Azi dimineata, in timpul petrecut cu Bunul Dumnezeu, am primit aceasta rugaciune atat pentru mine cat si pentru oricine o vrea:)

Mulțumesc, Dumnezeule, pentru abilitatea de a ierta și pentru darul iertării. Până de curând nu puteam ierta desi am încercat, nu știu de ce, dar presupun că a avut de-a face cu ura care a luat tot spațiul disponibil în inima mea, lăsând loc pentru nimic altceva, inclusiv iertare sau bucurie.

Iti mulțumesc Doamne, pentru că ai inmuiat ceara greu calcificată de ură față de ceilalți și de mine insumi și că ai făcut ca acea ceara să se prelingă afara din sufletul meu. Acum am loc pentru iertare, iubire și bucurie. Acum pot să iert atat pe alții cat și pe mine; va lua efort, va lua voința și alegerea mea, dar am puterea de a alege acum si sufletul meu nu mai e blocat în boala urii, nu mai munceste continuu și epuizat, fără progres inafara oboselii. Îți mulțumesc sincer pentru că mi-ai dat părinții pe care îi am, că locuiesc în această parte a lumii, pentru familia mea și trupul pe care îl am. Ce lucruri spectaculoase si extraordinare am învățat datorita acestor privilegii și ce privilegii am de a putea ajuta pe alți.

Iti mulțumesc, Doamne, pentru că m-ai trezit la potențialul meu, dezvăluindu-mi temerile mele, temerile care m-au capturat într-un costum întunecat si restrans de-a lungul acestor ani. Prin faptul că mi-am arătat aceste temeri și consecințele lor, ai deschis ochii sufletului meu la lucrurile pe care le-am pierdut și la oportunitățile care nu le voi avea dacă aleg să rămân în acest costum întunecat, numit frică.

Eu voi alege viața, dragostea și bucuria. Voi risca să mă deschid și să fiu vulnerabila pentru a câștiga aceste trei calități. Voi re-învăța și re-direcționa atat atenția mea cat si gândurile și comportamentul meu pentru a experimenta consecințele vieții, iubirii și bucuriei. În căutarea mea, voi eșua uneori, dar mă voi ridica și voi continua pentru că focalizarea mea sa schimbat. În cele din urmă, văd că am dreptul să experimentez viața, dragostea și bucuria, un drept pe care mi la-i dat tu cu mult timp în urmă, dar care a fost rapit de temerile altora doar pentru a fi recucerit recent.

Este un proces de re-învățare bazat pe adevărul aratat de tine: ceea ce au spus sau făcut alții impotriva mea cu intentia de a mă dobora este bazat pe propriile lor sentimente de nesiguranță și temeri nu pe caracterul constuit in mine de Tine, Doamne. Sunt pereții lor de restrangere, nu ai mei. Iti mulțumesc, Tată, pentru că mi-ai deschis atat ochii, cat și sufletul pentru a accepta acest lucru. Acceptarea este diferenta între succes și eșec. În trecut, am acceptat adevărurile false a altora și mi-a adus numai un deșert vast in suflet, acum voi accepta adevărul Tău de a alege viața, dragostea și bucuria. La urma urmei, aceasta este definiția echilibrului. Nu unul fără celălalt. Echilibru. Adevăr. De data aceasta aleg adevărul Tău și vom vedea unde se va sfârși.


Deuteronomi 30: 15-20

Balance Prayer

This is a prayer for myself and anyone else who wants it:)

I thank you, God, for the ability to forgive and the gift of forgiveness. Until recently I couldn’t forgive no matter how I went about it, not sure why, but I presume it had to do with the hate taking all the space available in my heart leaving no room for anything else, including forgiveness or joy.

Thank you for breaking that hard calcified wax of hate towards others and myself and melting it away from my soal. Now I have room for forgiveness, love, and joy. Now I can forgive myself and others; sure it’s still an effort, sure it’s still my will and choice but I have the power to choose now versus being stuck within my sick soul with no way out except a continuous and exhaustingly constant squirming and no progress other than fatigue. I earnestly thank you now for giving me the parents I have, for bringing me to this part of the world, for my family, and for giving me the body I have. What tremendous spectacular things I’ve learned because of these privileges and what great privileges I have to help others.

Thank you for waking me up to my potential by revealing to me my fears, fears that captured me in a self-restraining smuggled dark suit all these years. By showing me these fears and their consequences, you opened up the eyes of my soul to the things I’ve missed and the opportunities not taken if choosing to remain in that snuggled dark suit called fear.

I will choose life, love, and joy. I will risk opening up and be vulnerable in order to gain these three qualities. I will re-learn and re-direct my focus, thoughts, and behaviors in order to experience the consequences of life, love, and joy. In my quest, I will fail sometimes but I will get up and continue because my focus has shifted. I finally see that I have the right to experience life, love, and joy, a right you gave me a long time ago but was taken away by other’s fears only to be recently recaptured.

It’s a re-learning process based on the truth that what others said or did in order to keep me down was based on their own insecurities and fears, not mine. Their walls, not mine. I thank you, Father God, for opening not only my eyes but my soul as well to accept this, for acceptance is the bridge between success and failure. In the past, I’ve accepted false versions of someone’s truths and it brought nothing but a vast desert in my soul, now I will accept your truth to choose life, love, and joy. After all, that’s the definition of balance. Not one without the other, not one over the other. Balance. Truth. This time your truth and let’s see what that brings along and where will it end.




