My mother, Lidia.

For the English speaking friends and family.

My mom, Lidia Damean, died on February 02, at 2:30 pm European time. Her heart stopped due to complications from covid treatment.

My mom was the strongest person I have ever met. Period. She had sixteen children, twelve living until 2002 when we lost Fanu. Eleven remain. She’s suffered more than any one of you will ever know, despite that she always had a smile on her face and those cute dimples made her absolutely adorable. She always encouraged, ALWAYS, anyone going through hard times and had a funny realistic way of looking at life. She made you feel strong and cared for anytime you talked to her and ALWAYS reminded us that God, above all, is worth following and believing in. God gave her the inner strength otherwise I can’t explain her endurance. To say that we lost a monumental treasure is poorly put and I pray that God gives me a fraction of my mother’s strength and wisdom. She was so beautiful, so utterly beautiful! Smart, yet simple.

I smile often when I think of her, because she came to me few days after she died In a younger age, my age in fact, with no wrinkles on her face, and although she never spoke one word, the radiance and constant smile on her face spoke louder than any words ever could. I know she’s no longer in pain. I know she finally met Jesus, whom she dearly loved and I know one day, when I shall leave my body behind, I’ll see both her and my little brother. Until then I remember her smile and radiance, a radiance words could not describe. This image helps me pass the sad moments easier.

We miss you mom! Always will! We love you! And one day we’ll meet again. Until then I’ll remember your words: “Don’t cry for those that left this earth’s problems. They’re with God. Cry for those who remain behind, they’re still in the midsts of the battle.”

Farewell, dear mom, sweet angel.

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