Buna Dimineata:) Good Morning:)

În cele din urmă Alexa a ajuns și în România. Vede-ţi ce se întâmplă când un american se căsătorește cu o româncă:))))))) Chet, sotul meu care lucreaza la Amazon in Seattle a facut reclama asta dar cantecul e diferit, specific pentru americani. nu stiu cine a adaugat melodia romaneasca dar imi place:)

Finally, Alexa made it in Romania as well. See what happens when an American boy marries a Romanian girl:)))))) Chet, my hubby made this add, but with another song for the American audience:) (Not sure who did the Romanian version:)


(Watch the video:)

A breath is but a simple thing,

That brings with it a need for health

It’s life in and death all the way out,

So keep on breathing through all that need and you’ll succeed:)

The birds will sing despite the cold,

The sun will shine beyond the clouds,

The trees will also bring you joy,

So you must breath throughout the day, and you’ll destroy,

all need to suffer.

So rejoice, and take a breath. -Carmen-

EdX: Human Neuroanatomy Course

Nothing better to humble anyone than a new course on the human anatomy.

I thought I knew quite a bit on anatomy, pathology and neuroscience but boy was I ever wrong. From the get go I kept on thinking: sheezz there’s so much knowledge left in this world for me to learn from. But I finally finished the course today and the only thing I remember is that our Diencephalon are all this thalamus related, we’d be dead without a hypothalamus, amygdala’s functions are generally related to the negative emotions and it plays a huge role in PTSD, somatic=voluntary response and visceral=autonomic response, the rest is a ball of “what the heck did I just learn and why can’t I remember anything else?”

For any of you that may like to take this course, its available at courses.edx.com, it’s free and it ends at the end of October. You can get a certificate for $50 but if you want the knowledge only it’s free. Many courses on Edx are free. This particular one is from the University of Michigan.

Have a blessed day:)