Porphyia- what is it?

I never heard of this until a month ago. I’m adding an article and a video that talks about it a little bit, since I’m still very unfamiliar with this topic but it seems to be important for those who have a severe nausea/vomiting and anxiety reaction when changing medication or supplementation. The reaction is similar to that of a HERX except it last way longer and the treatment holds some surprises, but you go ahead and read about it from those who know what they’re talking about. I’m adding a small fragment from the article. Have a good one and God Bless:)

What are the symptoms of porphyria? They are global, and it will be obvious that they are similar to those of mold toxicity, Lyme and co-infections, mast cell activation, and PANDAS. Like these conditions, porphyria sets off a series of biochemical reactions, inflammatory in nature, which can affect virtually every system of the body.

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