Non-toxic beau·ty

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Definition of beauty

1: the quality or aggregate of qualities in a person or thing that gives pleasure to the senses or pleasurably exalts the mind or spirit LOVELINESS– Merriam Webster

Bellow are two blog entrances from two prospectives I found interesting.

It’s been a struggle to get back into writing since mom passed away (almost two months ago). I’ll attempt to write this post well, if I fail I apologize in advance.

I’ve read- scanned through more accurately- the blogs mentioned above and I’ll only add this: Christianity more times than not made me feel inferior, weak or rebellious as a women, the “world” as christians call everyone other than christians made me feel mostly vulgar, a sex object or unfit one way or another. So what’s the answer for being or feeling worthy? Focusing on ones dreams, caring for others, keeping healthy -health and cure are two different issues I’ll talk about in a future blog- and living peaceful. How do we do that? I’ll tell you how I do it, and hopefully you’ll find your way. I listen to that inner voice far more than I listen to the outer voices and when necessary supply myself with good advise from people who actually prove they care about themselves and others. Sounds selfish, right? Taking care of you first? What happens when you don’t? Slowly you break down, and those needy people find a way to get what they need someplace else meanwhile you may be left alone, in the dust, trying to heal or find a cure. I don’t speak of isolation, without a healthy support system, you’ll never make it. I speak of wisdom, ask questions, read, rest, stop judging, stop fearing, trust wisely, smile, laugh, the world is beautiful. But I digress, I’m here to talk beauty, outer beauty for today, specifically creams:)

I believe that not only those fighting some horrid diseases need to keep their beauty products non-toxic, but everyone should. It’s true- just like all other products- many organic, vegan, non -toxic products may not give you a certain look of a certain celebrity but you should try to look like yourself anyway.

Below are the products which help me along as I walk towards the inevitability of old age.

I LOVE!!!!! creams. I’m not a make-up person, can’t stand the feeling of a cake on my face, or some oily mask I can mess up with one touch or a good cry (laugh-cry). I’m one of those women who cares about the quality of my health and beauty from inside out and when needed I add make-up lightly. I love a natural sun kissed look:) I’ll talk about make-up some other time, it will be a short post for sure:)

1.The cellfood oxygenating skin gel is a new product for me (B-day gift from my in-laws:) but Ioved it right away. Whenever I start with a new product I usually apply it on half of my face to see the difference- if I can see one- and I try to avoid the jokes Chet makes about the possible unpleasant results. This brown looking gel resembling jello consistency made my skin feel like it was breathing RIGHT AWAY. I just got a facial scrub, blood flooding to the surface for few minutes, feel. I don’t use night creams because I believe in letting my skin breath at night, but this one is better during nigh-time. To use it: tap lightly with your fingers the jello consistency as if to wet your fingers –don’t dig in-then rub it in your skin. If you put too much it becomes a mask.

2.The rose restoring facial serum has a golden oil like look and feel, it comes with a dripper so it’s easy to apply to face and neck. I have a mixed complexion, dry on the edges and oily in the middle, and this will feel a little oily for an hour but eventually it absorbs. I love how quickly it hydrates and makes my skin look even and radiant. It’s also inexpensive:)

3. I love Andalou Naturals brand but not all of their products work for me. The Probiotic+C Renewal Cream Brightening is one I does. I don’t use it everyday, I prefer the first top ones over this one.

I love three other products (not pictured here):

4.Avene PhysioLift Smoothing Emultion, just amazing!

5.Aroma Actives Lift and Firm Skin care.

6. Om Pur Pomegranate Vitamin C repair serum. This one is my favorite. I love the smell and the feel of radiant skin this product gives me but it’s hard to find:( I hope Om Pur will start production soon as all their products are out of stock. (not available at the moment, I do hope they’ll start making these products again:)

The Elimination Diet: Remove anger, regret, worry, resentment, guilt, and blame. Then watch your health and life improve. -Charles F. Glassman

God Bless:)

Beating Lyme Documentary Coming Soon.

Production work on our new documentary “Beating Lyme” took a small break after mom died. Now we’re ready to start shooting again. We hope to have this documentary done by summer of 2021, until then have a good day void of pain if possible, if not smile through it as you dream of the day you’ll no longer hurt.

God Bless:)

Wha’t you doing? I am grieving.

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At the moment I was both smiling and grieving. I wasn’t faking it. I wasn’t pretending.

Our family was celebrating Alex’s 18th B-day and in our smiles, laughters, hugs, humor and jokes, love vibrated all around. Gratitude for this wonderful young man’s life filled my heart, alongside my grieving the loss of my wonderful mother whom God gave us the privilege to have, love and belong to for a little while here on this earth.

Yes, lately I seem to cry a lot yet still capable of making a joke, laughing and smiling, celebrating the good moments life offers along the people I love. But what pulls me out of that gut wrenching hole that’s so easy to get trapped inside of is thinking of someone else’s pain. My pain recedes and I focus on the details of helping another. I do not abandon my own grief- that can be dangerous in the long run, it can come back and bite or even kill in the form of a disease- but I travel through this grief unhurried, patient, but aware of its traps. I think of other’s pain, like that of my own father who lost a brother two weeks before losing his own wife, or my aunt Olga who also lost one of her brothers two months ago, or my uncle Fanica, aunt Rodica, aunt Simona, uncle Dani and uncle Cristi who lost their sister, or my friend Dana who also lost her mother not long ago and her husband Tibi, who lost his father today, or my siblings who became half orphans overnight, or… the list is long… on it there’s dear ones like Elizabeth, Aaron, uncle Marcel, uncle Elisei, Simona, Mirela, Brigitte, etc… there are so many of us who grieve. So many of us walking that same road, stopping to breath now and again, leaning on each other when we need comfort, but still moving forward. It’s important to move forward for the sake of those still with us.

I thank God for Chet, for Merrill, Eleen, Meleah, Jordan and Alex, they’re my rock now, my mother-in-law who always has a few lines of comforting words in her e-mails and for your wonderful words of comfort:) How can’t I be thankful being surrounded by such wonderful and strong people. I’m thankful to God for holding hard onto me right now. I’m also angry with Him. He could’ve… but I hear another’s prayer: “God please take me home! This pain is too much! Please take me home!” They are the cries of my mother while in pain and it stops my anger, it calms my sorrow. What about her? What about her prayers? What about her pain? God answered her prayers, not mine and I’m glad he did. She’s no longer suffering, no longer in pain and I’m not longer angry that God didn’t answer my prayer. I’m thankful, in fact. Thankful while still grieving.

God Bless:)