News from across the world and the home front.

Wien- Austria; London-England; Timisoara- Romania, Arad- Romania                                                       (some of my family members protesting:)

Here in America, unless you’re a Romanian most likely you’ve never heard of the Norwegian-Romanian Christian family whose five children were seized by the Norwegian state’s child services due to fear that they were being indoctrinated with Christianity. Protests calling for the return of their children are going on in a number of cities across the globe.

On a personal note, I feel 90% better!!!!!! Besides a temporary cold I’ve been feeling almost back to normal these past few weeks:) Big thank you to my new doctor, she really knows what she’s doing. Every morning I thank God for my healing out loud, than I began to systematically talk to my body (I list every system of my body and any organ that I feel needs help in healing) reminding it that it is healthy. 


Dupa cum multi romani deja stiu, este o mare durere pentru Familia Bodnariu fara cei cinci copii care au fost luati de statul Norvegian. Jos sint citeva filmari a citeva proteste in fata Ambasadei Norvegiene din Londra, Viena si Timisoara.

Pe o nota personala, inafara de o raceala de doua saptamini ma simt 90% mai bine:) Ii multumesc doctoritei mele, ca este tare buna, dar in fiecare dimineata cu voce tare ii multumesc Bunului Dumnezeu pentru sanatate, si-i reamintesc corpului in mod specific ca este vindecat.


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