Looking beyond my pain

Today I woke up burdened by financial stress since the company my husband works for is having financial difficulties resulting in unpaid days off and delayed paychecks. ( Three paycheck delays as of now). I felt anxious about adding the third antibiotic since I had few bad reactions from the second one (stomach pain, thyroid inflammation, headaches). So… I woke up feeling burdened and somewhat tired of all these challenges. However, I received a phone call from a good friend (who’s going through some hard times herself) and that reminded me, once again, that I’m not the only one hurting.

Have a good day:)

I have glossy eyes here and my brain is a little foggy white recording this video. 10:00 am

Salutari celor dragi. Azi ma simt un pic obosita, am adaugat al 3-lea si ultimul antibiotic dar am o gramada de pastile pe baza naturala care le iau ( de 7 ori pe zi) ca sa refaca corpul. Luptam in continuare:)

The rest of the day went by suprisingly well and I had energy to make dinner!!!!!!!!!!!

Gluten Free bread (in a bread machine)

Bean and sausage soup

Raw cabbage salad

Dinner was spent in laughter and fun, then… suddenly and out of nowhere… a reaction.

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