Life’s work, Life’s shadows and Some Small Contentment


Photo by Carmen McKnight from Pexels:

The same God that made you, made me too.

I may be weak, you may be strong

I may be strong, you may be weak

But that will pass, we’ll change again some more.

Some days we’ll cry, some days we’ll dance

I will fall down, you will regret

You’ll celebrate, I will get up

Cause in the end the same God

Made me and made you too.

I am a woman, at times confused

You are confused, at times a man

May walk alone or hand in hand.

We cry out loud and make no sound

Or talk too much, forget to touch

The child within who’se lonely often

Or lays thus crushed under an inner coffin.

We speak in vain and often roar

Our hearts pretend while minds do war.

What’s dark in us somebody one day will expose

What’s great in us mostly will be ignored.

And thus we roam among the people of this earth

Some do pretend, some are content

But in the end we realise

The falsehood in another’s life

Was once thus whispered in their head

By broken people whom knew little of love’s bread

But kept repeating a leaned script instead

Of words which hurt, or maybe brought some light content

Some spoke encouragement. In the end

Most kept the hope high as a trend

Which one are you?

I hope I am the second. And now the end.- By Carmen McKnight