Happy Mother’s Day!

Photo by Carmen McKnight

To all the women who have stretch marks from pregnancy, who have flat and sore breasts from nursing, scars from a C-section, ripped and scared vaginas from a vaginal birth, nights spent awake with sick or teething kids or worrying over your teenager’s stupid choices, being yelled at by ungrateful spouses and children, exhausted from trying to figure out what you’ll make for dinner, going through the monthly hell of periods then going through the regular hell or menopause, dealing with osteoporosis, breast cancer, and uterine cancer, to the women who can’t get pregnant and put themselves through the grueling process of invitro trials, to the balding, graying, weight fluctuation mothers, to the tall and short mothers, to the funny and crabby mothers, to the vegan and meat-eating mothers, to all those mothers who really know what it means to be a mother: Happy Mother’s Day!!!!!!

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