To my friends and Family I send your way a joyous Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

For our family, 2015 was a year full of heavy trials, of tears and of intense pain, yet through it all I smiled a ton, I prayed like never before and I hoped fiercely. I loved every privilege I had with you wether that was in person or over the social network. I have never thanked God for small things like I did this year. Only those doing the suffering understand the priceless value of happy moments, genuine smiles and meaningful conversations. That being said, let’s live a life full of forgiveness and we shall see our life blossom into something new and beautiful:) Happy New Year!


LA MULTI ANI familiei si prietenilor din toata lumea. Fara voi nu as fi putut trece cu usurinta peste navalurile grele ale anului 2015, si pentru asta ii multumesc Bunului Dumnezeu ca ma imbogatit cu asa familie si prieteni buni:) Va doresc un an plin de pace launtrica linga Bunul Dumnezeu:) Cu drag, eu;)

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