Who’s child is this?

Humor for those of us with kids:)

So you get married, or not, and have children. You go through the heart burns, morning sickness, heads in the toilet while vomiting, stretch marks, swollen feet and sometimes face, head, brain, in fact, let’s just toss in the whole body, why not? Through the pain you think:

“It will be all worth it! If it’s a girl we’ll do this, and she’ll be that, just like me. If it’s a boy, he’ll play soccer and be the best doctor the world will ever see. So it’s all worth it.”

You give birth and you’re in love. Sure there is the pain from the stitches and your boobs hurt like someone stomped on them a thousand times but you’re raising a mini you or a mini husband and it’s all worth it. They grow up and begin to show individual personalities. You are cheering the boy from the sidelines of a practice soccer game, dreaming of a future superstar, and you see your boy picking up leaves, daydreaming, while the game is going all around him. He has no clue why he’s there and why people are so obsessed with a ball. Your jaw drops and you ask yourself:

“Whose child is this?” Then you hear your husband say:

“I guess he’s not much into soccer.” And you turn around realizing, this must be part of his DNA.

Then you raise your daughter and you dream of buying her dresses and having lots of grandchildren, until one day she comes home dressed all in black, swearing up and down she’ll never have children. And you think:

“I had no idea she owned anything in black!” And you’re saying your good by’s to any future grandchildren you hoped for. Then you hear:

“She’s just like my grandma. She always loved animals and didn’t care much for human beings” And you realize at that moment:

“Is there any part of me in them?”

Then comes the third child, a spitting image of yourself. As he becomes his own person you recognize one of your brothers in his looks and another in his facial expressions and with a glowing expression you say to yourself:
“Well it took me three tries to get it right:)))))))”

So if you don’t see a part of you in them just yet, keep trying:)))))))

God Bless:)


P.S. Sorry for the typos, I seem to be losing word memory, I look at the words and I have a harder time each day remembering the spelling of the simplest of words. If the automatic spell check didn’t catch it, no chance for me to catch it. Ta, da.

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