What do you think? Care-i parerea ta?

Last night I had a dream that felt different than my normal dreams. After reading it, I would really like your imput. You can leave it as a comment under the text or you can go to the contact page and leave me a private message.

Chet and I, along with our kids were grocery shopping at a large supermarket. After we paid and as we were pushing our cart out, by the soor to the side stood couple men, in their thirties. In a Easter European accent ithey asked us if we wanted to adopt a boy. Chet and I wanted to hear more details. While the kids waited outside by the cart, we were directed into another room. (So far this feels like a normal dream to me). The room was full of young boys, teenagers and man of Eastern European descended, some standing, most sitting on tables forming a circle around a particular twentyish looking young man supporting a boy about 8 years old. The boy left leg (from knee down) twisted inwardly in a very unnatural way, giving him a hard time standing properly needing constant help. All the boys around him were laughing at him and at the situation in front of us. The  8-year-old boy had a round head, with black short-cropped hair sticking straight up, brown eyes and filthy clothing, and even thought on his face there was a faint smile as if he too was part of the demeaning humour, his eyes were in tears and very sad-looking. Imediately I felt tears invade my own eyes and had no idea how to react. To extract out of us further emotions, they flipped the young boy around and undressed him. His bottom had such a drastic rash (typical to a baby rash) running down his legs looking hundred times worse than that of a normal rash, it looked old as if these scars have been there for a while. His entire back, top-to-bottom was so very scarred I covered my mouth. It looked as if the poor boy was scorched with boiled water, but at the same time it looked as if these were old wounds. There were creases and dried up skin but the worse was the fact that his back was plit down the middle along the spine, all the way to the bone. The images are very vivid in my mind. I looked to one person in particular that seemed to laugh the loudest and I was shocked of the resemblance to the 8-year-old. It’s as if I was looking at an older version of the 8-year-old boy. I looked at Chet, wanting to know what he though but he wasn’t showing his emotions,  not until we were in more private place. Even though there was so much pain, it felt as if everyone there was trying to get a reaction out of us using the pain and suffering of this innocent boy. We walked away to talk about it, but then woke up.

Do you think this was just another dream or it has a significants?

Azinoapte am avut un vis care mi se pare diferit decit visurile mele normale. Dupa ce cititi (daca alegeti sa cititi:) mi-ar face placere sa aud parerile voastre. Le pute-ti lasa ca comentariu in casuta de mai jos sau privat pe pagina de Contact.

Eram toti intr-un supermarket, la cumparaturi de alimente. Dupa ce am platit si copii impingeau carutu spre usa la iesire,  la stinga stateau doi barbati in jurul virstei de 30 de ani. Cu un accent greau din Europa de Est ne-au intrebat daca vrem sa adoptam un baiat. Sotul cu mine ne-am decis sa-i intrebam mai multe detalii. Ei ne-au directat intr-o camera la stinga. Lasindu-i pe copii afara linga carut, amindoi am intrat in camera. Am observat camera plina de copii, adolescenti si barbati toti de origine din Europa de Est. Unii stateau in picioare, dar majoritatea stateau pe mese lungi formind un fel de cerc in jurul la doua persoane. Unu cam la 20 de ani il sprijinea pe un baiat cam de 8 ani. Baiatul avea par negru, scurt si drep, ochii caprui, zdremte pe corp si murdar. Piciorul sting de la genunchi in jos era sucit intrauntru intr-un fel anormal, dindu-i dificultatea de a sta bine pe picioare. Cei din jur rideau. Desi baiatul avea si el un zimbet pe buze ca si cum vedea si el umorul in situatia lui, ochii erau plini de lacrimi si tristi. Mi-au dat lacrimi si am luat mina lui Chet (sotul) ca simteam nevoia de sprijin. Ca si cum ce vedeam nu era de ajuns, ca se ne socheze, cel de 20 de ani la intors cu spatele si ia dat pantalonii jos aratindu-ne multe rani si o iritatie de piele intensa (cum fac babies), dar de o suta de ori mai urita, si parea veche. Pe urma ia dat jos tricoul. Pe spate de sus pina jos era asa de cicatrizat si arata ca si cum cineva a aruncat apa clocotita pe el ani de zile. Pe mijloc, de sus pina jos dealungul coloanei vertebrale carnea era despicata in doua pina la os. Titi rideau asteptind sa ne vada reactia. Eu mi-am acoperit gura cu mina si Chet nu spunea nimic. “Treabuie sa discutam privat desprea situatia asta.” Mi-a zis Chet. Si am iesit din camera ca sa dezbatem ce vrem sa facem, dar pe urma m-am sculat.

Ce parere aveti?

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