Angelic/Supernatural encounters

Have you had a supernatural encounter? How about an angelic experience? How about a God experience? Do you believe in something like that? You may be surprised. Just because you’re terminology may be different that mine, it does not mean the experience wasn’t present.

Well, I’ve had these encounters as far back as I remember. I will start a new series (not today though since I still need to put few things together),on my personal encounters with the supernatural/angelic/God/ whatever you call it world. I call it a personal relationship with God, a being I may not see in a human form, but undeniably see him in a spirit form all around and within me.

If I’m honest with myself, I’m doing this to encourage myself as well.

Can’t wait to hear you experiences:) You can leave me a personal e-mail (  or a comment bellow in the comment box.

P.S I would absolutely LOVE to hear about your experiences, and if allowed, add them to the blog. Please don’t shy away from sharing.

Experinte supranaturale/ experiente angelice/ experince cu Dumnezeu, credeti sau nu in asa ceva? Poate ve-ti fi surprinsi de faptul ca intr-un mod sau altul ati avut experiente pe planul acesta. Voi incepe o serie cu experiente personale pe tema asta (nu azi) si mi-ar place foarte mult sa aud de experientele voastre cu Dumnezeu/ ingerii (mesagerii lui Dumnezeu) si Duhul Sfint pe tema asta si daca posibil sa pun informatiile aicea pe pagina. Am nevoie de incurajare si cred ca de asta am ales tema asta, dar stiu ca nu sint singura care are nevoie de incurajare. Toti avem nevoie de incurajare. 

Astept cu entuziasm sa impartim impreuna experientele noastre pe tema asta:) Pute-ti sa-mi scrieti pe e-mail sau in casuta de jos numita -comments.  O zi buna:)


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