It’s the worse kind

Today I’ve had the great opportunity to meet with Sharpy again, the needle for the IV treatment, and he was a bit naughty. Dr. F, who usually is super fast had poked through my vain in one arm so we had to try the other, rezulting in an experience of added pain I surely wasn’t looking forward to. But all went well from that point on.

To my right, a man rested hooked to an IV as well. We were the only two patience for a while. Something within me wanted to talk to him, usually I just rest and do my thing. I noticed a scar on his partially shaved head. So we began talking, me asking questions, him responding ever so slowly and scattered at times. I knew how it felt to be confused, to take your time processing info coming in than gathering info so you can respond. That symptom of watever disease was hurting him I understood.

“What are you fighting?” I asked him.



“The worsed kind, you know the worsed kind.” His slow and weakend voice answered.

“In the bones?” I tried quessing, suprised at my own nosiness, something so unlike me.

“You don’t have to tell me If you don’t want to.”I quickly replyed back.

“In my head.” He aswered. Than he began telling me his story. Eight years ago he began feeling funny, it took five years to diagnose, one year of chem and treatment, the tumor came back bringin with it a friend on the other side of the brain. He began treatment yet again. All this was spoken slow, at times broken, a true effort for him. I gained such respect for the man who’se name is Jason.

“Can I pray for you?”


“Can I pray out loud?”


So I did. Than he fell asleep, fatigued by the enemy within. But I could not stop hearing his words:”It’s the worse kind.” Jason, your worse kind is not too much for God to take care of, I thought watching him rest.

Jason is not the only one fighting “the worse kind” and my heart made a connection with this man’s pain because of those three words. I will continue to pray for Jason and would be very greatful if you joined in, so one day he’ll be able to tell everyone; God healded me from the worse kind of disease.

Beautiful twisted picture

Yesterday while reading an article titled” A Country Verging on Collapse: A Reading List on Venezuela by Cheri Lucas Rowlands- Venezuela is Falling Apart” (link:  something stirred within me. The story is about toilet paper, a factory, an owner and a corrupt system. This cocktail mix brought back some painful memories and with those memories the tendency to grab unto fear as my lifeline. However I’ve been given the great privilege to experience the other side of life, a world desired by many and envied by most in the form of America the country and its culture.

“The entrepreneur is one of the real people behind those zany “there’s no toilet paper in Venezuela” stories that play up the crisis for laughs, and clicks. But to Venezuelans like the present writers, and the entrepreneur, there’s nothing funny about the dark turn our country has taken. The experiment with “21st-century socialism” as introduced by the late President Hugo Chavez, a self-described champion of the poor who vowed to distribute the country’s wealth among the masses, and instead steered the nation toward the catastrophe the world is witnessing under his handpicked successor Maduro, has been a cruel failure.”-fragment from the article-Venezuela is Falling

Why do I see a tangible forewarning in this story? While many sit and discuss the great benefits socialism brings, I have flashbacks that do not match, not even close, to the words these politicians so eloquently twist to paint a beautiful picture of hope and prosperity. If you’re regular folk, like most of us are, let me tell you from the get go, you’re not part of that beautifully twisted picture these politicians put so much effort into force feeding it to you. Speaking against socialism will have its costs, some very close  to home, but unlike me and thankfully for them, they’ve never had to live through the greatness of socialism, but have been blessed by the advantages capitalism brings. Socialism works great for those in power, period.

Lots of us come from Europe’s socialism because America’s different, not perfect, not void of corruption, but different. Yet the politicians of America are destroying this great land one stupid law at the time, the latest one being the Transgender law passed for the public schools, because where there’s man at the center you will find corruption.

It’s sad to see the maddening stupid choices we have presented before us as future candidates for the role of President of United States, such poor examples for the entire world.

So, as a person that lived through some of the glories of socialism, I’m here to say that, even if there are a few good advantages to it, most of the time it only benefits the government. Have a great rest of the day.

Happy B-day to my big boy:) La multi ani Merrill:)

IMG_1068My little boy is turning twenty-one today:) I’m so proud of him and so very happy God entrusted us with this gift.

When he was born I was warned by older mothers to enjoy his childhood because it flies by so very fast, however, at the time I was more concerned with trivial things, things I wouldn’t waste any time on in the present. Now I look back and see him, the way I should have back then; a sweet little boy with the heart of gold, so eager to be of help and to make his parents proud. A great big brother, at times with the weight of demanding parents on his shoulders, but a big great brother none-the less.

Today, on his birthday, he’s smiling and serving his customers while working to make a future for himself as his father, mother, sister and younger brother are looking forward to celebrating this grand day later on with him:)

Happy B-day dear boy!!!!!! Love Mom and Dad, sis and bro:) (lower picture, Merrill is in the red t-shirt).


Merrill, primul nostru copil implineste 21 de ani azi, ani de majorat considerat in America. Nu-mi vine sa cred cit de repede a trecut timpul, cit de mare sa facut si cit de mindrii sintem de el:) La multi ani Merrill si deabea asteptam sa sarbatorim deseara impreuna:) (In fotografia de jos e in tricou rosu:)


European vacations:) Vacanta in Europa:)

Some of the places where some of my family members are visiting.

(from left to right, top to bottom)#1-Wiena, Austria:), #2 &3- Wagrein, around Salzburg, Austria, the rest of the photos and video are from Mallorca, Spain:)

Citeva locuri frumoase din Europa, unde citiva din Damieni sint in relaxare:)

De la stinga la dreapta, #1 Viena, Austria, #2 si 3, Wagrein, zona Salzburg in Austria, restul  sint la Mallorca in Spania:)