Transfer Factors

I highly recommend this book for those of you interested in strengthening your immune system.

I’ve began taking transfer factors supplements January 5 or 6th of this year and have noticed a huge improvement in my energy, not to mention that my latest IV bruising was gone completely by day five -originally would take about a month to heal- also increased ROM in my right frozen shoulder which it’s been locked now since October of 2019. I take the Source Naturals brand from Amazon selling for $18.08 for 60 caps. I take two in the morning and one or two in the evening on an empty stomach. I’m allergic to milk but these don’t bother me at all. Always start slow when introducing something new in your treatment and check with your health care provider before mixing it with other medications, but according to the book the side-effects are next to none.

Anyone fighting Lyme Disease knows that relapses are the dreaded possibilities and now grieving the loss of my mom I know how trauma decreases the immune system which is dangerous. I keep these transfer factors supplements in my daily routine like a God sent help.

But what are transfer factors?

“Transfer factors exist naturally in the body. They’re made by white blood cells in the immune system and carry information about how to recognize cells infected with viruses, mycobacteria and cell-wall deficient forms of bacteria such as Lyme. They’re immune messengers who treat and prevent viral and bacterial infections, boost overall the immune system and combat certain types of autoimmune conditions… They are small strands of amino acids and bits of RNA that help white blood cells located stubborn infections and heal them. Their presence after infections prevents re-infection. In other words, they play a direct role in creating immunity.”-copied passage from the book mentioned above.

Beside white blood cells they’re present in the mammalian colostrum and bird eggs. For in depth information read the book, it’s worth it, especially for those who love medically related reads. It may be a little hard to understand for those not interested in the ever-expending medical knowledge. It sure gave me hope after I began taking them and noticing a great deal of improvement. Be wise in your own healing process, research, ask questions and press on. But after seven years of fighting Lyme disease with multiple co-infections which left me nearly dead, I see a light at the end of the tunnel. The process is long, patients is needed (easier said than done) and active participation in every stage. These are not the only supplements I’m taking. If you read my past posts you’ll get the idea of the long and complicated road to recovery. With Lyme that process is not a simple 1,2,3 steps towards recovery but more like a 2378, 2379, 2400, steps towards recovery and some set-backs.

I do hope this information will help some of you while others may have known about it for a while. Keep fighting, keep moving forward and I pray you’ll find complete health and recovery soon!

God Bless:)