Highlights of 2022

This year has been a diverse year for us. Here are some highlights:

-B-day and Holiday celebrations with our loved ones

-Chet, Alex, and I took a road trip on the Pacific Coast Highway

-Lots of time spent in nature

-ER trip for me and my oldest

-Visited by a white dove for one week

-Chet stepped on a rusty nail on the 4th of July

-I took the hobby of painting back up (available soon for sale)

-Moving- we bought a house in Sequim and moved from Magnolia, Seattle

-Funeral and grieving: Merrill lost his best friend suddenly and I lost an aunt

-Chet helping Merrill install his TV in his new apartment

-Rocky, our dog had a pet visit. He’s on medication for hyperthyroidism

-Alex began a new job at Sequim

-I got a new car

-Lots of work around the new place

And that about wraps it up.

People we lost this year and I’m still in shock and mourning over the loss:

Tanti Elvira


People we lost last year:

My mom

My grandma

Our pet Mica

Damean family highlights:

Lots of moving! Lots of my siblings purchased homes this year- a total of five to be precise, including Chet and I- and some moved from country to country, or to be more specific they moved back to Romania either from England or Germany, others remained. There are two sets of twins expected to arrive next year, and both sets of twins are not identical. So lots of new beginnings for us. I think my mom is coordinating some particular business up in heaven on our behalf:)

At the end of it all I’m so grateful to God for being with us, bringing comfort when we needed comfort, strength when strenght was needed, peace when peace was in low doses, joy when sadness threatened to overwhelm us, love when we felt alone, and mercy when we hate was too high around us. Thank you God for another year! God Bless:)

Stefan Damian

Today my little brother would’ve turned 31 years old. What a youngster! I’m nearly 50 so to me he’s a baby:) He’ll always remain 11 years old to us, that’s the age he was when he died, and he’ll always have a special spot in our hearts:)

I like to imagine him having a great time with mom and my grandparents and all our relatives that have passed away while waiting for the rest of us. I like to imagine him smiling, void of pain and disease, and completely happy.

Happy B-day Fanu from your family still left here on earth! We’ll meet again someday- hopefully not too soon;) Love you, little brother.


Ați bătut covoare?

Geamuri ați spălat?

Dar maioneză bună ați mai frecat?

La coadă pentru lapte ați stat?

Așa era-n trecut.

Eh, ce vremuri faine

Ce viață atunci noi am avut

Cu stres intens dar mult avânt

Și bucurie-n suflet.

Oh Doamne drag îți mulțumim

De cele din trecut.

Nu a fost rău, nu-a fost ușor

Dar uite, au trecut. 

Amu avem un mixer bun

Tehnologia ne ajută mult.

Nu-i rău, dar nu e nici ușor

Dar trecem iar prin toate, chia cu spor.

Și mulțumim din suflet de al nost trecut

Că-ci lecții chiar frumoase noi toți am avut

Iar într-o zi senină ai noști copii iubiți

Vor trece și ei, culmea, pe-a memoriei portiță.

Vor mulțumi și ei, ca de fapt și noi, de viața din trecut

Și din prezent, că amandouă au fost un dar plăcut

Dat de la tine Doamne,

De car ne-am bucurat.

Că astfel Dumnezeu dorește de la noi

Să prețuim ce-avem fie acum sau în trecut

Și să uităm de rău, doar să zâmbim cu El

Crăciunul să-l trăim, pe El să-l proslăvim_

Craciun Fericit va dorim la toti!

Merry Christmas!

Chet and I -December 24th, 2022

Merry Christmas dear family, friends, and blog followers!!!

May lots of health and peace fill your lives in the new year and blessings be poured over your lives daily!

Here’s a blast from the past. We really should record a new song but maybe next year:)))) God Bless