A good day:)

Today is a good day:)))))))))))) I’ve been off Tindamax (3rd antibiotic) the past three days and been drinking lots of warm water with lemon juice to detox, Burbur drops (for detox), and although I have a constant bitter/ metallic taste in my mouth, my skin is very dry and i still can’t do chores for a prolonged period of time, it’s a good day!!!!!!! My husband got a new job (he’s contracting for a project) and he’d also got paid (one paycheck, three paychecks to date remaining to be paid). Although I feel good, my brain is till foggy and difficult to put thoughts together, (I’ve noticed, as I’m trying to write these lines down) but no matter, God’s still on our side. On all of our sides, mine and yours:)

Azi e o zi buna:))) De trei zile nu am mai luat Tindamax (al 3lea antibiotic), beau multa apa calduta cu lamiie (pentru detoxificare) si iua medicamente pe baza naturala pentru detoxificare. Si desi inca am gust amar in gura si pielea mie foarte uscata si inca nu pot face multe lucruri pentru o perioda lunga de timp, azi e o zi buna:)))) Mintea inca nu e complet clara si mi-e greau sa ma concentrez la scris dar e o zi buna unde nu simt ca viata mie in pericol. Salutari celor dragi, familie si prietenilor:) Ne punem in continuare nadejdea in Bunul Dumnezeu:)

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