Making every prayer clear

I must not have been specific enough when I prayed for financial  help:)))))))))))))))))))))))) IMG_2616

I guess the added antibiotic wasn’t welcomed by my body. I’m experiencing headaches, stomach pain and a very inflamed thyroid gland, making it hard to breathe.  I’ve reduced the dose from 200 mg, twice a day to 100 mg twice a day. So far so good. The thyroid inflammation shrunk, although I still feel it. Praying over the pills seems to have decreased my side-effects soooo dramatically that I’m not going to stop!

Message for my Romanian compatriots.

Multumesc prietenilor care ma tin pe bratul rugaciunilor, care ma incurajeaza, si care ma telefoneaza sa vad cum sint:) Ma rog ca Bunul Dumnezeu sa va umple de pacea si taria lui:) Cu drag Carmen

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