More blood donation:)

Yesterday I was too weak to record a video. My body got sooo fed up with all the pills I had to take and decided to skipp a round of supplements intake. Big mistake! I woke up yesterday sooo very weak I felt faint for the better part of the  morning, realizing the evil of pill intake was more beneficial than skipping them. At least for now.

Waiting to fill the tubes

Waiting to fill the tubes

Had more blood drawn for further testing.

The picture was taken on Oct. 25th when I had to give 20 tubes of blood. Yesterday they took only two:)

Ieri am fost prea slabita sa inregistrez video. Corpul sa saturat de atitea pastile si am decis sa nu iau o doza de pilule pe baza naturala. Greseala mare! M-am trezit ieri dimineata cu o slabiciune si simt de lesin in corp care mi-a furat o buna parte din zi. Iarasi am donat ceva singe, pentru alte analize:)


Laugh:)))))))))) It’s good for your health:))))))))))))))))

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