December 1st:)))))))


My son Alex (to the right) and Jonny, Nelly’s young boy (to the left) playing in the snow on Saturday after a great day at the mall on Friday and a sleep over. They sure had a great time:)

This was an eventful week. Last Tuesday was my last day on antibiotics, but then came the detox, which was pretty nasty. I feel stronger with each passing day but still weaker than I like to see myself. Before antibiotics I had one headache a year or every other year, now I have them all the time and I must admit, it makes me unhappy. Thanksgiving with the Angels on Thursday. Today I have the second appointment with the Lyme disease specialist, we’ll be going over the blood test results. I feel anxious. My mind no longer wants to play this game. I just want to be healthy again, no buts or ifs. Healthy! I choose to believe I’m getting better knowing your so diligent in your prayers and you have my back! Have a great day!

Alex, baiatul meu cel mic (la dreapta) cu Jonny, baiatul cel mic a lui Nelly (la stinga), la zapada Simbata supa o zi faina la supermarket.

Saptamina care a trecut a fost plina de evenimente. Martea trecuta am terminat cu antibioticele, pe urma am trecut in detoxificare, un process greau si neplacut. Inainte de a lua antibioticele, aveam durere de cap poate o data pe an, acuma ma doare capu tot timpu, si nu-mi place treaba asta. Ziua multumirii a fost Joi si am petrecut-o cu prietenii nostrii din Bulgaria, Angel si Nelly:) Azi e a doua programare cu specialista de Lyme, si-mi va zice rezultatele de la testele de singe. Am trepidatii, dar aleg sa cred ca voi avea sanatate pe deplin bazata pe rugaciunile voastre:) O zi buna la toti!

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