Shania Twain Fan:)

I am a Shania Twain fan! A big one:)

Why? There’s the obvious fact that her music is awesome and she’s a beautiful woman, but some of her songs have inspired me when nothing else did. Not even religion. I’m not comparing religion with faith, let me be clear on that.

“You should have gone to Jesus!” some of you may say. I did. But as you know at times even Jesus/God is silent. Also, God works through people. Shania helped me like my feminity, something religion made me feel ashamed of and even enslaved to. Through religion, my feminine side was only worthy if I followed and obeyed, had kids, and stayed silent, despite the obvious fact that Jesus came to free and liberate women from male oppression and sin of course. Not all men are bad, don’t get me wrong now, but there are a lot of them out there who think they are the sun, the moon, and god’s twin brother.

Shania helped me understand that it was not wrong to want to be pretty, cute, dress nice, let my personality shine, and have the courage to stand for what I believed in. Sure my folks should’ve done that but I don’t blame them, they did a wonderful job and the best they could with what was given to them and for that I thank them. I truly believe they did a wonderful job. The church fell short in this area not just to me but to thousands of women all over the planet over these many years and they’ll need to do better so future women can stand tall and strong and feel proud to be the daughters of God. I know many women out there already feel strong and have a healthy sense of value, but there are not enough.

Watching the new documentary on Netflix called “Shania Twain Not just a girl” Chet relayed “I can’t believe how many things you two have in common.” And we do, minus the fame for me. Shania also suffered from Lyme Disease and lost her voice because a tick bit her. I feel even more connected with her and I’m not the only one, I’m sure. I’m not a country music fan, weirdly, but from the first moment I saw and heard Shania sing years back, I was hooked and still am:)

A fact about me, I guess:)

Have a good day, I’m packing and cleaning like a mad woman.

God Bless:)