Unhealthy air quality here in Seattle

Yesterday Chet and I had a great day riding our bikes, having a picnic at Discovery park then going for a motorcycle ride. The air was fresh and healthy. The sunset was beautiful as you can see from the picture I took at 8pm. Around 9 pm, however things began to change. First we began to smell a faint camp like fire aroma, and thought out neighbors lit an evening fire, again. Quickly the smell became strong and choky (if that’s even a word), my throat got soar, and I felt nauseated. I quickly closed all the windows and thought it must be from all the fireworks I saw and heard going off in West Seattle/ Alki Beach area. But it seems that’s not entirely so. Upon researching this morning I found out that smoke from Eastern WA. wildfires blew into Puget Sound area amid rare windstorm. That makes sense. Yesterday there was a windstorm, and on our motorcycle ride we saw lots of fallen branches on the road through Discovery Park.

It’s going to be tricky for the next couple days as temperatures are suppose to be in the high 80’s around here and only a good air purifier will help. We have two, purchased on Amazon, Levoit brand, that work great. As soon as I step out of our bedroom (where we have one air purifier going now since last night) the air gets thick and smoky. We’ll have to move them around today to filter out the smoke. Keep safe out there, close your windows, purify the inside air, stay inside until this passes, which I pray it will be soon.

God Bless:)

P.S. On Facebook I will update you with more pictures taken throughout the day.

Smog in Seattle


Not the best picture, but today, while on my way to a doctor appointment this was the view of Seattle. You can see a bit of the Space Needle, and the faded skyline of Seattle through the smog we’ve been having these past two weeks. The past three days it has been particularly bad. It covers the city giving it an eerie feel, you may see the ghost of the ferry boats departing and that only if you’re close enough to the terminal. Some citizens were walking this morning with face masks on, others were pulling their clothing over their noses on their way to work. The UPS workers especially wore protective gear over their noses. Pieces of ash fall gently over our balcony outside and the sun is of the color of blood, fully rounded and easy to look at during our evenings. Morning time the air is refreshing (the picture shown was taken around 9 am), but anytime past noon and into late evening the smell of campfire, burned rubber tires and other smells invade our nostrils. Thankfully we have air purifiers and today will be last hot day for a week or so. Rain is predicted for Saturday and Sunday and I pray the same will happen over the areas still burning- California, British Columbia, and Eastern Washingon. But life still goes on and I watch people taking their dogs for a walk, children playing in the pool and the work crew building the scaffolding around our apartment building for the improvements to come. I pray God will keep you safe.