Transfer Factors

I highly recommend this book for those of you interested in strengthening your immune system.

I’ve began taking transfer factors supplements January 5 or 6th of this year and have noticed a huge improvement in my energy, not to mention that my latest IV bruising was gone completely by day five -originally would take about a month to heal- also increased ROM in my right frozen shoulder which it’s been locked now since October of 2019. I take the Source Naturals brand from Amazon selling for $18.08 for 60 caps. I take two in the morning and one or two in the evening on an empty stomach. I’m allergic to milk but these don’t bother me at all. Always start slow when introducing something new in your treatment and check with your health care provider before mixing it with other medications, but according to the book the side-effects are next to none.

Anyone fighting Lyme Disease knows that relapses are the dreaded possibilities and now grieving the loss of my mom I know how trauma decreases the immune system which is dangerous. I keep these transfer factors supplements in my daily routine like a God sent help.

But what are transfer factors?

“Transfer factors exist naturally in the body. They’re made by white blood cells in the immune system and carry information about how to recognize cells infected with viruses, mycobacteria and cell-wall deficient forms of bacteria such as Lyme. They’re immune messengers who treat and prevent viral and bacterial infections, boost overall the immune system and combat certain types of autoimmune conditions… They are small strands of amino acids and bits of RNA that help white blood cells located stubborn infections and heal them. Their presence after infections prevents re-infection. In other words, they play a direct role in creating immunity.”-copied passage from the book mentioned above.

Beside white blood cells they’re present in the mammalian colostrum and bird eggs. For in depth information read the book, it’s worth it, especially for those who love medically related reads. It may be a little hard to understand for those not interested in the ever-expending medical knowledge. It sure gave me hope after I began taking them and noticing a great deal of improvement. Be wise in your own healing process, research, ask questions and press on. But after seven years of fighting Lyme disease with multiple co-infections which left me nearly dead, I see a light at the end of the tunnel. The process is long, patients is needed (easier said than done) and active participation in every stage. These are not the only supplements I’m taking. If you read my past posts you’ll get the idea of the long and complicated road to recovery. With Lyme that process is not a simple 1,2,3 steps towards recovery but more like a 2378, 2379, 2400, steps towards recovery and some set-backs.

I do hope this information will help some of you while others may have known about it for a while. Keep fighting, keep moving forward and I pray you’ll find complete health and recovery soon!

God Bless:)

My mother, Lidia.

For the English speaking friends and family.

My mom, Lidia Damean, died on February 02, at 2:30 pm European time. Her heart stopped due to complications from covid treatment.

My mom was the strongest person I have ever met. Period. She had sixteen children, twelve living until 2002 when we lost Fanu. Eleven remain. She’s suffered more than any one of you will ever know, despite that she always had a smile on her face and those cute dimples made her absolutely adorable. She always encouraged, ALWAYS, anyone going through hard times and had a funny realistic way of looking at life. She made you feel strong and cared for anytime you talked to her and ALWAYS reminded us that God, above all, is worth following and believing in. God gave her the inner strength otherwise I can’t explain her endurance. To say that we lost a monumental treasure is poorly put and I pray that God gives me a fraction of my mother’s strength and wisdom. She was so beautiful, so utterly beautiful! Smart, yet simple.

I smile often when I think of her, because she came to me few days after she died In a younger age, my age in fact, with no wrinkles on her face, and although she never spoke one word, the radiance and constant smile on her face spoke louder than any words ever could. I know she’s no longer in pain. I know she finally met Jesus, whom she dearly loved and I know one day, when I shall leave my body behind, I’ll see both her and my little brother. Until then I remember her smile and radiance, a radiance words could not describe. This image helps me pass the sad moments easier.

We miss you mom! Always will! We love you! And one day we’ll meet again. Until then I’ll remember your words: “Don’t cry for those that left this earth’s problems. They’re with God. Cry for those who remain behind, they’re still in the midsts of the battle.”

Farewell, dear mom, sweet angel.


Temporar e Doamne crucea grea                               
Temporară este dar și viața mea.
Temporar e și destinul meu,
Temporar e tot ce duce înspre rău. 

Pentru cel căzut și amărât
Cum acuma și eu sunt
Mângăierea este slabă pe acest pământ
Doar puterea Ta, Isuse, ne ridică din ăst greu frământ.

Un război există pe acest pământ
Între trup firav și sufletul plăpând
Și toți știm că trupul ăsta ca un vânt
Va cădea-ntr-o zi într-un mormânt.

Dar cu sufletul vom merge mai departe
Cu Isus vom râde de aproape
Vom uita noi iute viața pământească
Mult zidită printre lacrimi. Nu o să se mai potrivească.

Parcă-aud cum mama iară-și zice:

“Hai, copii iubiți! Nu prinde-ți frică!
Este-un loc departe de mormânt
În prezența celui Sfânt
Unde sufletele se ridică 
Și în pace, fără suferință și intrigă
Vom trăi cu El. O ce câștig!
Nu mai plânge-ți, nu mă mai compătimi-ți
Mai degrabă rămâne-ți uniți,
Că în viața voastră pe pământ,
Vin dureri, atacuri fără legământ.
Eu am terminat a mea umblare
Cu Isus zâmbesc. V-aștept.
Și-mpreună vom da slavă pururea
Celui viu, Slăvit să fie El în veci! Amin! Aici voi încheia.”  -De Carmen McKnight

Mama a plecat la Domnul

Am aflat acum 20 de minute ca mama mea, Lidia Damean, o femeie expectionala si extrem de puternica a murit. Personal sunt in soc. Fratii si surorile mele ma gandesc ca simt ceva similar precum si rudele. Inca nu pot crede.

For the english speaking readers: My mom, Lidia Damean died last night.