off his birthday cake. As you can see, he turned three years old:) They haven’t slept well the past five years:) Sora mea Delia, cu sotul ei Sami, au doi copii si cred ca sint singura familie care anul asta nu au avut shimbari majore:) Ei sint in Roma, Italia. In fotografie baiatul ei, Emanuel sufla luminari de pe tortul lui la zi de nastere. Dupa cum vedeti a implinit trei ani:) Ei nu mai dorm bine de cinci ani:)


My brother, Marius, his wife Veronica and his their fife children, made a very bold change this year. They moved from Romania to Austria:) in the picture he’s working at his new job:) They haven’t slept well the past twelve years:) Fratele meu Marius cu sotia lui Veronica si cei cinci copii ai lor au facut a shimbare majora in viata lor. Sau mutat din Romania in Austria:) In fotografie el este la noul loc de munca in Austria:) Ei nu mai dorm bine de doispe ani:)


My brother, Sergiu his wife Brigitte and their daughter Michele, have moved this year in their very first house back in Berlin, Germany where they live:) They haven’t slept well the past fifteen years:) Fratele meu Sergiu cu sotia lui Brigitte si fica lor Michelle, sau mutat in prima lor casa anul asta:) Ei traiesc in Berlin, Germania si nu mai dorm bine de cincisprezece ani:)


My brother Alin, who leaves in Ulm Germany works as an engineer and sings opera professionaly, will be in New York this January to play in a major opera house. He’s singel and you would think that he’s sleep patterns are fantastic. But no. He’s under a lot of stress, thus the panick attack back in November that took him to the emergency. Here in the picture he’s in full make-up for one of his concerts. Fratele meu, Alin, care locuieste in Ulm, Germania, este inginer si cinta opera profesional. In Ianuarie, va cinta pe scena in New York:) Desi e singur somnul lui nu e linistit. Prea mult stress, care la lansat in urgenta in Noiembrie. Aici in fotografie este in caracter (machiaj numai, costumul pe urma) pentru una din operele pe care urma sa cinte.


As you all know, there have been some health battles in our family this year. However, I turned 40 years old, Chet turned 50 years old and Meleah turned 18 years old. Chet got himself a motorcycle, the Seahawks won the Superbowl, Alex is being homeshooled and Merrill is still working while I’m not. We haven’s slept well the past twenty years. Dupa cite stiti anul asta a fost cam greau cu probleme de sanatate. Pe de alta parte, am implinit 40 de ani, Chet a implinit 50 de ani, Meleah a implinit 18 ani, Chet in sfirsit si-a cumparat o motocicleta, Alex e scolat acasa, Merrill inca lucreaza si eu nu mai lucrez. Noi nu mai dormim bine de douazeci de ani:) This concludes my side of the family’s news. Chet’s side had their own challenges as well. Chet’s mom Janet, my mother-in-law, was diagnosed with uterine cancer, had an operation and is on chemo now. Mark (Chet’s older brother) and his wife Debbie, moved into a new place recently, Hannah, their young daughter had an operation as well, recently. Sarah and Kris are fine, thank God! So is Aaron and MInjung:) Not sure about their sleeping patterns but it’s safe to say some of them have a hard time with a good night sleep:) Aicea se conclude cu familia mea. De partea lui Chet, si ei au avut anul acesta multe incercari. Soacra mea a fost diagnosticata cu cancer uterin, a avut o operatie, si este pe chemoterapie acuma. Fratele lui Chet, Mark si sotia lui Debbie sau mutat recent. Hannah, fica lor mica ( 21 de ani) a avut operatie recent. Sarah si Kris sint okay, multumim lui D-zeu si Aaron cu Minjung:) Thank you God for this year! Multumim D-ne pentru anul acesta!


Chet’s motorcycle:) He’s been waiting to get one for the past twenty years:0 Motocicleta lui Chet. A asteptat de douazeci de ani sa-si ia una:)


WILL THE REAL MERRILL PLEASE STAND UP! I love this picture:) Makes me laugh every time. My daughter Meleah (to the left, in red coat) came up with the idea and we had so much fun pulling it off. Alex is in the middle, that leaves Merrill to the left:)))))) Merrill cel real treci in fata! Iubesc fotografia asta:) Meleah (fica mea, in geaca rosie, la stinga) a avut idea:) Alex e in mijloc:) Si Merrill la stinga:)


My parents, back in Romania, with Hadasa few weeks ago:) You can only imagine how well my parents slept these past forty years;) The white hair on hteir heads are due to all twelve of us and all our talents:))))) Parintii mei, in Romania, cu Hadasa acuma citeva saptamini in urma:) Pute-ti sa va imaginati cit de bine au dormit parintii mei in ultimii 40 de ani:) Perii albi din capul lor e datorita talentelor noastre.

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