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Versiune in limba engleza si in limba romana valabile:)

Communism was its own nightmare, especially for a Christian. But there were few magical things that did happen during those times- a unified sense of camaraderie among the people- especially the persecuted people. My young and naive mind found refuge in the people I was surrounded by. Besides my brothers and sisters, one of those amazing people turned out to be Eddie; a goofy and very charismatic boy, who was forced by certain circumstances to grow up far too quickly. To me, Eddie was always like a big brother- I’m the oldest of twelve- with a magnificent talent to make me -and everyone around- laugh until our stomach muscles hurt.

We gathered often at his place- and by we, I mean a close group of friends all about the same age- to practice songs, to pray and ultimately to play innocent yet very entertaining games. On couple rare occasions we gathered at our apartment as well, but my father usually managed to destroy the ambience cutting the fun-time in half.

Eddie, with a guitar by his side could sing for hours. I was done usually by the third song. We spent cold nights in train or bus stations, either on our way to a church service or on our way back from a church service, either full of enthusiasm or right out exhausted. But our best times were by far at Christmas, freezing as we walked from door to door caroling all night long while singing our hearts out and stuffing our faces with baked goods. By morning- it happened every year- our voices were very sore and besides fatigue we felt deeply nauseated by all the sweets we’ve consumed all night long. ┬áIf I remember correctly Eddie got involved with the younger group of children becoming their mentor. Despite the hardships in his life, Eddie kept his sense of humor, usually sprinkled here and there with a touch of sarcasm and a healthy dose of reality. I do imagine him some days talking to the devil, saying;

Is that all you’ve got?

Eddie lives in Portland now with his lovely wife, Mimi,- a very strong woman- and their two children.

Keep on laughing Eddie and never let the hardships of life define who you are. Deep down in your heart you know one thing to be true- you’re God’s child.

God bless:)

Traducere (sau mai degraba versiunea in limba romana)

Pe timpul comunismului viata unui crestin nu a fost floare la ureche. Cu mintea tinara si naiva, ce mi-a dat mie puteri- presupun ca nu sunt singura- a fost legatura strinsa dintre fratii mei, dar si legaturile de prietenie intre noi adolescentii. Un prieten bun, pe care l-am considerat mai degraba ca un frate mai mare, a fost Eddie S.

Eddie a avut intotdeauna o personalitate carismatica si plina de umor, care de obicei ne punea pe risete pina ne durea muschii burtii. Desi viata nu i-a fost usoara, fortin-du-l sa se maturizeze mult prea repede, Eddie are darul de a face haz de necaz si de a vedea o situatie- desi tragica de multe ori- cu o latura umoristica dar si realistica. Am petrecut multe seri de rugaciune sau de repetitie, cu gasca, in apartametul lui Edi. Sau seri pe peronurile garii, in drum spre o biserica-la evanghelizare- plini de entuziasm sau in drum spre casa epuizati complet. Dar cele mai frumoase amintiri sunt cele de la Craciun, colindind toata noaptea pina ne pierdeam vocile si ne prindea greturile de la atitea prajituri:)

Eddie impreuna cu sotia lui, Mimi- care-i o femeie tare puternica- locuiesc in Portland cu cei doi copii al lor.

Eddie continua sa lupti cu inima plina de umor pentru ca stii in adincul sufletului ca esti copilul Domnului si El iti va fii alaturi pina la sfirsit:)

O zi buna:)