Pastor Gordon Calmeyer

Today Pastor Gordon Calmeyer passed away after a life well lived. I love his wife’s words, Stella, on Facebook, and I’ll add them here:

“Choose to make today count.

Even if we find ourselves in unpleasant places or going through tough or hard times, or even if we feel like we could give up because of trying circumstances, let’s use the power of choice which we all have at our disposal, and choose to benefit from bad times and allow them to cause spiritual growth and development. Let us wait for the Lord, staying strong and allowing our hearts to be filled with courage so that we will finish the race strong! (Psalm 27: 13-14) Have a blessed weekend everyone!”


Chet and I met both Stella and Gordon during our volunteering times at CFC (Christian Faith Center Church) and right away we were taken (like everyone else) with Stella’s sweet personality, and pastor Gordon’t charismatic personality, warmth, and vulnerability. Their short time at CFC as pastors were full of richness and they walked away loving and being loved.

Both Chet and I will miss him because he touched our lives with love and authenticity. I ache because he died, but I’m grateful that I had the privilege to know both him and his wife, I’m richer because of that. His good humor and love for life will be missed. It only hurts because we loved, we’ll never regret loving.

I’m sorry to hear about the suicides of both Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain, condolences to their family and loved ones, it’s hard when departure from this life happens in such a state of despair and sadness. I’m truly sorry for that. If anyone reading this blog is suffering from depression, please reach out to someone and ask for help. You’re welcome to reach out to me anytime you want.

Thank you, God, for all people from all walks of life. Being human is beautiful and precious.

God Bless.IMG_1318


Life is good

Life is good.

Last weekend Chet and I had an argument. Gasp. What? You guys fight and argue too? Yep, we sure do:) We’re both red-blooded people with strong opinions and the need to make our points shine brightly. Through our 25 years of marriage, (wow those years went by fast with a touch of slow) we’ve learned how to fight (I’m sure the 70-year-old me is laughing hard at such a bold statement, thinking “you fool”).

It began, like everything new and glorious usually does, with the usual super passionate arguments over the most nonsensical of stuff, made up by lots of fun spelled s-e-x. Since our marriage had a meeting of two cultures with a healthy dose of language barriers (meaning we could not talk to each other), our nonsensical stuff multiplied exponentially;) Now, if the older me could’ve beamed back in time and had a talk with the younger me, I’m sure the younger me would’ve beaten her up first then maybe paid partial attention to what she had to say. Don’t sweat the small stuff- fantastic advice! Yes, he thinks you’re beautiful, no your butt is not bigger than usual, you’re boobs are perfect and what are we fighting about?

Next phase is called “the exhaustive faze”. This phase arrives, oddly enough, with the presence of babies, and lasts way too long. Through this phase, you fight mostly by mumbling and eye rolling since you’re too exhausted to come up with smart alec remarks, not after you’ve been sleep deprived for millions of seconds, you can’t seem to walk in straight lines some days, you have vomit and dried food tattooed all over your clothes and haven’t worn a sexy dress in decades, partly because you no longer fit in one or you don’t see the point in wearing anything that would end up with sex, mostly because you’re too exhaused for such rigurous workout. Now is not the time to ask: How do I look, honey? He still loves you with the extra this, that, and the other, what will turn him away is your whining or showiung his disrespect. Find a good girlfriend and let it all out remembering that afterwords is her turn. Here’s when you would love the old you to come and give you advise, but she’s too bruised from the earlier phase and missing in action.

Next phase is the “teenage trial phase”, a phase you spend most days on the accused bench while all your faults are thrown in your face with the passion of a volcano that just erupted and does not show signs of slowing down. Here you spend many days praying the trial will end soon and no permanent damage was done in the process. This is a phase where you could very well lose your marbles, as you’re facing your accuser (in the case of multiple accusers, God help you! we’re praying for you), and you get so fatigued from all the explanations you’ve come up with, that you don’t have time to argue with your spouse and he/she either becomes your best friend (in our case) or your worst enemy.

The phase we’re now in, title-wise it’s still up for grabs, due to disease and a near-death-experience, there’s hardly any issues that come up worth enough to argue over. Life comes into prospective and priorities are re-aligned into a much healthier pattern, also there’s the partial short-term-memory-loss which helps:))))) Or the low energy level. Chet and I spend lots of time enjoying each other now, we choose both our friends and battles wisely and let life be lived in the moment. However, now and again tentions arise and even though our arguments are rare, not dramatic like before, more philosophical while trying to emprove our communciation sklills, they do end up teaching us something (because we let). Like the argument we had last week. I’ve learned that Chet’s expressed  frustration everytime he drives and encounters bad roads, construction and bad drivers, is not directed at me even if his words come across as so.

“Why is this road closed? Why is that car cutting us off? Why is he crossing the road on a red light?” My defensive attitude comes from waaaay back, from a time of childhood dramas and traumas when I was made to believe that everything bad in this world was my fault even if I had nothing to do with it. Once I realized the connection, and mourned for a few minutes all the years of stress I could’ve eliminated out of my life if this lesson came to me sooner, things were explained accordingly. Chet can express all his frustrations freely, only slightly redirected:

“That guy’s a bad driver!” Here’s where I come in and cheer him on “You’re right, he really is a bad driver.”

I’m not sure about the next phase since we’re not there yet but it will be better, because with every phase we’ve accumulated data and enough information to graduate with a doctorate degree. I’m sure most of you have graduated with excellent degrees and have lots of experience:) Have a great day today and remember when you argue next, the degree is coming:)

Gid Bless:)