Oral health


I just watched this documentary for free on Tubi. Well done and very informative about the dangers of root canals and their link- or any other oral infection- to chronic diseases and cancer. I’ve already shared with you in the previous blogs couple of books that were recommended to me by Dr. Paul Rubin DDS (The toxic tooth: How a root canal could be making you sick, by Thomas E. Levy, MD, JD and The poison in your teeth: Mercury Amalgam (Silver) Filings…hazardous to your health, by Tom McGuire, DDS) and I’ll share now another book that looks interesting called “Let the tooth be known… are your teeth making you sick?” by Dawn Ewing, RDH,PHD,ND that looks interesting.

I began some work on my teeth again after a four year break. I think the last appointment that lasted 3 hours and dislocated both sides of my jaw left me with enough anxiety not to visit a dentist for the rest of my life. In truth, all that work gave me back a huge portion of my health and seeing such dramatic pozitive result it gives me the will to keep going. I also began scraping my tongue and I noticed my sugar cravings dramatically reduced. Coincidence? Not really. The bacterial on the our tongues gets swollen into our stomach thousands of time daily so they’re about to do some damage, don’t you think?

The best advise is this: Do your own research and draw your own conclusions, and if you find something helpful that helped you heal, let us know, so we can follow your example and and heal completely.

God Bless:)

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