From a frustrated mother

My eldest, who’s twenty-four, and my youngest, who’s seventeen, both work in a big grocery store. Since the coronavirus frenzy scare, they’ve been working overtime, loading trucks full of groceries until 4 am some days, only to come home exhausted and do it all over again, day after day, sometimes ten days in a row without break. They’re heroes in my eyes. While some employees refused to come to work for fear of contamination, my boys stepped up and shouldered the burdens of short staffing, high demand and panicked clients who many times are down right rude, entitled and ill behaved. White old women are the worst coming with entitled attitudes and utterly abusive behavior. I’m a tiger mama, and thank God I wasn’t present when they were abusing my children otherwise I would’ve wiped the floors with them.

If you go to groceries, be nice to the staff! They put their own lives and the lives of their families back home in danger every time they show up to work and sell you food or other products. Like all the medical staff, these guys are heroes helping you out! They’re both at risk for contamination and exhaustion. So be nice! If you don’t know how, learn! You old people should know better! Be better examples! (Not all are like that).

Anyway, I think my family had the coronavirus back in January. Chet got so sick I was worried for him and almost took him into emergency when delirium hit his mind. My daughter was also at a scary level of weakness and I had a full house of very ill people for for couple weeks but with God’s help, strong immune systems and lots of at home remedies they overcame. So we’re immune I believe, regardless, I’m asking the rude people who read these lines- be nice! That’s right. Be nice!

Have a good day and don’t forget the ones that serve your entitled selves for they put themselves at risk daily.

There. From a frustrated mother. Have a good one.

Your potential goes beyond your dents.

The rice cooker dish in my soapy hands is full of damaged bumps. As I wash it and plan on replacing it God flashed a piece of understanding to my heart and my eyes shifted their focus.

They no longer focused on the bumps and dents, but at its potential. This bowl has been successfully cooking all sorts of rice recipes for many years, not only that, it’s steamed so many vegetables and I remembered the amazing meals it helped me make, meals that nourished not only our bodies but our souls and spirits, for you see when a belly is full, many good things follow in any person’s life. I saw the future meals we’ll cook together and despite its bends and dents it became valuable to me.

Just because there’s dents and bruises in our lives it does not mean our potential is lost. We’re not the bends and dents, we are the potential around the dents, the potential despite the dents, we are the potential!

Now, the next step is to believe this revelatory information, beginning with myself.

Have a healthy day today and God Bless you and your family. Look up. You’ll be alright.