New Exercise outcome

Anyone who suddenly decides to do a new regiment of squat exercises after a period of at least one year break, be aware of the pain that follows:) First of all make sure your last written will is up to date, because afterwords you’ll feel like dying. Next move, make sure you have some type of reward treats around to treat yourself after such nasty punishment,  then repeat this four times a week so maybe your butt too will pucker up after months of torture, or you can simply tell yourself that your husband does not mind softness and move on.

What was suppose to take a 48 hour period of recovery from my precious squat fiasco, it took me five days, and that was after I massaged, while moaning in pain, my hard as a rock muscles to break down the stuck tissues. think I accumulated a good amount of lactic acid in there:) I can just hear the experts voice their opinions: you should have done this, that and the other. I remember when I used to be an expert myself, confident that I had the answers to life’s mysteries, than I  had three kids.  Having children challenges everything within yourself, especially when you find yourself arguing with a human the size of a large doll with a very undeveloped sense of the real world. And after years (decades I may say during some intense and prolonged battles) I realized no one is an expert of anything. We simply learn more than others in certain areas of life and share those pieces of information in exchange for something. And that is my expert opinion:)

P.S. Haven’s return to the squat exercises yet:)

The good days of life:)Zile bune a vietii:)

Today I decided to do some resistance exercises. As I took a walk around the neighborhood I resisted the high winds outside beating against me. It was powerful:) On the way back however, the winds pushed insistently against my back forcing me to keep a slow pace so my knees would not give out under me due to yesterday’s fiasco. Ahhh, the good days of life, I’ve  missed them so:))))))))))))

Chapter 6 available in few minutes:)

Capitolul 6 valabil in citeva minute:)


News from across the world and the home front.

Wien- Austria; London-England; Timisoara- Romania, Arad- Romania                                                       (some of my family members protesting:)

Here in America, unless you’re a Romanian most likely you’ve never heard of the Norwegian-Romanian Christian family whose five children were seized by the Norwegian state’s child services due to fear that they were being indoctrinated with Christianity. Protests calling for the return of their children are going on in a number of cities across the globe.

On a personal note, I feel 90% better!!!!!! Besides a temporary cold I’ve been feeling almost back to normal these past few weeks:) Big thank you to my new doctor, she really knows what she’s doing. Every morning I thank God for my healing out loud, than I began to systematically talk to my body (I list every system of my body and any organ that I feel needs help in healing) reminding it that it is healthy. 


Dupa cum multi romani deja stiu, este o mare durere pentru Familia Bodnariu fara cei cinci copii care au fost luati de statul Norvegian. Jos sint citeva filmari a citeva proteste in fata Ambasadei Norvegiene din Londra, Viena si Timisoara.

Pe o nota personala, inafara de o raceala de doua saptamini ma simt 90% mai bine:) Ii multumesc doctoritei mele, ca este tare buna, dar in fiecare dimineata cu voce tare ii multumesc Bunului Dumnezeu pentru sanatate, si-i reamintesc corpului in mod specific ca este vindecat.